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Race Day... The cause of fear, excitement, hope... Though in the case of the Sheriff at the moment it was simply very annoying. He gave a soft groan as he pulled back further into his parking spot as Lightning more or less bounced around the room. He had already knocked over a lamp and tipped over a stack of books by the time that Doc yelled at him to settle his fender down.

Sheriff cracked open an eye to glance around the hotel room, with a soft sigh. Race day. He didn't usually come to the races. In fact most of the time it was only Doc and Lightning, with Luigi and Guido tagging along as pit crew. Though on the day of the Piston Cup the entire town shut down to come and support their favorite car. It was also days like these that they split off and wound up bunking with each other, spread out between three hotel rooms. An over excited lightning had been the lesser of the evils in the Sheriff's opinion.

In one room Flo, Ramone, and Mater had settled down. He knew for a fact that Ramone and Mater snored like a chainsaw. Though Doc wasn't much better but at least he could after a while tune him out.

In the other Sarge, Fillmore, Luigi, and Guido. Sarge and Fillmore was probably Doc's idea of a sick joke. They argued about everything and finally had simply settled on not speaking to each other.

In their room it was himself, Doc, and Lightning. He was a bit weary of bunking with Lightening but it turned out to not be so bad until race morning...

In fact in the four days they had all been there Lightning was normally very sober in the morning and in fact half dead until he had a quart of oil in him and a good dose of gas. Though there was apparently something entirely different about race day.

"Lightning it's 6 o'clock in the morning settle down or I'll have you driving laps till dooms day!" Doc's voice rang out from the car wash stall connected to the room. Lightning instantly parked it and began idly flipping through channels on the TV, surfing through the news stations that would later feature footage of the race and in some cases the entire race itself. Some where even advertising the upcoming race in banners of color across the screens.

"Boy the race don't start for several hours yet. Get some sleep while ya can." Sheriff mumbled, catching Lightning's attention for a moment. Lightning only grinned at him and shrugged, his attention not entirely focused this morning. He was to excited over the upcoming race.

After a few moments Doc emerged from the wash room, a slight shake given to get rid of access water. He growled softly, Doc being possibly the furthest from being a morning person one could get and silently chased Lightning into the wash room before he had to deal with him.

"He always like this?" Sheriff grumbled, opening eye to glance at his friend of so many years.

"Pretty much. Usually he's a bit more sedate than this though. Though to his own credit this is a big race." He muttered, drawing a brief nod from Sheriff. "S'pose your right. But dang... And Do we really have to be up this early?"

Doc gave a soft grunt and chuckled. "You can sleep in if you want. The race doesn't start for several more hours. Sarge is suppose to get the others going in about three hours and meet us at the track. However I need to get Lightning on the track and get him breakfast before I set him out there for a few practice laps."

"Sarge is getting the others together? Think it'll be safer to go ahead and get out there then." He muttered, a soft yawn escaping him before he stood up and stretched. Doc chuckled a bit, a slight yawn of his own given and silently began moving around the room, somewhat cleaning up what Lightning had knocked over. Something Sheriff suspected was simply to do and keep himself awake while their more energetic friend was occupied.

Within' a few moments Lightning bounced back out, a good shake given to shake off water, once more an energetic tornado around the room, until Doc finally somewhat lost his temper and yelled at him to go grab a couple of quarts of oil from the lobby before he destroyed the entire room.

"And you bunk with him every time?" Sheriff questioned, drawing a chuckle from Doc. "Oh in much smaller confines. When there's less of us it doesn't make any sense to get so many rooms. Once or twice I've stayed with Lightning in his trailer which I might add is a quarter of the size of this room."

Sheriff shuttered quietly and chuckled, silently heading to the wash room himself, another soft yawn muttered.

He supposed it had been about a year now... If anyone had told him he would be rooming with the delinquent he had caught speeding on highway 66 he would have called them a dang fool. But he had to admit in the past year Lightning had become family.

Sheriff closed his eyes again as water rained down on him, idly listening to Doc fussing again as Lightning burst back into the room, bringing back with him the strong smelling oil that was required to make Doc somewhat less grumpy in the morning.

