Summer Love

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Chapter SIX

Alec opened his eyes to have the shock of morning light beaming through the window and into his unadjusted eyes. His mind immediately raced over the night's previous events, he reached for his side only to feel more floor.

He grinned as thoughts replayed in his mind. That had to be the best sleep he had gotten since Manticore. His smile faltered when he came to a realization... he trusted her. She could make him calm down like that and make him feel safe... at ease... and with what? The feeling of her being in his arms, her scent, and touch?

Reluctantly Alec untangled himself from the covers and moved to the kitchen. He began rummaging through the refrigerator to find nothing. On the counter lie a scribbled note.

You looked like you still needed some sleep.

Will tell Normal you are sick... don't worry

Pretty Boy he loves your ass.


He gave a lazy grin. After a full morning of dull-aching boredom he decided to head to work.


Max felt a bit guilty about leaving the guy alone in her apartment on the floor, really. But he looked so adorable with his boyish sleeping figure. Max knew he hadn't gotten much sleep; last night was proof that he spent much more time fighting with his dreams.

She remembered how much she used to toss and turn through the limited amount of sleep her shark DNA would allow... in fact she would get them every once in a while. Last night was good though, even she got a few extra hours of sleep.

Max also figured that as long as she was gonna be there for him, she would do it her way.

OC ended up crashing at her latest boo's place. Max kinda figured that OC had just ended up giving Alec the keys by the way she found them carelessly thrown on the counter that morning.


Alec walked into Jam Pony and instantly spotted her. She was chatting with OC on one of the benches. About a moment after he spotted her she gazed at him. He suspected it was a transgenic thing, the whole sensy thing.

"Alec!" Normal raced over to his 'Golden Boy'. "Missy-miss told me you were sick! What are you doing here?"

"I'm all better and ready to work" Alec gloated.

"Now that is what I like to hear! I wish some other employees would be as dependent as you." Normal gaped while staring at Max and OC sitting and talking. They continuously ignored his foolish remarks.


Max felt the hairs on her neck tingle in excitement. She glanced over her shoulder and he was there. All she could do was smile. Really she didn't want to make any scenes; she didn't need love advice right now. She loved OC to death but the last thing she wanted to discuss was Alec... there were some things that a gurl just couldn't share.

Alec was gonna be one of those things... she could tell.

To be completely honest Max was surprised to find the misidentified Alec at work. She thought he would've taken his opportunity of a 'sick day'... then again there wasn't much to do at her place... he could've gotten bored.

Max quickly turned her attention back to OC.

"Yeah and that son-of-a-bitch still had the nerve to grab my ass. So I turned around and gave him the smack-down of his life!"

"Nice! That's my gurl Cindy!" Max bumped fists with her long-time lesbian friend.

"Yeah well a man had bettah be beyond fine for a gurl like me to want his ass, and he was not that."

"As much as I luv listening to Normal rant on with his bip bips I think I'm gonna get a head start on my runs."

"Aiight, see ya at Crash?"

"Yeah, I think I can manage that" Max smiled and grasped a handful of packages.

She stuffed the packages in her bag and unchained her bike. Then she spoke to the guy who got her sixth sense go off in a wild frenzy making her tingle like she was in heat.

"Someone's a Normal's boy" she smiled still fumbling with her bag. She turned around momentarily to watch Alec step out of the alley. "Showing up when you have the rest of the day off... I think you may be whipped." Shaking her head she laughed... it was hollow and uneven. On the outside she tried to keep the mask of self-confidence up and about. Inside was a totally different story... she was feeling all but explainable. It was indefinable... beyond her comprehension.

"Yeah well what can I say? Your place is pretty boring, your fridge is empty and you don't have any boob-tube" he smiled back cheekily, the way he made Max shiver in anticipation.

She watched him as he rolled his bike closer to her. He stared at her intently in a way that made Max's senses heighten and adrenaline rush. It unnerved her; being something she hadn't had the experience of feeling. "What?" she laughed nervously, this time it showed.

"Just looking at the beautiful woman who makes my dreams bearable"

Max looked away from his intense hazel-green eyes, unsure of how to react. A blush crept up her neck and over her cheeks. She told her body to stop, that she couldn't be having a school-girl crush, but it wouldn't go away. A shiver of excitement ran down her spine. She knew she was just giving him the pleasure of getting exactly what he expected.

Alec smiled and she nearly frowned. His not saying anything was driving her insane. She was desperately, internally hoping that he wouldn't pull some joke; it was too good for that.

Finally he moved closer. Gathering his wits, she supposed. Not that she blamed him or anything. He was far more courageous at this than she. I mean she couldn't even gather the wits to stay after their first kiss.

"So um... where are your runs at?" he asked. She was sure that wasn't his original question. Inside she felt a pang of guilt. Did she do this to him? Did she give him the wrong signals... was she pushing him away... of course she was. "Max?" he prodded again pulling her out of her terrorizing thoughts.

