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Cody's POV

Was I dead? Is this what death is like? Darkness surrounded me like a blanket draped over my face. But maybe that was because my eyes were closed. I forced them open to see…white. I squinted my eyes in pain…like someone had just shone a flashlight in my eyes. Everything was white. Clean white walls, white sheets, white machines even. There was a soft beeping next to me, throbbing with my heart in a steady beat. It sort of gave the room a creepy feel. But where was I? This wasn't Andrew's trailer.

Memories began to creep into my head. I remembered the cold point of that gun. Then seeing Lola…dead. Then running until my foot hurt so bad I was sure it would rot off, and I would pass out. And then nothing. But none of this explained where I was now. It looked like…a hospital. Was it possible? Were we safe now? But where was Tanya? I felt myself overrun with questions. And there was no one to answer it.

A small voice in my head seemed to be speaking to me. Like, I was remembering something that didn't happen.

Tanya loves you. Zack is here. Zack forgives you. And Zack is sorry. Zack never meant anything he said. Zack found you, and took you here. Everything is going back to normal.

It was as if someone was answering my questions. Like someone had spoken to me, and I remembered what they had said. And it gave me a sort of peace, so I lay down deeper into the scratchy covers of what I came to think of as the hospital bed.

A door was opening.


"Hey," I said, though I wanted to say more. I was surprised at how hard it was to say that. How much energy it took. I wanted to say, 'is that you Zack? I'm sorry! Is everything all right? Where's Tanya?' but hey was all I could bring myself to say. And that was very faintly.

"Oh my God! Cody!" Came a teary voice. The voice of my twin. Zack's voice. He ran towards my bed and threw two sweaty arms around my neck, partially lifting me out of the bed. I tried to reach an arm up to hug him back, but was greeted by a rush of pain, and the inability to lift either of my arms. "Cody! Now you're awake! How do you feel? Do you know how much we missed you? Oh my God! Oh my God!"

I pasted a faint smile, and managed to push out the words, "I'm fine."

Zack nodded, understanding my pain. I wanted to tell him how much I had missed him, and how happy I was too see him. But I could barely smile at him, much less ramble on about everything.

"Cody…you almost died. Really. I think your heart stopped…but maybe that was just my hearing. And the machines were messed up. But Mom knew you were alive, and the doctors did something. I don't know what…I'm no doctor."

I smiled, and then tried again to speak. This time my voice came out stronger. "Zack, I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what? You didn't do anything! I'm the one that's sorry."

"I hurt you. You were sad." Why did I sound so childish?

"Yeah, well I deserved it. And I'm sorry."

"No you didn't." I suddenly found myself remembering the incident with Lola. I was greeted by that horrible know in my throat. "I should have died."

"Don't you dare say that!" Zack narrowed his eyes, and looked at my hard.

"Andrew should've killed me and not Lola."

Zack stared at me, confused. Finally he replied, "I don't know what happened. Maybe you can tell me everything when you feel better."

"Where's Tanya?" I said suddenly.

"They took her somewhere. Her real parents were dead, and they had to find a place to take her. Mom offered to take care of her, but they said she wasn't licensed or something. I don't know what they did with her."

I could feel my own heart torn. Tanya had saved my life! How dare they not let me see her, or help her. Would I ever see her again?

"I want to see her."

"I can't make that happen Cody. I don't know what will happen."

"Right now-"

"I'm tired. Let me sleep." I shut my eyes without letting him answer and could feel a peaceful sleep coming over me. But Zack shook me a little.

"One more thing. Before they left, Tanya left you a note." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper with the Boston Hospital seal on it. It was written in messy but legible handwriting. I reached to take it, but was once again greeted by pain.

"Hold it in front of me so I can read." I ordered. Zack did as told, and I read the letter, savoring each word written by her hand.

Dear Cody,

If you are reading this…it means you are all right. I am so glad…I knew you would be. I met your brother…he was great. He is the one that found us after you passed out. But he can tell you all about that himself. I will get to what is important.

I gave the police my parent's names, and he found out that they died two years ago in a fire. Since I had no living relatives, they are putting me into foster care they called it. I will live with a family that cares about me, and go to a regular school. For now that will be here in Boston, and I will go to your school I think. I am so glad that everything turned out ok, and that we got out of there.

I want to thank you for helping me, even if it meant hurting yourself. And Lola's death was not your fault. Don't blame yourself. I don't know when exactly I will see you again, that is why I am writing this letter. But until then, I want to let you know that I am grateful for everything you have done for me, and hope to see you again as soon as possible.



I stared at the letter in silence. Everything had turned out ok. Tanya would finally be able to experience a real life without abuse. We would see each other in school, and I would return to my life in the Tipton. Soon I would see Maddie, and Mr. Moseby, and Mom, and London, and everyone else. Everything would be ok.

"So you gonna tell me what happened?" Zack questioned.

"Soon." I replied, closing my eyes. Zack nodded, and stood up from where he knelt.

"Go ahead and go to sleep. I'll tell everyone that you woke up now." He stopped to look back at me, then said in a voice expressing full meaning and sincerity, "I love you Cody."

"I love you too Zack."


From Normal POV

After a few more days of resting in the hospital, Cody returned to the Tipton still a bit beat up, but feeling mostly ok. He started back to school after a few days, and after a while, everything went back to normal. Tanya started school at Cody's school (A/N I forgot the name) and would visit Zack and Cody often. She and Cody's relationship grew stronger then ever. They were convinced to be soul mates. Zack was true to his word, and treated Cody much better after he returned.

The police caught Andrew, charging him with enough felonies, including murder, sexual abuse, assault to minors, kidnapping, and the source of many unsolved crimes in Boston, to keep him in prison for pretty much the rest of his life.

The police found the trailer, along with Lola's body. Cody made sure a proper funeral was arranged for her, though it was not fancy. She was buried properly, and it took Cody a while to visit her grave without breaking down in tears.

Cody was still very touchy, and would wake up with nightmares almost every night. He refused to watch killing movies, or play killing video games. It reminded him too much of Andrew, and those horrible 4 weeks he spent with him. In most ways, everyone got their happy ending, though nothing was truly the same as it had once been.

I would end with…and they all lived happily ever after…but that isn't entirely true. Depending on what is in store for my sequel…if I decide to write one…



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