The good natured banter brought a smile to his grill and had him thinking back. He remembered being at an age that he was that excited about life. It had been years ago... He could also remember the others being that wired about life in general. Though no sense in thinking about old days he couldn't bring back.

He sighed softly and thought back on last year's Piston Cup Race. The first time he had ever stepped a tire out onto a race track. He had to admit it had been fun. Though not something he would take up in for every weekend the way Doc and Lightning did.

He gave a light chuckle and silently stepped away from the water, turning it off and giving a good shake to clear it. Another day, another race...

A bit more awake now he pulled out into the room again, the moment of quiet broken, to Doc and Lightning bickering over who they needed to worry about in the race. About a month prior Chick Hicks had been once again cheating in a race by attempting to push Junior into the wall. Junior while normally not half as aggressive on the track as his father had been, still didn't take scrap from anybody. And Dale Earnheard had taught his boy a trick or two about racing... Junior had pushed right back and wound up putting Chick himself into the wall and wound up being held out of the last three races including the Piston Cup with a broken rear axil. Lightning was becoming a little to confident about that in Doc's opinion. He still needed to watch the other competitors. There was a lot of good racers out there that would be coming up on Lightning's rear bumper. Jeff Gordon and Junior for instants where not going to cut him any breaks.

That thought for some reason put a somewhat uneasy feeling in the pit of Sheriff's fuel tank but he shrugged it off rather quickly.

Within' the hour the three where out the door, leaving a note for Sarge to get everyone out there when they where somewhat awake and had some breakfast in them. The drive was an interesting one. Lightning was to revved to even keep in the lane, the car switching lanes constantly on the interstate and almost driving in place when it came to the busy city streets. About all they could take of the hot muggy streets of Daytona Florida. Days like these where exactly why the Sheriff had relocated to Arizona...

They took about fifteen minutes for a somewhat forced breakfast, Doc the one doing the forcing as Lightning stared almost wistfully at the track, and then hit pit row.

"Don't wear yourself out before the race Lightning. Do about five laps to get use to the feel of the track then come back here. No sense in spending all that bottled up energy before you have to use it." Doc warned, sending Lightning out onto the track. He took off, falling into a steady pace, for the moment the red car the only one on the track. Though before he had even gone halfway Junior had stepped out onto the track and began his own practice laps. Even though it was painfully early the track was already beginning to stir. Three more cars joined Lightning out on the track, keeping a respectful distance from each other as each vehicle focused on his own driving.

It was about that point that an uneasy feeling hit... The Sheriff silently watched Lightning run laps, a frown crossing his grill. He knew that feeling... It was the same gut feeling that he felt made him a good cop.

That uneasy feeling in the pit of his fuel tank that very rarely let him down. That feeling he got when coming up on a wreck... And before he even saw it he knew it was going to be bad. That feeling he got when he was a very young car... And the state patrol had come to the door of his home. He knew before they said a single word that his father wasn't coming home again. That gut feeling of dread. Something was going to happen...

For a moment he considered telling Doc to call Lightning off the track but the car had just finished his fifth lap and was already pulling into pit row. The uneasy feeling immediately faded, drawing a sigh of relief from Sheriff. Well maybe even a good cop had to be wrong some time.

It was several more hours before the rest of the group pulled up, the Radiator Springs group a bundle of energy. The only one's really missing where Sally, Red and Lizzie. Lizzie staying behind simply because she was a bit to old for all this excitement. Sally for the duel purpose of helping Red watch over the town and Lizzie. The old girl was finely about hitting the end of her days. Doc had warned them all that she might not be with them much longer. No one really wanted to think about that...

The excited cheers of the growing crowed shook Sheriff out of his thoughts as a the pit crews started setting up shop, a few of the racers coming down to pit row to look in on the progress.

"Lightning Harv wants you to call him after the race is over." Mack's booming voice rang out from the garage area, drawing Lightning's attention briefly.

"Did he say what for?"

"Yeah something about renewing next year's contracts." He called back, drawing a brief nod from Lightning. Sounded about right. It was that time of year again, when after the race they would have to discuss the next season.

