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Finally Home

They all walked in the loft threw their bags down and plopped themselves in the living room.

Mark looked over at Maureen. "Aren't you going to wash that stuff off your face?"

"Oh yeah I almost forgot!" Maureen said while jumping up and running for the bathroom. She popped her head out the bathroom door. "I'll get you two back for doing this." She pointed at Angel and Mimi smiled winked at them and went back into the bathroom.

Angel and Mimi just laughed.

"It's weird how car rides make you tired eh." Roger said.

Collins looked up. "Tell me about."

"So Mark when are you going to have this film done? I'm excited to see it!" Angel asked

"I'll start it tomorrow."

Maureen popped her head back out of the bathroom. "Uh Roger could you come here for a second."

Everyone looked over at her, then Roger. "Why would she need you?" Mimi asked.

Joanne looked to Maureen. "Do you need my help with something?" Joanne asked.

"No, but Roger would be nice."

Roger got up and walked awkwardly to the bathroom door, Maureen pulled him inside.

Mimi and Joanne looked at each other. "I would really like to know what is going on between them two." Joanne said.

Roger and Maureen walked out of the bathroom. "We have to tell them it's the only way." Roger said.

"But I can't!"

Everyone looked over at them. "Tell us what?" Angel asked.

Maureen walked over and sat on the couch and put her hands over her face. "I can't"

Roger sat next to her. "We have to, how did we know it would come to this?"

Maureen stood up. "Okay fine."

Mimi and Joanne looked at each other worried.

Roger stood up next to Maureen. "Where in this together, he whispered."

Maureen looked around at everyone. "Well you guys all know how we stole everyone's items, and they chased us into the woods."

"Yeah, yeah we know that part get to the good stuff." Collins demanded.

"We out ran everyone, but we got lost in the woods and had no idea where we were."

Roger jumped in. "We were walking for at least an hour, we were hungry, tired, and tied together!"

"And I had to pee!" Maureen added. "So we tried looking for the bathrooms but couldn't find one."

"Lucky for me being a guy, I could pee standing up so I went."

Mark looked up in disgust. "You peed while she was tied up to you."

Maureen looked down at him. "I wish that was the worst part." "I had to pee too, and I didn't want to pee my pants because how uncomfortable what that be?"

"I felt bad for her, so I told her she could go, and that I would close my eyes." Roger added. "So we went by a tree."

"It was dark I couldn't see anything!" Maureen said while putting her hands over her face. "So I sat down and felt a sharp pain in my butt."

"I looked over and saw something run into the woods."

"Maureen are you okay? I Asked." Roger looked down, "But she wasn't. She had tears running down her face."

Maureen hit Roger "I thought we weren't going to tell about the tears!"

Collins interrupted "Wait Maureen was crying!" he started laughing.

Maureen looked at him "You would of too!" She pointed at everyone else, "You all would of."

"What made you cry?" Mimi asked.

Maureen looked over at her and mumbled something "aporcupine"


"A Porcupine! I sat on a porcupine!" Maureen shouted.

Everyone started laughing.

"I had its freaking needles in my ass."

Joanne looked at Maureen. "But when you came back they weren't in there."

Roger put his hands over his face, everyone looked at him.

"She was in pain, I couldn't just let her stay like that."

Maureen walked beside him. "I tried to get them my self but I couldn't reach because we where tied together, and every time I moved it hurt."

Mark looked at Roger trying to hold back a laugh. "So you picked needles out of Maureen's butt!"

"I would of done it for any of you. You don't understand you weren't there, she was in pain!"

Maureen turned around and pulled down her paints and pointed to her ass. "And now I have an infection!"

Everyone started laughing except Roger and Maureen. "See this is why we didn't want to tell you." "But seriously it really hurts."

Collins looked up, "Butt! Seriously" Everyone started laughing harder.

"You guys it's not funny." Maureen said.

Roger looked over trying to hold in his laugh, "What are you laughing at? Mr. Dog Killer."

Rogers jaw dropped "I Thought we weren't going to tell about that part."

Everyone looked at the two. "Well now you have to tell us." Mimi said.

"I was being the nice guy that I am, helping Maureen with her problem, when a dog came up and started peeing on me." "I tried to get him to go away but he kept coming back."

Everyone burst out laughing again. Maureen looked down. "There's more."

Angel looked up, "Wow it really wasn't your day was it."

Maureen shook her head. "After Roger had gotten the needles out, we stood up and we thought we heard some people coming so we started running away."

"Like we said before it was dark." Roger said. "And I tripped over a root in the ground. I fell pulling Maureen with me. We were okay because something broke our fall."

"Poor thing didn't even know what was coming, two minutes ago it was just peeing, and now it had been crushed." Maureen said.

"Oh my god! You killed the dog!" Joanne shouted.

Roger raised his hand, "Hey it wasn't our fault he shouldn't have been out there in the first place, and besides he had it coming. He peed on me!"

Mimi shook her head. "You two are never allowed to be partners again!"

Then they heard a knock on the door, Mark went and opened in, and Benny walked in.

"Glad to see you guys made it home safe." Benny said.

"You too." Angel said.

"Where's Muff…" Collins was about to ask but was cut off by Benny. "Allison."

"Why didn't she come with you?" Joanne asked.

Benny looked up "There was another death in the family."

Roger and Maureen looked at him and at the same time asked. "Who died?"

Benny looked over at them. "Our 2nd Akita."


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