Stolen Innocence

Summary: A vicious attack leaves Yugi broken, but Yami's determined to pick up the pieces. Yaoi
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh
Pairings: Mainly Yami/Yugi, some Yoji/Hiroko
Warnings: Yaoi, non-con, bad language
Disclaimer: Don't own shit - poor me. Except Hiroko, Yoji and Kaori…they're all mine, and I'll kill anyone who tries to steal them. I own Tenchi too, but you're welcome to him. He's an asshole. And no-one owns Kojiro any more, because he's dead:Cue evil laughter:
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Police baffled by sadistic murder

Kojiro Shotaro, 34, was found dead in his apartment in the early hours of this morning by police officers who had been called by a neighbour in response to the screams heard earlier that same night. A small fire, probably started by the murderer, made the body all but unidentifiable and erased all fingerprints. Shotaro was wanted by the police for several charges of indecent assault… turn to page 12 for the full story

Hiroko gave a contented smile and set the newspaper aside. She'd had a hunch that Yami would follow through with his threats, and apparently she'd been right. The police may not have agreed, but in her opinion, justice had been done. She had a rather unconventional idea of what was fair, another one of the things she blamed her stepfather for.

"Hiroko!" She looked up upon hearing her name, and saw someone hovering outside the door of her office.
"Oh…hello, Yoji. What is it?" He glanced down at the clipboard that was always somewhere on him, dark hair falling into his eyes. He tossed it out of the way with a flick of his head, a habit Hiroko found rather endearing.
"A couple of things," he dropped an envelope onto her desk; "This came for you. I don't think it's anything official, but it might still be important. And Kaori wants to talk to you."
"Tell her I'll be along in a minute," Hiroko said absently, opening the letter. He hesitated, looking as if he wanted to say something else, then shook his head and hurried off. Hiroko pulled a file and a note form the envelope. She didn't need to look too closely at the file to recognise it – she unfolded the note and quickly read over it.


Thanks for the tip – I hope there was enough blood for you. I thought you might need the file back since missing documents could lead to awkward questions. I was fairly careful, and I don't think they'll be able to tie either of us to it.

I can't thank you enough

Hiroko smiled again and pocketed the note. She lifted the file and walked briskly to the records room, where she slid it into its rightful place with a certain amount of relief. All notions of justice aside, she did not like the idea of going to prison. Now there was no evidence that she'd had anything to do with it.

She made her way to the duty nurse's desk, where Kaori was, as usual, sitting. Kaori glowered at her and flourished another copy of the Domino Times: "You wouldn't have had anything to do with this, would you?"

"No, of course not!" Hiroko tried to say. But somewhere on their way to her mouth, the words mutated into a muttered 'yes'. She'd never been able to lie to Kaori. The motherly nurse gave a sigh.
"You have to be careful, Hiroko! Most people would understand why you did what you did; but if, say, Tenchi got wind of this, he'd sell you out to the police faster than you could say 'thirty pieces of silver'." (A/N: Wow…biblical allusion. Where the hell did that come from?)
"I am being careful," she replied, feeling like a sullen teenager again. Kaori shot her an exasperated look and shook her head.
"I hope you are. Now…go and do whatever it was you were doing."
Hiroko walked away, feeling sick with worry. What if Kaori was right? What if she hadn't been careful enough? She was certain she'd done the right thing, but that didn't make the prospect of being caught any less frightening. She was so absorbed in her thoughts, not paying attention to where she was going, that she walked straight into someone.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she said.
"No problem," Yoji replied. He picked up the ubiquitous clipboard he'd dropped and grinned down at her. Hiroko frowned; when did he get taller than me? He didn't move away.
"What?" Hiroko asked.
"I was wondering," he said, turning a little red; "If you wanted to go for a drink or something after work?" The last bit came out in a rush, and she stared at him in shock for a moment. Is he asking me out? So much for me not having a social life… She was silent – what should she say?

They say everyone deserves a second chance
Maybe I do too

She smiled: "I'd love to."

Author's Note: Wow; that was almost a chapter all by itself. I never planned that in any way shape or form, but I had all the characters to hand, and it seemed like a very kawaii way to tie up the character arc. You like?
Anyway – on with the story!

"You made the papers," Yugi said, handing a newspaper to his darker half. Yami took it and swiftly read over the story.
"No pictures," he noted; "I suppose they were worried about scaring the faint-hearted."
"I'm not surprised – what did you do?"
"Uh…no comment."
"That bad, eh?"

Ever since the previous night, Yugi had been the closest he'd gotten to normal for weeks – whoever said violence never solved anything clearly had no idea what they were talking about. His eyes were older now, without the naivety and trust they had held before. Everything about his manner was less innocent and a little more mature. He wasn't a child any more.

The two were lying on Yugi's bed, watching a distinctly second-rate murder mystery film. The plot was convoluted and utterly bewildering, to the point where everything was so confusing that it all somehow became funny. It had become a sort of background noise to their conversation, and the only reason it was still on was that neither of them could be bothered to go and switch the television off.

"Thank you," Yugi said unexpectedly.
"It's sort of nice knowing that someone's willing to kill for me."
"I would do anything for you, aibou," Yami said softly, stroking his lighter half's hair; "I love you."
"I love you too," he replied with a contented smile, settling comfortably into his darkness' arms; "I still have nightmares about what happened. But when I'm with you, I feel safe." Yami smiled.

He leant down to kiss Yugi, and let out a breath he hadn't even been aware of holding as instead if flinching as he had half expected him to, the delicate light responded – hesitantly at first, but then with growing confidence. It was a soft, chaste kiss, but still a huge step for someone who had been cringing away from any human contact for weeks. The film ploughed doggedly on, unaware that its audience had found better things to do. Yugi almost purred as Yami laid soft kisses down his throat. It felt so good, so unlike…

He tensed, and Yami pulled away with a look of concern in his eyes. Yugi was suddenly angry at himself for the momentary flicker of fear he'd felt.
"I can stop I you're at all uncomfortable…"
"No! It's just…" He was silent for a moment; "According to my idiot psychiatrist, my problem is negative associations. Maybe it's about time I picked up some positive associations."
"No," he repeated, "Don't stop. I love you, and I know you would never hurt me." In those violet eyes, Yami saw a glimmer of the trust and hope that had been absent for so long, and it was that more than anything else which convinced him he wasn't making a mistake.

But still, for a moment he couldn't quite bring himself to even move. He didn't want to risk hurting his aibou. For a moment it was unclear who was reassuring whom, unclear exactly who, in the end, was the stronger.

And then, in an action that had little if anything to do with conscious thought, he sat up and pulled his shirt off over his head. Deep purple spikes flattened for a moment before springing back up with a stubborn resilience that no amount of styling had ever been able to tame. The shirt – tossed away with profound indifference – landed on the television, muffling painfully melodramatic dialogue. Something must have snagged the cable, as it switched abruptly off with a dull whine of protest. Not that Yami noticed.

For what seemed like an eternity he could only gaze in mild incredulity of the 'no way in hell am I this lucky' variety at the delicate beauty lying on the bed. Radiant in his sorrow, damaged but not broken.

They didn't break eye contact for a second as Yami slowly undressed him, unveiling creamy skin inch by inch, and Yugi was slightly surprised to find that his initial nervousness had disappeared. He trusted Yami completely, and at that moment, anything that had happened in the past, no matter how traumatic, meant nothing. Soft caresses provided a tantalising background to the devotions of a passionate yet still gentle mouth. Yugi moaned softly and Yami, watching closely for any indication of fear, took that as a good sign. But still, he wasn't about to take any chances.

"If you want me to stop I will…"
"Oh, gods no, don't stop!" gasped Yugi, who was fairly certain that stopping now would have a very negative effect on his sanity.
"You're sure?"
"What part of 'yes' are you not getting?"

Lube…nope, none of that. Damn – so much for forward planning. He'd have to do the best he could with saliva…he observed his handiwork dubiously for a moment. Not exactly ideal, but close enough.

Keeping an iron grip on his self control, he slid slowly inside his aibou, tender kisses and whispered words of love distracting from the initial twinges of pain. Yugi cried out softly and clutched at Yami's shoulders, bracing himself for a rush of unpleasant memories which…didn't come. Then Yami began to move, and he found himself swiftly rendered incapable of coherent thought, never mind anything as complicated as memory. The pain had faded, chased away by an all-consuming pleasure that sent tendrils of electricity racing up his spine to set off brilliant fireworks behind his eyes.

Yami, breath coming in short gasps, knew he wouldn't last much longer, not with the exquisite beauty moaning and writhing beneath him. Sure enough, it wasn't long before he threw back his head and cried out wordlessly as white lightning sparked and flashed in the darkness behind his closed eyelids. Yugi moaned his release only moments later, still trembling from the pure intensity of sensation as strong arms wrapped protectively around him. He pressed his forehead against Yami's chest as their racing heartbeats slowed to a normal rate. Neither of them said anything.

Somehow, they didn't need to.


Sunlight spilled from the partially-open window into the bedroom, and Yami gave a semi-coherent moan of protest as he buried his face in the pillow. He silently cursed morning as the evilest of all evils. He was supposed to be a creature of darkness – sunlight was not included in the job description. Having finally found a comfortable position in which he was out of the light, he gave a contented sigh and moved closer to the warm body lying next to him.

Wait, what?

Yugi blinked sleepily and yawned as he woke up. Like Yami, he took a moment to register where he was and what was going on. He seemed a little surprised at the position he'd found himself in, but not at all displeased.

"Are you okay, aibou?" Yami asked, wrapping his arms around his hikari's waist.
"No," Yugi replied softly. Then he looked up at his other half and smiled; "But I will be."


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