"Hey kid!" Lightning let a grin cross his grill as his two bosses came up beside him the brother's nudging him good naturedly. Sheriff smiled a bit as the three headed off to find Doc, quietly discussing the race.

It was another hour before the racers lined up, the afternoon soon just starting to trail across the track. The cars all stood silent as the national anthem rang out over the speakers, a small female F-150 ford singing from the middle of the track, her voice ringing out with the help of the speaker system and her image appearing on the plasma screen. At the end of the song a roar cut through the racers as the call of "Gentleman start your engines" rang out over the speakers. The crowed cheered as that low roar set a tremor through the ground that every racing fan lived for. That would never get old...

Within' moments the pace car was moving the racers taking two laps at a sedate pace. The pace car finally pulled away and they where off...

The field tore around the track in the first lap, setting a good racing pace then settled in to ride out the five hundred laps they would have to go.

"Take it easy kid, you've got a long race ahead of you." Doc warned over the radio set that he wore, taking his place on a platform higher above the others so he could see the race, the crew chief keeping a close eye on where Lightning was and what he needed to do.

Lightning hadn't even gone twenty laps before that uneasy feeling started settling into Sheriff's fuel tank. Once again he wanted to tell Doc to call Lightning off the track. Though that wasn't possible now...

"You alright Sheriff?" He snapped out of his thoughts, Mack's voice beside him pulling him back down to Earth.

"Yeah sure thing Mack. Just an odd feeling..."

"About the race." Mack reasoned, drawing a nod from Sheriff. "Me to." Mack admitted, a worried expression crossing his features as he watched the race wear on. Two hundred laps in and Lightning had managed to gain a huge lead. He was coming up behind the field again and more or less struggling through the middle of the field.

It was nearly four hundred laps in when Mack suddenly pulled forward, coming as close to the edge of the track as he could, his form towering over Doc even though Doc was up on a platform and Mack was standing on the flat. Sheriff frowned and came up beside him, his full attention glued to the track.

Life is a fragile thing

Within' a few seconds it had happened. Dale Jarrett came in a bit to close to Jeff Burton. Burton wound up bumping him, the two cars hitting at just the wrong angle... Burton swerved in towards the field while Jarrett swerved out towards the wall. They barely touched each other... But at just the right angle and speed, the result had been devastating.

In seconds a simple event can cause life to flip upside down. To take away everything we hold close.

Jarrett hit the wall hard though not hard enough that it seemed to cause any real damage. However the impact must have shaken something loose... A thick trail of oil sprayed out from under him onto the track, causing the track to become much more slick than it had to be. Behind him Mark Martin hit it and spun out, sliding sideways.

When simple events shatter our lives and bring out what we have always feared.

Lightning swerved to attempt to avoid the oil slick but there was no way. He slid into it, his back end fishtailing as Doc yelled over the radio what to do, and how to get out of a trick like that. Lightning focused on Doc's voice, following his directions as he slid on the glass like surface of the track.

When no matter what happens we must pick ourselves up...

Burton had managed to save himself from going into the dirt but the oil slick caught up under his tired, sending him along with the rest of the field slipping and sliding.

These are the seconds that build us. That create us... That make us who we are.

Lightning finally entirely lost his traction as they entered a turn, the stock car hitting the side wall hard. His engine didn't stall out with the impact though he was badly dazed, the force sending him sliding right back into the middle of the field of cars.

That make or break us...

He spun to a grinding halt as his right, rear tire blew, leaving him on three tires in the middle of the track. He groaned softly unable to move... The rest of the field was baring down on him, hard their speed making it impossible for them to stop...

These are the seconds in life... That we must endure.

Lightning was in to much pain to move to far. He couldn't even get his engine to turn over. Despite the calls of his team to get the hell out of the way he could only brace himself as the rest of the field hit him head on. He was battered around for a moment from race car to race car as they attempted to get out of his way as a collective group... But it wasn't possible. He was in the middle of them and then... Nothing. He blacked out as the field moved on, able to get around him and a pace car pulled out onto the track.

These seconds... Make us who we are and despite their cruelty... These seconds... are life...

"Lightning! Can you hear me?"

Doc's voice seemed so distant to him Like a dream.

"We're coming Lightning, don't move."

Like I can move? Lightning commented over the radio, though oddly enough his voice didn't sound as he expected it to. It felt... Surreal almost.

He glanced around him at the chaos... Not to far away Jarrett rest against the wall battered and broken, having apparently passed out while in gear and hit the wall again hard. Not far from him Burton had hit Rusty Wallace and landed upside down in the infield and was as of yet unconscious. On the other side of the track the pace car was leading the vehicles who had managed to get out of the crash unharmed around to the other side, most of them taking the time to make a pit stop.

Lightning wondered briefly for a moment why he wasn't with them. He felt alright all of a sudden. He smiled a bit, figuring the pain to be a fluke and set off after the rest of the field. Though as he twisted around... He found himself staring at himself... A very battered and broken form of himself. A complete wreck... He swallowed hard as track officials passed him on either side hurrying to get the injured racers off the track before the pace car came back around.

He watched as the officials hooked himself up to a tow truck and he was pulled off of the track, leaving a sickening trail of oil behind.

Then everything seemed to fade back into that peaceful dream like state... and once again he didn't care.

"Lightning!" Doc hurried over to the side lines where the officials had dropped Lightning and hurried off to another racer as the track doctors hurried to access his injuries. Within' moments they where loading him into an ambulance like vehicle and waving bystanders away.

"I'm going with him. I'm his crew chief." Doc insisted, a moment's pause before the track doctor waved him into the truck. The vehicle tore off, leaving the others to follow behind at a more reasonable pace, a track official giving Sarge a name of a hospital before taking off again.

Poor Mater was in tears by the time they hit the highway, going as fast as they safely could. Sheriff stayed close behind, that uneasy feeling in his fuel tank now more like a dead weight. Mack drove silently up ahead, the truck having driven under these conditions more than once in his career. The massive truck looked as if he would rather be any where else but there. This was a drive that none of them particularly wanted to go on.

"He's gonna be alright ain't he Sheriff?" Mater's soft voice startled him a bit but he forced a smile, brief nod given. "I'm sure he'll be just fine. Just a few bumps and dents."

Sheriff kept that smile on his muzzle until Mater pulled away. Only then did he let out a heavy sigh. He had a lot of experience in wrecks. It had been part of what drove him to Radiator Springs... He had wanted a quieter life. Less to deal with. He had seen wrecks that weren't half as bad as Lightning and not make it. He was worried...

Hospitals... Even though he was a doctor he tended to hate them. The white walls and perfectly sterile and clean feeling gave him the creeps. He tried to keep his own office a bit more... homey. It was perfectly clean and sterile but it didn't feel like a hospital to him. This... was a nightmare. Or maybe it was the fact that they where wheeling Lightning ahead of him directly into surgery... He couldn't answer that.

Doc silently parked out in the waiting room, watching doctors and nurses come and go as they took Lightning away. He also knew from experience that this was the most difficult part. The waiting... It was a nightmare...

It was about fifteen minutes before he forced himself to get moving and start making phone calls. First a call to a very hysterical Sally who had seen the crash on TV... He didn't have much that he could tell her... Only that they where at the hospital. From his own medical knowledge he knew it didn't look good. Though somehow he couldn't bring himself to tell her that. Within moments Sally had everything worked out. She would leave things to Red and be in Daytona within' the next two days if she drove all night.

Doc could only warn her not to push herself. It had taken them a good four days to drive out here from Radiator Springs. As soon as he hung up the phone from Sally that feeling of sorrow settled in again. That lonely feeling that tended to gnaw at him.

It was a good half an hour before the crew from Radiator Springs forced their way into the hospital, a buzz of questions hitting him. Though the only answer he could give for now was, no report...

"Did you call Sally and them?" Sheriff questioned, drawing a brief nod form Doc.

"What about his family."

Doc paused, a rather blank look given to that. Did Lightning even have family? He had never mentioned them. "I wouldn't even know where to start." He admitted drawing a slight sigh from them all. "Mack might..." Doc then reasoned, silently getting up and heading outside of the hospital to where the semi sat waiting for some form of an update, the massive truck elected to keep the press at bay. He was rather good at it. Though there was so many of them he was needing help from Hospital security this time around.

