Romantic comedies are soo popular on this site, I just had to make fun of them! I'm only doing this for fun, so you don't have to review, but I would like to see this get over 200 reviews!
This awful parody begins at a high school called Baka High! Here we find Kagome and Sango sitting at their homeroom class waiting on the teacher, or something like that. They were giggling and chatting and gossiping about the teachers like everyone else until Inuyasha showed up. The whole classroom got silent because that's kinda like a cliché for these types of comedies.

"Who's that?" Kagome whispered to Sango, staring at his outer beauty as if he was a god. "And why do we have to be so quiet?"

"Shhh, Kagome!" Sango whispered back, "Wait till he sits down!" It takes half and hour for Inuyasha to sit down at his desk because time slowed down when he made his debut. Then the class went back to normal speed.

"Who is that hot guy with the ears?" Kagome asks Sango again.

"That's Inuyasha Taisho, Inutaisho Taisho's youngest son and Sesshomaru Taisho's bro! He's uber rich!" Kagome looked at Inuyasha with loving eyes. Inuyasha caught her staring at him and put up a sign that said: "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" Kagome snapped her head forward to look at her teacher, who came in an hour late because she was sleeping in the hot tub in Teacher's Lounge and lost track of time.

Kagome couldn't help to fall in love with Inuyasha Taisho. He was so hot! And so athletic; another cliché! She couldn't help goggling at him like ALL the other desperate girls who want to get into his pants. She wrote his name in little hearts on her notebooks, and she would always bring him up in her conversations with her friends, Sango, Miroku, and even Shippo, who magically had a rapid growth spurt and thus ended up in High School.

"If you love him so much, why don't you talk to him and ask him out?" Sango said at lunch one day.

"I…don't know, I never asked anyone out before," Kagome replied timidly, looking down at her ramen, the same exact lunch meal that they had EVERYDAY!

"I think it might be too late for that." Shippo said, looking at a table across the way. Kagome looked at the direction Shippo was pointing and GASP! Inuyasha was making out with Kikyo, the school slut in this story and every other romantic comedy story that takes place in High School and the Head Cheerleader for the Baka High Paper Clip Demons! Kikyo flirted with every guy at school every hour on the hour. She flirted with underclassmen and slept with the seniors. She dated nerds, emos, Goths, jocks, and all those stereotypes that seem to pop up in these romantic comedies, too. She wore the school uniform, but her skirt was sooo SHORT it was rumored you could see a little bit of her starch white panties (If she wore panties that day) without having to look under, and her shirt was pulled back tightly so she could show off her goodies, and not one teacher wrote her up for these wardrobe felonies because they were all perverts.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Cried Kagome. Everyone froze to look at her like and idiot. "I've got nothing to live for! Why can't I get a date with the one I love?"

"That would make too much sense in these stories," Sango said, looking at Inuyasha and Kinky-Ho exit out the cafeteria, still swapping spit.

"Besides," Miroku said, moving closer to Sango, "You're too slow. I, however, let my love know what my intentions are as soon as possible." He rubbed Sango's ass and Sango slapped him one. "Wait! I got an idea! The Winter Formal is coming up, you can ask him to be your date for the dance, and ask him out when the time is right!"

"Kikyo's relationships are notoriously short." Sango added.

"That sounds like a good idea! You guys are such great friends!" Kagome said, walking over to them to give them a hug.

Just like that, it was time for the Winter Formal. Everyone was dressed to the nines and dancing at the nice hotel where the dance was held. Kagome came into the ballroom dressed in a long green dress with a pink flower clipped to her hair.

"I'm nervous," She said, looking at Inuyasha, who was actually alone.

"Don't be!" Sango scolded. Sango was wearing a hot pink halter dress with black lace trim. "Now get out there before Kinky-Ho shows up!" Sango pushed her so hard Kagome flew to Inuyasha and bumped him.

"Hey! Watch it, wench!" Inuyasha said rudely, not realizing it was Kagome. "Hey, you're that Kagome girl in my homeroom! And Home economics, and biology, and social, studies, and Japanese, and English, and—"

"YES! I'm in all of you classes and me always will be in these stories!" Kagome interrupted, looking nervous. "Do you want to dance?"


"Do you want to dance?"

"Sorry I'm looking for Kikyo right now…"

"KIKYO?" Kagome screamed; everyone froze to look at her again. Then she calmed down and said, "Follow me!" She grabbed him by the doggy ears and dragged him out the door. They went upstairs to the top floor and Kagome kicked down a room door. There in plain sight was Kikyo was sleeping with…BANKOTSU!

"Kikyo, how could you?" Inuyasha cried. Kikyo had a satisfied look on her face.

"You took to long to sleep with me, so I dumped you behind you back like any slut would do in a romantic comedy!"

"But with Bankotsu?" Inuyasha asked. Then Renkotsu popped up.

"And Renkotsu?" Sesshomaru popped out from the sheets.

"Bro! Ewwwww!" And the Koga popped out.

"Ko—well I don't care about him…" Kagome muttered. And THEN Naraku popped out of the sheets.

"You know the Authoress is going to kill you, right?" Inuyasha and Kagome said together. Naraku just ran out the room.

"Anymore bastards in that bed you're grinding with I should know about?"

"No, I don't think so, unless YOU want to get in." Kinky-Ho said, smirking. Kagome, full of rage, went up to that skank and punched her lights out.

"How dare you! He loved you and you take advantage of him by sleeping with guys that aren't even supposed to be in this parody! A real girlfriend will always stay with the one they love and not have anyone on the side for pleasure!" Out of the blue, the sound of an encore filled the room. Inuyasha gave Kagome a hug.

"Thank you for sticking up for me," Inuyasha whispered to her.

"I would never do that to MY boyfriend, if I had." Kagome responded.

"Now, how 'bout that dance…girlfriend?"

"Are you serious?"

"What do you think?"

And so, Inuyasha and Kagome danced the night away as boyfriend and girlfriend. They later got married and had ten kids! Miroku and Sango also got married and had TWENTY kids! Kinky-Ho—I mean—Kikyo did not learn her lesson and became a hooker. And…that's that. Now get lost! Parody's over!