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Let's make this short and sweet; people are imaginative. How else do you think people come up with these wild, sick, even overly-romantic scenarios? Inspiration is a major factor, yes, but…


This shameful, sick, twisted, I-didn't-come-up-with-this-shit parody takes place—sigh—dammit…back…in…High School…yet again…

…ugh… is it over yet?

Kagome was a normal schoolgirl who has a stupendous. She was nice and giving and shit like that. She was an honors student, had the best attendance, and other useless crap like that, too. Kagome was adored by all the teachers and liked by MOST of her fellow students.

…until of course everyone found about her little flings with the new teacher. Trust me, I've seen this before. Maybe not on fanfiction, but it happens.

It all started when Kagome's old History teacher retired in the middle of the year. Kagome and the rest of her classmates were waiting for the new teacher.

Remember Chapter One of this collection? There's no slow-motion here, but when the teacher came in all was silent.

Wow, that makes it sound important, doesn't it?

And of course it was Inuyasha who came in.

The one person who is usually portrayed as a redneck, dumb-as-hell hottie is the new History teacher. Smart…cute...has class…


This MUST be fanfiction!

"Hello class. I'm Mr. Takahashi." Inuyasha said (Creator reference XD). "I'm your new History teacher. So sit down, shut up, and let's begin."(Same as ever.)

Kagome couldn't help to fall for her teacher. She could have been herself, but she knew that that would never get his attention. So she intentionally started to fail all her tests and quizzes for the past half-month to get his attention. Inuyasha—or Mr. Takahashi—had no choice but to tutor her.

Wait a minute. You don't get tutored on History!

Anyway, Kagome stayed after-school with Inuyasha. Inuyasha gave her this long speech about how he was ashamed of her.

"I'm ashamed of you!" Inuyasha repeated what was in the above line. "You were my best student! Now even KOGA's work looks like 'A' material and he can't read pass Third-Grade level!"

And you know Koga is dumb...admit it!

"Mr. Takahashi, I have a confession to make." Kagome replies in guilt. "I know everything in the book, I just wanted to get closer to you…I kinda…love you."

"I…love you, Kagome. And call me Inuyasha."


"Now that we got that out of the way, what now?" Inuyasha asked.

"I know!" Kagome said seductively, pushing off all the papers on his desk.

You should already know that that means that Inuyasha and that dirty whore started making out (thanks hippy-chicky!). Unbeknownst—and it's always that way—Miroku was watching through the WIDE OPEN DOOR!

That's new. Usually, it's either cracked or they look through the window in the door.

Miroku was having a grand ol' time being a voyeur. Not only did he pull up a chair and ate popcorn, he invited Sango.

…Who invited Shippo,

…Who invited Koga,

…Who invited Ayame,

…Who invited Kagura,

…Who invited Naraku,

…Who invited Kanna,

…Who invited Kohaku,

…Who invited Hakudoushi,

…Who invited Rin (who was just visiting that day),

…Who invited Sesshomaru, THE (vice) PRINCIPAL!


"See, Sesshomaru-sama, they're over here!" Rin exclaimed, leading her daddy by the hand.

"This better be good, Rin." Sesshomaru said, emotion-free.

"Dude, pass the damn popcorn!" Kohaku said to Koga, who was hogging all the treats.

"Uh-oh! It's (vice) Principal Taisho!" Sango yelled. But no one moved.

When Sesshomaru got there to see what was going on, his eyes got so big, they almost popped out of his head and covered Rin's eyes.

"HARDER INUYASHA HARDER!" Kagome screamed (A/N: I'm a perv XD!)

"LITTLE BROTHER!" He screamed. Inuyasha and Kagome shot up from off the desk, clothes non-existent.

"This isn't what it looks like!" Inuyasha said, struggling to put his pants on.

"Save it for your wife and five children." Sesshomaru stated, staring at Kagome like everyone else behind him.

Now, back to the present. People either just stare at Kagome or call her an "A+ Whore" or "Teacher's Sex Kitten" and worse. Kikyo, Inuyasha's wife, doesn't know a damn thing about anything. Inuyasha himself? He still has hi job and he still has flings with Kagome…until she got pregnant.

And THEN Kikyo knew because it was on the friggin' news!

"I KNEW you were cheating on me!" Kikyo screeched when she saw it with their three boys and two girls. "What? I'm not good enough for you?! You trying to leave me for that jail-bait?! You want a freakin' Barbie? Always trying to chase after some tits! What about the ass, Nig—"

The Authoress is stopping her right there. Now back to our original story.

Inuyasha didn't classify Kagome as someone he can do at work. He felt that the thing he had with Kagome was REAL LOVE.

It's also "Real Love" when you have FIVE little bastards with your wife, loser!

Despite all the words and glares, Kagome and Inuyasha eloped in Vegas and had a kid, little Inuyasha Jr..

And speaking of Holy Matrimony…that takes us to our LAST CHAPTER…

:Yes, There will be a sequel.: