Hey everyone... this is my first fic, i have no writing experience atall, i just thought it would be cool to give it a try.Someone wrote about them all going to cedar point and i loved that story, so it gave methe idea of them going camping.



"I'm booooooored" Maureen said as she walked from the kitchen and plopped herself down on the couch.

"Why don't you work on another protest?" Mark said fiddling with is camera

"Because there is nothing to protest! Except the fact that I'm bored out of my mind!"

"Yeah I'm pretty bored too!" Roger added "I mean I love writing songs and stuff, but I just can't think of anything good to write about."

"Maybe we can all go somewhere, like on vacation or something." Said Mark, as he picked up his camera and started filming around the room.

Just then Collins, and Joanne walked in the loft followed by Angel and Mimi, who where talking and giggling about something.

"Wow you guys look like your having fun" Collins said sarcastically

Maureen got up off the couch noticing that Joanne had walked. " Thank god your home Joanne I'm so bored! Lets do something, anything I need to get out of here I'm gonna go crazy!"

"It's not like you're not already crazy." Roger said smiling a playful smile a Maureen

Maureen just gave him a glare and then hugged Joanne.

"Well what do you guys want to do?" Mimi asked as she sat on Rogers lap

"Mark suggested a trip, but where would we go?"

"YA! Lets do a trip I'm so up for it!" Angel screamed well jumping up and down.

"Were do you guys want go?" Joanne asked.

Collins sat down and picked up a wildlife magazine that Mark and Roger had and started reading it.

Maureen looked at the cover of the magazine, and got a huge smile on her face.

"I've got it!" they all looked at Maureen, which she loved of course. She then walked over to Collins and took the magazine out of his hands.

"Uh I was reading that"

"Lets go CAMPING!" she screamed, as she pointed to the picture on the magazine, of a deer with a forest behind it.

They all just looked at her.

"Come on you guys, it will be so much fun! There is a holiday weekend coming up so Joanne wont have to work, I'm not doing and protests. Think about it, we can make smores, Roger can bring his guitar and we can sing songs around the campfire! Mark can film nature… or me singing." They all just stared at Maureen

"Actually I think it's a great idea." Collins agreed

"I have a huge tent that can fit about 10 people." Mark said

" I don't know… its so much work to pack and set up." Roger said

"Oh come on your so lazy, lets just do it, it will be so much fun! Its perfect too I don't have to work at the catscratch club this weekend."

"What do you think pookie?" Maureen asked Joanne while wrapping her arms around her neck.

"Yeah I'm up for it, I loved going camping when I was little." Joanne agreed.

Collins looked at Angel who was just standing there looking around at everyone. "What do you think Angel?" Collins asked.

"Well I never been camping before. But I guess there is a first time for everything!"

They all looked at Roger who still didn't give and answer. He looked around at everyone.

"Well I guess it will be cool if I get to bring my guitar"

"Okay so were we going to go and how we going to get there?" Mark asked

"We can go to the place that I used to go to when I was a Kid. Its like your out on your own you cant see any other campers, except the people your camping with. So you can be as loud as you want." Joanne explained.

"Is there alcohol allowed" Collins asked

Joanne nodded her head.

"Then the place sounds perfect." Collins smiled.

"We can use mine and Rogers car to get there." Mark added

"Is it going to be able to fit 7 people plus all our cloths and food and stuff?" asked Maureen.

"Probably not…"

Mimi jumped up " I know! I can ask if we can use the catscratch van."

Joanne gave her a questioning look " why would the catscratch have a van?" She asked

"Hello it's for people who order strippers, then they drive them to where you want them to be delivered. Pretty fast service if you ask me" Maureen said has she was flipping the pages to the wildlife magazine, not realizing what she just said.

Everyone just started at her, especially Joanne who had a disappointing look on her face.

Maureen looked up from the magazine "what?" Maureen then realized what she said as slid down in her chair giving Joanne a weak smile."

"How would you kno…" Roger cut Joanne off "Because me and April got into a big fight one night, so Maureen came over and order them for me to make me feel better."

"Yeah it was way before I met you" Maureen said

"Oh well okay then" Joanne was said still a little bitter.

Maureen let out a sigh of relief looking at Roger who gave her a wink. Maureen mouthed the works thank you to him. They both knew that Maureen was with Joanne at the time. Her and Roger had gotten drunk one night and they decided to randomly prank call people in the phone book. And when they seen that the catscratch had a service they decided to try it out.

Just as Maureen thought she was safe Mark stood up.

"Well if it wasn't when you where with her, was it when I was with you!" Mark Yelled.

"Oh shit." Maureen said under her breath "No it was like two weeks before we got together." "Anyways so Mimi you think you can get the Van or what?" Maureen said trying to change the subject.

"Let me go call and find out"

She came back 10mins later.

"Good news I can get the van!" Mimi said with a smile on her face.

"So we will leave Friday then" Joanne said

"Sounds good." they all said

"What's a smore?" Angel asked.


I hope you liked it, i already have more chapters written i just wanted to see what you guys thought first.