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They all have noticed his behavior. Everyone noticed Demyx constantly locking himself in his room, only to be seen for Missions, meetings, eating, or running to the room with the computers.

But Demyx couldnt possibly tell them what was up. How could he possibly explain that he, the Melodious Nocturne, has a new addiction for stories of video game guy characters doing each other?

He huffed, blowing his hair up out of his face as he paced his room. This was, wrong maybe. He had just came back from the cursed computer, and there has been a reaction in his pants. He pinched the bridge of his nose irritably as he strip himself of his clothes, attempting the old 'Cold shower' trick. He twisted the knobs, his element coming out of the shower head, soaking him. He bit his lip, giving a satisfied moan, only to look down to see that the thing was still up.

"Argh, wont you ever go down??" Demyx glared at his own, as if that would work.

He turned the shower off before storming out of it, pacing the room once more. "I need to get rid of this..."

Demyx bit his lip, looking at his hand. "Dammit." He huffed once again, sitting down upon his blue bed. Licking his lips, he gripped himself tightly, starting a soft rythm that eventually built up. He whimpered as he continued, the pleasure his hand was bringing rising up. He let out a groan as he spilled upon himself, stickying up the insides of his thighs and over his hand.

He cursed out loud, calling upon water to cause a waterfall to seep through his ceiling, splashing all around him. The water continued to come pouring down, washing over him. He commanded the liquid to keep coming, as if to wash away this new addiction of the internet and fangirls with their Yaoi.

Axel stopped in his tracks in the hallway, a creaking noise catching his attention. He frowned, looking at the source to find Number 9s door. "Figures." He muttered. "Probably playing that instrument of his." He reached up, about to knock, when he saw water seeping through at the bottom of the wooden boundary. "This might explain why hes been acting so weird." Axel reached for the door knob, knowing Demyx rarely ever locked his door.

As soon as it opened, a wave of water came roaring out, knocking Axel down to the floor, causing his to flail about for air. He sputtered in anger as he stood up and barged in Demyxs room. "What the ---" He stopped and realised what he was looking at. Demyx stood there, sheepishly. And naked.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Axel stared at him, as if Demyx had fianlly lost it.

"Shut up!" Demyx pulled Axel completely inside and shut the door.

"Why you been acting so weird?" Axel pulled his arm away, giving Demyx room a look over. Everything was soaked, things had fallen off the walls, and the ceiling was dripping.

Demyx took a deep breath, and let it out. "WellIgotonthecomputerandcheckedoutachatroom,sawsomegirlstalkingaboutsomething,soIcheckeditoutandIendedupreadingsomestoriesaboutguyshavingsexandnow Im Addicted to it." Demyx whined, running his hands through his amazingly still styled hair.

Axels jaw dropped. "Wait...So you're telling me, you're getting turned on by guys having sex?"

The dirty blonde nobody cringed and nodded, starting to pace nervously around his room, again, still naked.
Axel grinned, deciding to take this chance. "You know what the cure is, dont you?"

Demyx looked over at him confused. "A band?"

Axel smacked her palm against his forehead. "No. I meant a cure for your little addiction."

Demyx practically slammed Axel into his bed, water squirting out of it as his did so. "What is it? Tell me. Im desperate enough to try anything!"

Axel grinned up at Demyx, closing the distance between them, pushing his lips against the Water mage. Demyxs eyes widened in surprise, eventually relaxing into Axels advances.

Their lips moved, ever so slowly, before Axel pried Demyx open with his tongue. There was a grunt, and then there was a battle of the mouths, fingers begining to glide into red and blonde hair. Their bodies began to slowly sweat with their actions, the bed making squishy noises still being soaked with water, Axel actually not minding.

The red head moved his mouth to Demyxs jaw, nipping there before moving on down his neck. "You know," He breathed against the flesh. "You're taking it."

Demyx blushed, half under the ministrations of Axel, half of the thoughts of the pain described in the fanfictions. "I-I guess. S-S-sure. Whate-ever."

Axel grinned yet again. "Alright. Sit up."

Demyx look at him in confusion. "For what?"

Axel rolled his eyes, then his hips. "Ride me."

"Oh fuck." Demyx cursed outloud, Axel slamming into him unprepared. "Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fucking fuck."

The was a strained laugh in the middle of the plasure from Axel as it began.

Groans, grunts, and moans could be heard throughtout, and literally out of the room as Zexion passed by. He took one sniff and wrinkled his nose before hurrying down the hallway and farther away as possible as he could get from the room.

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