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Chapter 1

Harry lay back, head resting on the soft pillows, and though intending to wait, fell quickly to sleep.


He woke on an unfamiliar bad, much harder than his usual faded futon. Instantly he was up, wand in hand; extensive past situations making him swift to think and swifter to react. Looking around he realized he was at Hogwarts, in an unknown dormitory. He couldn't figure how he'd come to be here, as there were wards on the perimeter preventing Apparation, and if someone had tried to transport him otherwise, he would for sure have waken up.

Keeping his wand at ready, he left the room, grateful that it seemed to be in between passing periods, all the students in their classes. Quickly he made his way to the headmaster's office and gave a guess at the password.

"Lemon Drops," he enounced, waiting. He was startled when, instead of the gargoyle springing out of the way, some one suddenly appeared behind him. He turned wand raised but it was only Dumbledore, looking a bit different than usual, though he couldn't say how.

"Ahh. I've been expecting you, my boy." The old man said, eyes twinkling insanely. Stepping forward the elderly man addressed the stone imp, "Toaster." The unexpected password was interesting to say the least; Harry had never known a time when Albus' password hadn't been some type of candy. Following the wizard up and into the office, he was mollified when the familiar-"Lemon drop?"- came; and as usual, he politely refused, watching as the other popped one into his mouth.

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