"Mack!" Doc's voice rang out somewhat over the crowed drawing the truck's attention. "I need a list of contacts for Lightning. Do you have them?"

"Look in the trailer. Should be a green notebook in one of the drawers at the front. It's a list of contact numbers. Use the phone in the trailer if you want to. These people are everywhere." He called back, the truck then throwing himself back into blocking the front of the hospital from the press.

"Oil sucking parasites." Doc muttered to himself, silently moving into Lightning's trailer, letting the door shut behind him throwing him into a sudden silence. The place was normally very neat and organized and now was no difference. When he first met Lightning he would have tagged him as the kind to be somewhat messy, even cluttered. But after knowing him as long as he did he quickly found the stock car was as neat as a pin. To the point that seeing a mess made him a little edgy. Something Doc himself found out one morning when the stock car showed up at his garage with a mop and a bucket of water declaring he couldn't take it any more. The only reason his garage was now clean and he had an actual office again...

He took a moment, silently looking for the book before it was produced... A hunter green spiral bound notebook. He quickly found the phone, and flipped the first page open. His agent Harv was the first in the book. He sighed softly and dialed the number having personally never cared much for agents. Five minutes later he was off the phone again, the agent having known most of it already. The call had come in almost immediately from the press that Lightning had crashed and his take on it. He could only offer condolences and the promise he would try to get the press off their backs a bit. He was like any other agent in the world. Looking mostly towards the business part of it. Or so Doc thought until he lowered his voice for a moment and quietly asked Doc to call him if there was any changes or just to let him know the kid was ok, then asking if there was anything they needed at the hospital, with a departing offer to contact his sponsors. A strange insight into the life of an agent upon hanging up. Not so oil thirsty maybe...

The next number was Mack's... Didn't need that one.

Then the number of his sponsors... Didn't need that one either.

His lawyer's office... Hmm... Possibly could have used that one when Sheriff first picked him up. That memory brought a chuckle from Doc as he went on.

Someone by the name of Doctor Flanning that out to the side explained was Lightning's psychologist. Lightning had a psychologist? He was definitely out of the loop on that one.

A few other numbers for repair shops, paint and body shops, and places for tires... Nothing that he could use so far. The basic phone book that a race car might have. Though so far no reference to family. He sighed heavily and was about to give up when something caught his attention. The name Stone and a number. No title other than that. He sighed heavily and dialed the number, quietly waiting for someone to pick up. He was about to give up when the other line clicked, and a male voice came over the line.


"Hello, my name is Doctor Hudson. I'm looking for someone by the name of Stone... Would you be this person by any chance."

"Naw that's my brother." The other voice drew out slowly, the accent decisively southern. "Hang on a sec. Stone!"

Doc flinched as whoever was on the other line called to whoever Stone was. After a moment a much lower and more graveled voice came over the line.

"Stone speaking..."

"Hello. My name is Doctor Hudson. Do you know a Lightning McQueen?"

The line was quiet for a moment as whoever was on the line sighed before going on. "Look whoever you are, he ain't here so if you're trying to-"

"No sir, I know where he is. Your name came up on a list of emergency contacts." Doc cut in before he could work up a good rant.

"Emergency? What's wrong? The boy in trouble again?" Stone questioned, sounding a mix of concern and suspicion.

"Well sir as you probably know he had a race today..."

"Ah hell I can't keep track of all the times the kid races. Get to the point." Stone snapped.

"He's been in an accident." Doc explained his patients with this one wearing extremely thin.

The line was quiet for a long moment before, "How bad?"

"It's rather severe. He's in surgery now..."

"You his doctor then?"

"Actually I'm his crew chief-"

"Never mind that." Stone cut in once more. "Where are you?"

"Daytona" Doc quickly explained, already flipping through the listing of contacts again. "Listen does he have any other contacts that I can call for-"

"Yup. His mother. She lives right across the street from me so I'll bring her. Don't know where the hell his father is so you'll have to be happy with her. And I'm on my way." Stone stated simply, before the line went dead. Not so much as a polite goodbye. Though Doc already figured that was just the way he was. He shrugged off the strange encounter and silently flipped the page of the contacts. Sure enough his mother was the next contact. Might have actually gotten more from them but at least the steps to notify his family where made.

