Summer Love

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Summary: Max and Alec didn't meet in Manticore (Kinda Alternate Universe) Will this change how they feel about each other? M/A

A/N: Max did get captured by Manticore, though she didn't have Alec as a breeding partner... in fact she didn't meet him there at all. She did infect Logan but go the cure.

Chapter ONE

What the hell was that... why are the alarms going off? hmm looks like I could get outta here a little sooner than I was expecting 494 thought while watching stubby little Gary (his guard 'buddy') switch on while dismissing the previous guard. 494 had been planning to escape for months... ever since the Berrisford mission, but until he had his chance he played the "good lil' soldier." God it was sickening.

"Hey Gary my pal! What is going on out there?" 494 asked. It was usual for 494 and Gary to make conversation, after-all 494 always brought things for him when he was on outside missions.

"That 09-er broke in... stirring up the place." Gary replied as if it was no big deal.

"Oh. Gary I need to go to talk to a friend of mine, could you do me a favor and let me outta this cell" 494 said winking.

"I don't know 494; you almost got me in trouble last time." Gary replied nervously.

"There is another batman comic book in it for you... it is special edition, only fifty..."

"Ok" Gary cut off. 494 grinned even more... what is with this guy and comic books? God is he gullible he thought while watching the short guard unlock his cell. Before Gary had a chance to say anything 494 knocked him out.

"Bad move... sorry Gary" 494 said while dragging the heavy unconscious man into his cell. Quickly he traded clothes and put the guard in his bed to make it appear he was sleeping. Though the guard was much bigger, the clothes would work, they would find out sooner or later anyways.

494 didn't have much trouble getting outside the building. All the guards had been busy with the mess from the 09-er. He still wondered about the gunshots coming from inside, and who had been causing the commotion. Just as the thought crossed his mind he saw a girl with dark hair, then a fist connecting with his face.

All he could manage was an ultimately surprised "Shit" as he landed on his back.

By the time he shook off the shock she was gone. He jumped up and ran. After seeing the trail X7 or the X7s or whatever lying on the ground, he figured that was the 09-er that Gary had been talking about, and she wasn't after him. But really all 494 cared about was getting to Seattle... he always liked to go there.

A couple months later...

" Logan, I don't think this is gonna work. I searched Manticore for the cure to the virus... kicked the shit outta Madame X... and you have been looking everywhere for one... but I think we should just face it, if Manticore doesn't have it neither will anyone else."

"We can work it out really, we can Max" Logan bleated.

" Logan..." Max persisted.

"I know Max" Logan said dejectedly, but at the same time he had known this time would come. It had been foreseeable.

"I just can't hurt you... but it isn't like I'll quit working with you or anything."

"Of course not, but I understand... I guess we owe it to ourselves to stop it here, before we hurt each other." Logan said sensitively. With that there held a few awkward moments between the two, with an uncommon stillness, apart from the humming of the refrigerator.

"What was it you were saying about a mission?" Max broke the silence very abruptly.

"Right... Mission! There is talk about a mermaid at the Blowfish Tavern."

"Transgenic." Max stated. He nodded. "Well I guess I should book, and check it out." With that she spun around, and left toward the door, only to be stopped by the sound of Logan's voice.

"Max, what we are doing is good; it will be for the best. You will see." She nodded and left, went down the elevator and to her Ninja. That is exactly what I have been tryin' to tell you.

Once Max had driven to the Tavern she hid her Ninja under some junk in the alley. She then headed for the front door; only to be stopped by the sound of the doorman's voice.

"Hey, girls go in the back... you new here?" she just nodded and mentally slapping Logan for not pointing out it was a strip joint, and then mentally slapping herself for not noticing. Then she headed to the back peeling off her sweater, to reveal a tank top. She walked in the door past another bouncer like she owned the place.

Max made her way through the crowd and toward the tank. Along the way hearing "She is new," "Hey cutie" or "How about you come here and give me a dance..." She smiled in a sultry way though internally grimacing at the sick words pouring out of the men's mouths.

Max had an awkward feeling, like someone she knew was watching her. Once getting to the tank she showed the mermaid her barcode, having seen hers. Then made a variety of hand signals telling the girl "Hang on, I am gonna get you out, be ready."

Max looked around hoping that no one was here to get the transgenic that must have escaped. She made her way around the room, looking as natural as possible, anticipating to see White's men around, or possibly some Manticore soldiers.

This had been going on all night; she was surprised that the 'mermaid' was still here. After all she had spent over an hour at Logan's house discussing... things. Man is that guy stubborn... Old and stubborn.

She walked around swaying her hips, trying to ignore comments, and the slapping of her ass. Thinking, you are very lucky men... if I wasn't laying low I would kick your ass for that, all the while grinning to herself.

Max walked toward the bar a hand grabbed hers and pulled her down. Playing along she turned to face the murder victim.

"How bout you..." the man started, in a playful tone.

"Ben?" Max interrupted, looking very astounded by the man whose lap she was now sitting on.

"Huh? I think you have mistaken me for someone else." 494 said.

"Uh... I must have... I am sorry I have to go..." Max tried to sit up only to be pulled back down by the man wearing 'Ben's face.'

