Boots clunked along as the owner strolled through the hallway. Demyx sighed, leaning his head back slightly to stare up at the passing features of the ceiling. It was so boring today. There were no missions, and all the other nobodies have successfully locked themselves into a room. Demyx knew, for he had tried. A boot to the butt from Larxene taught him not to mess with anybody, much less her for the day. He tapped his lower lip with a gloved finger in thought. Well, the Organization recently bought a computer for The Castle That Never Was. And the internet. Demyx had heard once that the internet could provide hours and hours of entertainment, and practically had everything on it. With this information, Demyx shrugged and headed down to the side of the Castle with the room that contained the new piece of technology.

Demyx entered the room, popping his head in first to check out if anyone had left their room and got here first. Nope. Coast was clear. He sat down, leaning his neck to the side to pop it before he reached for the mouse and moved it around slightly to get the computer out of stand-by. The screen went out of its screen saver, which had Organization XIII constantly flying across, and brought up the desktop. The mullet haired boy raised an eyebrow at the background. Flames came from the bottom, and went like a wave coming up on the right side, threatening to collapse right back down. "Well, Im guessing Axel was on here before."

Demyx grinned, and brought up an explorer. The homepage came up, Yahoo! in large letters. "Yahoo? What the hell is Yahoo?" He lowered his head, and set his elbow on the table to use his arm to prop his head. Clicking random, he hit Chat. raising an eyebrow, he hit a link that said Video games. Instantly he was in a Chatroom with only what seemed two girls chatting.

Animefangurlforevas1: OMG! Did you go to fanfiction?
Idomangaguys: Yeah. That one fanfic was...'funny'
Animegurlforevas1 : funny? I thouht it was hawt

Idomangaguys : I think some of the ones on the are just halarious. Fanfiction has som of hte funniest ones there.
Animegurlforevas1 : I dunt get it...Funny?
Idomangaguys : Sighs

Demyx raised his eyebrow once again. Fanfiction? Halarious? He grinned. "Well, I certainly do love funny things." Slowly, because his lack of experience on the computer, he typed out the website name in the address bar. A page came up, and he looked at Browse Sections. "ooh! Games. I love games."

Clicking upon that, it brought him to a whole list. Casually, he went down on the list. He smiled upon the name of Final Fantasy VIII. Sure, it was a old game now, but it was still one of his favorites. That was clicked next.

Pages and pages of stories came up, with their titles and a quick summary. A bit of blue at the corner of the page caught his attention. Rated K - T? He clicked it, the thing coming down with a list. "Oh Its a rating guide. Huh. Whats M? Probably stories with more mature humor." Smiling, he clicked upon it, then Go.

He read quickly through the titles, one catching his eye. 'Finally Confessing'. Reading the summary, it supposedly involved something of SquallxZell. "Must mean they do some kind of prank or something." Clicking on it, he began to read.

A few minutes passed, his leather clad hands toying with the strands of hair that fell out of his do while he read.
His brow lowered, trying to figure out a part.
'Squall grimanced. It was time to tell Zell how he really felt'
"What..? Wheres the halarious part"
Sighing, he read on.
'Squall looked on in shock as Zell had his lips pressed against his. Quickly, Squall relaxed, his arms wrapping around the smaller mans back, pulling him in closer'
Demyx blinked in shock. "What the hell? This isnt funny at all! But I...cant...Stop reading"
'Zell fumbled with Squalls belt buckle, trying to get rid of the annoying article of clothing. Squall sighed as he parted lips with Zell, pulling it off with ease. Soon their bare bodies rubbed against each other, sweat glistening off their skin. Squall pushed his leg between Zells thighs, spreading them apart. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" Zell only nodded in reply.'

Demyx frowned. Ready for what? He continued to read on, a blush spreading up and across his cheek. Immediately, his thumb reached out and slammed into the power button of the computer. He jumped up, running out of the room to end up slamming into the chest of a taller nonbeing. Demx let out a squeak, and looked up to see Axel. Axel raised an eyebrow and folded his arms across his chest. "What are you blushing for...?" He looked over to the door of the room that had the computer, and then Back at the blushing Sitar player. "Were you looking at porn?" He began to laugh.

"No!" Demyx squeaked. "I was reading..."

"Reading what?"

Demyx blushed. 'Demyx was roughly shoved up against a wall, Axels tongue attacking his neck.' Demyx let out another squeak, grabbing the sides of his head and shaking it. 'I dont want these thoughts!' "I-I-I have to go!" Demyx began to run down the hallway, stopping to create a portal and jumping into it leaving a confused Axel behind.

Tumbling out of the portal, Demyx face slammed into another chest. Looking up, he met the eyes of a pissed off Zexion. His face redden even more. 'Demyxs mouth crashed with the blue haired man before him, Zexions tongue immediately pushing in between Demyxs lips. Their tongues wrestled as Demyx impatiently began to tug on the zipper of Zexions robe.' Zexion opened his mouth to speak, but Demyx pushed passed him, his blue eyes frantically searching for the door to his room.

Slamming the door behind him, he slid down with his back against it. Reading one fanfiction, and this is what happens?
"I dont like guys...I dont!" Demyx blushed, the thoughts of which he has had in the past hour coming back at him.

He groaned, rubbing his face with the palms of his hand. Looks what Fanfiction dot net could do to a person.

Im not sure if this is a one shot or not. Maybe. Maybe if I get enough reviews, I'll make an extra chapter of a not-needed-but-wanted sex scene..XD

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