He shrugged off the rather strange encounter, silently flipping through the book for any other contacts that could be reached. Though it seemed like Stone was the magic contact. As long as his mother had been contacted he felt that was enough, and this Stone person seemed to know Lightning's mother...

That done he silently closed the book and replaced it back in the drawer it had come from, and steeled himself off for the sudden break of peace as he opened the trailer door. Though to his surprise things had somewhat calmed down. Only Mack and two security guards where needed to keep what was left of the press back. They must have given up the crash and set their attention on who was about to win the race.

He quickly thanked Mack and headed back into the building, the entire group looking up at him as he came in. "Did about all that can be done." He muttered, silently parking. No one asked any further than that, silence falling over them once more.

Light... He could see light. He couldn't figure out just yet where it was coming from but he could see it. It was surreal... Entirely surreal. After a moment he realized he was parked in a large room... An operating room... Someone was on a lift and doctors and nurses where hurrying to save the life of the one on the lift.

I shouldn't be here he thought quietly to himself as he watched. Off to the side a monitor beeped softly catching his brief attention. Within seconds the alarm on the monitor started going off, the steady beep turning to a high pitched and steady whine. That wasn't right. He knew that mostly from movies. That meant nothing good. Indeed it sent the doctors into motion. They rushed around the lift, moving to attempt to save the one on it.

"That's you ya know." Lightning tensed a bit the voice startling him.

"This isn't going to end well." The voice went on. Lightning turned to look at the speaker, coming face to face with a jet black Ford Mustang. An older Mustang from back when the Mustang was the muscle car of America. Not the sleek and sporty type.

"Who are you?" Lightning questioned, stepping a bit closer to the car.

"I am the one who will take you on to the next life. Though if you wish and it makes you feel more comfortable... You may refer to me as Seth."

Lightning watched the car for a moment and slowly backed up, seeming to realize several things at once. First off this vehicle was literally death... Second he was the one up on that lift that was dying... He also knew for a fact that it just wasn't his time to go. "No..." He muttered softly, quickly backing up. "No... that's not possible."

"I'm afraid it is young one. Only the good die young you know. Now if you will just come with me..."

"No" He stated again this time more firmly. "It's not my time. I have more to do."

"No son, I'm afraid there is nothing more you're going to do. Now if you will just come with me..."

"Where's Doc?" Lightning demanded backing up behind one of the many monitors. Seth sighed heavily and seemed to roll his eyes. "Probably out in the waiting room. He will grieve for a time but in the end he will move on with his life. Now I do have more clients today..."

"No. I want to see them." Lightning insisted, drawing another sigh from Seth. "Oh very well. I truly do detest it when one of these jobs turns into a round of this is your life. But if that's the way you want it... I suppose no one is actually in a hurry to die." He muttered, setting back on his wheels for a moment and fumbling a bit. After a moment something that looked like a portable phone was produced, a call placed through.

"Sandra... Hold my calls for the rest of the day and see if one of the underlings can do that nursing home job this evening. I've got a live one." He muttered into it, closing the phone and offering a disarming smile to Lightning.

"So... You're death... And you're on a phone plan?" Lightning questioned, one eye giving a quirk.

Seth laughed and shrugged. "What did you expect? Fire and brimstone? A light and a great tunnel? Mostly theatrics. We're on quite a budget these days. So, where shall we begin?" He mused and let a smile cross his grill. "Oh, yes." He silently moved over to where the doctor's where working, and studied Lightning's still body, a frown crossing his grill. "This you? I'm a bit surprised. But for the damage you look the same. Most people in this state are the ideal image of themselves. You know, fix the rear view mirror, tighten up the grill... You must be very confident."

"Is there a point to all this?" Lightning questioned, trying hard not to look at his own broken form.

"The point is you're avoiding the point. Look at yourself. Can you possibly survive?"

Lightning himself... Simply didn't want to answer that...