"Where do you think you are going?" He grinned. She cringed inside... he was clearly Manticore. "I asked you if you would give me a lap dance... and maybe pick me up a scotch." She nearly punched him right there, but thankfully for him, remembered the mission at hand.

"Oh so you're buying... how bout a little money... for the scotch? I' ll go and get us some" She replied teasingly, but really she wanted to throw up.

A smile played on his lips. He knew she was Manticore when she went over to the tank and motioned to the girl, she looked vaguely familiar... was she the 09-er from Manticore?

"You gonna come back? Cause if not I think you should just stay here... I mean it's a good chance to talk to an old friend" Something flashed over his eyes, he let go of her wrist and had one of his hands placed on her thigh and the other on the small of her bare back. She shivered as she noticed. He felt it and realized what he had done.

She slowly moved in her 'seat' a little, and straddled the transgenic sitting in the chair. A groan escaped his lips and satisfied she stopped and leaned over seductively, while running her hands from his shoulders to his forearms "Oh, I wouldn't call you that."

"Don't worry" he breathed in her ear "I don't work on that side anymore." Then grinning he added "so how bout' that scotch... babe" she rolled her eyes. She then moved to let the man in front of her take out his wallet.

"What'd ya do rob a bank?" she lowered her voice. She knew that he would be stealing his money; she used to, not to say she had completely stopped...but he had a lot big bills in his wallet.

"Nah that would be too noticeable, sides' I like to earn my money... maybe you should too" he smiled suggestively. Max just snorted. She snatched up the money and climbed off the transgenic. Went to the bar, got a couple scotches... downing hers and heading back.

"So smart-ass gonna help me?" Max said while shoving the scotch in his face, and stuffing his change in her pocket.

"Help you do what?" he asked ingenuously.

"Don't play stupid with me" she said while sitting on the arm of his chair. "I know you were watching me, gotta tell ya not very subtle. Have you lost your touch?"

"Sure" he said smiling, ignoring the last remark "but first..." he reached for her again but before he could touch her, she slapped him over the head, got up and left toward the front door. Fine I will do it myself, what a jerk. The bouncer tried to tell her to use the back door but she was too long gone for him to mention it.

The moment she got outside she spotted a liquor truck with a driver seated in the front. She made over, trying not to be spotted by anyone.

Once she reached the driver she said "Hey you wanna do me a favor" smack, "and stay unconscious for a minute or two... thanks." She moved the man so that his foot was stuck on the gas while she hopped out and let the truck roll.

'God I hope it hits that asshole', she thought while watching it smash through the door. Knowing it was going slow enough that people could move out of its way. She ran for the back to get the mermaid.

Too late... "What the hell are you doing? I thought that you said you weren't gonna help!" Max snapped at the transgenic in front of her. 494 was already carrying the girl over his shoulder, wrapped in a blanket.

"Do you have a car or not?" he hissed whilst taking no notice of her effort at being pissed off at him.

"No, but there is a perfectly fine car right here." Max said while opening the apparently unlocked car door. He grinned, she didn't. It didn't take the trained transgenic long to boost the car.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" she growled to the man sitting in the passenger seat.

"I am coming with you, after all I did help" he was looking way too proud for Max's liking. She really wanted to wipe that smile of his face.

"No, your not! Get out!"

"Hey you're wasting time and mermaid girl is drying up back there" he had to point out the obvious didn't he. She just glared and then hit the gas, speeding off to Logan's place.


"Are we there yet? She is getting kinda slippery..." 494 complained.

"Shut up" Max snapped, as unlocking the door between her and Logan's hot digs. This will not look good... she thought to herself. "Follow me dumbass" she growled behind her.

"Max" Logan greeted and then saw the good-looking man trailing after her, with the mermaid draped over his shoulder.

"Hey Logan" Max greeted back, deciding to not mention the transgenic behind her. She decided not and headed to his bathroom, turned on the shower. The other transgenic got the message and set her on the floor.

"So what are we gonna do with fin girl then..." 494 trailed off meeting Max's eyes. She blushed and he grinned.

"Well... "She shrugged "I have no clue, it is a fairly long drive before we get to some water to dump her in"

"So is Logan like... your boyfriend" 494 asked cautiously. Neither of the two transgenics detected Logan's presence on the other side of the door.

"Not that it is any of your business but no... We aren't like that." Max snapped, though her voice softened at the last of her words. Logan headed toward the living room, making himself look busy.

"Sure, you aren't" he sassed back while turning to go into the living room. "I am hungry what is there to eat in this place."

"Nothing... go away!" Max really hoped this attempt would convince the guy to go away, he was really annoying her.

"Why would I want to do that... what is your designation?" Of course he wouldn't go away.

"452, but I don't go by that... call me Max. You?"

"494... I don't really..."

"You don't have a name? Well I could..."

"What name me? I don't think so, I can name myself... I will call myself... fine." He said glaring at her. She grinned, looking quite happy. She had been thinking about a name since she met him...

"How about Alec?"

"Ok, Alec... I like... Why Alec?" he thought out loud.

"Alec as in Smart Alec. It's a good thing too, cause my second choice was dick" she grinned. It wasn't a very forthcoming; Alec was starting to think she had it in for him.

Logan glowered at the two; they were getting along too well.

A/N: I know I kinda did stick to the original outline of the show, but I did change it up...