"Sorry..." she began digging through her bag. "Looks like sector six and seven, you?"

"Only sector six" he held up his single package.

"Again I have to say, good work with the ass kissing" she grinned.

"Yeah yeah... I'll come anyways."

"No skin off my nose but, I still get the tips." Max decided that even though she liked the guy she wasn't gonna intentionally act all high-school-gurl in front of him, she just didn't sink that low.


Things had been going well between Max and Alec over the past couple weeks. Flirting, prank calls and Max's personal favorite tricking Normal by turning the clock back and getting off work early. He still hadn't figured out who did it, and it was just as likely that he never would.

Alec and Max frequently went to Crash to meet up with the gang. Usually though it ended up being that Alec sat at the bar downing as much scotch as possible, and Max mournfully watching him. Things had been awkward since that night. Max still watched over him, but she hadn't had to comfort him like the first night.

It kinda disappointed her, in an uncomfortable way.

OC finally confronted her about Alec; all she really said was... "I know you dint want me to get involved, and I wouldn't either. Still though, sweetheart my self-control is wearin' thin. You had bettah talk to dat boy."

Max still hadn't gotten the nerve to bring up her feelings. Neither had Alec... though he had dropped the eagerly picked up habit of going home with women.


Tonight Max had routinely checked up on Logan. He had practically begged her to stay. All in all she decided it would be best to go, so she did. It was getting late and Alec would be sleeping, she wanted to watch over him, like she had been every other night.

Logan had taken a back seat in Max's life since Alec stepped into the picture only a short time ago. Yet even so, she felt all but guilty. Then again she and Logan never had the thing that Alec and she had. It had never been like that with Logan, ever.

Max crept into the living room ever so quietly and perched where she could see Alec. She jumped at the sound of his voice.

"Max, you know you don't have to..."

"I know" she smiled gently.

"Then why do you do it?" he whispered. Over the past couple weeks Alec had sensed her presence to the room and knew about her developed habit. To Max's knowledge he hadn't.

"I don't know... I never really had anyone there for me after we escaped... why do you care anyways?"

"Just wondering" he mumbled sleepily.

"You know you could always take my bed if the couch is uncomfortable... shark DNA and all I don't sleep anyways."

"Couch is good... You were at Logan's?"

"Yeah... you know the whole smelly-thing is not a very appealing trait."

"Well usually you smell good" Max nearly laughed at his confession.

"What and I don't smell good now?" she gasped as if shocked.

Alec flipped on his back to face her "Stinky." The two stayed silent for a long while before Max broke out.

"I used to have seizures all the time in Manticore, he used to hold me. He'd tell me everything is would be fine... he made up this thing about 'the blue lady' his version of God I guess you could say."

"Who?" Alec whispered.

"Ben 493... Your twin... I know we caused a lot of trouble for you guys... God you guys look alike" she grinned while gazing at Alec shaking her head.

Max smiled. "He'd do shadow puppets." She paused, Alec just listened he could here the distance in her voice.

"You know how strict it was; you weren't supposed to show affection, emotion for that matter. But he did, we were only little and I only thought of him as my big brother... even now that is how he'd be to me."

Max swallowed hard and Alec saw a tear slide down her cheek. He held his arms out and Max accepted his offer gratefully moving into his embrace. "It's okay Max" he rubbed her back, holding her tightly. She shook her head.

"No it's not... Ben was killing people... Manticore was closing in on us... we were fighting..." Max was struggling through the soft sobs racking through her body. "His leg was broken... I killed him." She was shaking uncontrollably now. "I didn't want to but he... he... said he would... rather die than go back there... he made me..."

Alec didn't say a word, instead he just held her. Max calmed down but rather than peeling herself from Alec she stayed snuggled against his chest.



"Who's Rachel?" he tensed momentarily, but Max reassuringly wrapped her arms a little tighter.

"She was my first love..."

"What was she like?"

"She was really sweet, fun, loving... I don't know she was just Rachel... It was a Manticore mission... I tried to stop her..." he stopped and she felt him swallow. Max decided against asking anymore questions. Both transgenics stayed in the embrace in a comforting silence.


"Hmm..." she mumbled into his chest.

"You don't think I'm your brother do you?"

Max jerked upwards astonished by his question. "No! God where did you get that idea?" She was looking him straight in the eye now.

"Well I look like him..."

"Yeah, but even when I first met you I knew. I just had to check... you're completely different... you're a lot more loud and annoying than modest Ben... you aren't insane and killing people... and..." Max wrapped her arms around Alec's neck pulling him closer "I don't have any sisterly vibes for you at all..."

"Good" he whispered. "Cuz I definitely don't have brotherly feelings for you..." Max smiled and leaned down touching his lips with her own in a deep passionate, mind-blowing kiss.

"Also... I don't think brothers and sisters are supposed to do that..."

The End

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