Stolen Innocence

Summary: A vicious attack leaves Yugi broken, but Yami's determined to pick up the pieces. Yaoi
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh
Pairings: Mainly Yami/Yugi, some side-pairings
Warnings: Yaoi, non-con, bad language
Disclaimer: Don't own shit - poor me. Except Hiroko…she's all mine, and I'll kill anyone who tries to steal her
Author's Note: This is set a couple of years after the canon stuff happens. Yugi's grandfather has died and Yugi inherited the house and shop. (I'll be honest here – I'm just too lazy to write the old man in)

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Chapter 1

It was a bad part of town, and the people who lived there had learned long ago that minding their own business was the only way to survive. So if anyone heard the struggling and muffled screams coming from a dank alleyway, they pretended they didn't.

Some minutes later a tall, heavy-set man swaggered out of the alley. It wasn't until quite a while after he'd gone that anyone thought to call help for the boy huddled in a bleeding, sobbing heap in the shadows.


Hiroko swayed a little and pinched the bridge of her nose. Gods, she was exhausted…and not just because she'd been working without a break for more than five hours now. She'd been a doctor for six years, and she'd thought she'd seen the very worst of humanity, that nothing could shock her any more. She'd been wrong.

Doctors were supposed to be detached and impersonal, but she couldn't suppress her disgust and anger at the world in general when she saw the state of the boy lying unconscious on the bed. He was eighteen, according to the hospital's records, but he looked younger.

He had been incoherent when they arrived on the scene, and the paramedics had only managed to get his name before they were forced to sedate him. A quick search of his records had yielded a home phone number, and she winced at the memory of the anger in the voice of the person who had answered the phone. At least the kid has someone who cares he's hurt. Enough of them don't… He had woken briefly and asked for someone called Yami before a second dose of sedative took effect. Friend? Boyfriend? Brother? I'm not sure. But whoever he is, I hope he's going to look out for this kid.

The staff nurse had directed his friends to a waiting room when they arrived. There had been a girl and three boys. One of the boys had an almost eerie resemblance to the patient – an older brother, she presumed. She had been slightly puzzled that there was no adult accompanying them, but six years' experience had taught her that sometimes it was better to just let certain things go.

Time to deliver the bad news – as the patient stirred and began to wake; she took a deep breath and headed for the waiting room.


The hospital's waiting room was the typical waiting room of institutions everywhere. The furniture was a little shabby and not particularly comfortable, the décor bland and about twenty years old. The only thing in its favour was the lack of the tinny elevator music that so often accompanied such places.

In fact, the only sound in the room was the sound of footsteps as someone paced restlessly back and forth. No-one had dared speak since Yami had arrived ten minutes ago. Everything about his movements and expression spoke eloquently of pure fury, and the others in the room weren't foolish enough to risk incurring his wrath. They knew him well enough to know that he was just itching for an excuse to kill something.

After what seemed like an eternity, but could only have been a few minutes, a doctor entered the room. She was somewhere in her late twenties, her glasses on the verge of falling off and her brown hair pinned up haphazardly. She carried a clipboard, and had the harassed expression common in doctors. Her name was Hiroko Shima according to the nametag pinned crookedly to the lapel of the lab-coat. She took in the group; looking variously worried, upset or angry; swallowed nervously and cleared her throat.

"Is there someone called…" she glanced at the clipboard; "…'Yami' here?""Yes," Yami said immediately.
"This way, please."

Hiroko paused with her hand on the doorknob; "I warn you," she told the group, "This will be something of a shock…"
"What happened to 'im?" a tall, blonde boy with a distinctive accent asked. She stared at him.
"And you are…?"
"Joey," the boy replied defiantly; "I'm 'is friend." Hiroko looked around at the circle of faces, and sighed in resignation.
"Whoever called the ambulance was gone when we arrived;" she said after a moment's thought; "And all the bystanders denied having seen anything. But we did a thorough examination, and we're pretty sure what happened…" Her voice broke and she shook her head. I hate this job. I hate having to tell families and friends things like this. She took a deep breath and forced herself to continue: "He was badly beaten and then raped."

The reaction was immediate. The girl burst into tears, and the dark-haired boy put a comforting arm around her, although his face had murder written all over it. Joey swore vehemently and punched an inoffensive wall which had the misfortune to be within reach. Yami froze – for a moment he could hardly have looked more stricken if she'd slapped him. Guilt, shock, and horror warred across his face, but all else was ultimately pushed aside by anger. "Let us see him," he said in a tightly controlled voice, his eyes ablaze with fury. Hiroko wasn't stupid enough to argue – she opened the door and stepped aside to let them enter.

Yugi was sitting up on the hospital bed, his violet eyes haunted. Bandages were visible; the left side of his face was badly bruised and his lip was split. He looked up at the sound of the door opening. "Yami?" he said weakly. Almost instantaneously, without appearing to move through the intervening space, Yami was at his side. He wrapped his arms around the terrified boy, who began to cry into his shoulder.

"Shh, don't cry. You're safe now." He held the fragile little form close, and silently vowed that he would wreak a terrible revenge on the bastard that had stolen his hikari's innocence.


Hours had passed, and it was now sometime after midnight. The others had gone home a while ago, promising to visit the next day. Yugi was asleep, sedated again, but Yami was still there; and his manner indicated quite clearly that he wasn't going to leave until someone made him. He looked pale and tired, shadows forming under his eyes. One of the nurses had taken pity on him and brought him a cup of coffee. He tasted the bitter liquid, grimaced, and then drained the cup in one swallow. Although her inner doctor pointed out that he would probably pass out from exhaustion soon, Hiroko couldn't help but approve. If every patient had someone that devoted to them, a lot of them wouldn't be in here in the first place.

It was after 2am when she finally convinced him to go home. He was dead on his feet by this point, and she decided it would probably be for the best if the showed him out herself. As the waited for the elevator, he spoke unexpectedly:

"Thank you."
"What for?"
"For letting me stay. I'd imagine most doctors wouldn't be as understanding and a lot more insistent about things like visiting hours."
"Any doctor who made someone in your situation leave would either be insanely anal or a complete asshole." He smiled faintly and fell silent.

They parted at the main doors, and Hiroko felt compelled to say something;
"The police are searching for the person that did this," she said, "He'll be going to prison for a long time."
"There won't be any need for that," Yami growled, "Because once I've got my hands on him, there won't be enough left to imprison." Hiroko eyed him speculatively.
"Speaking as an official of the city, I would warn you against taking the law into your own hands," she said rather formally, then stopped as a vicious glint entered her eyes, "But speaking as someone who's patched up too many kids like this, I wish you luck."