Roy x Rizaness! Beware! (Really short one shot. Sorry.)


It was a rather slow day at the military in Central, no news, wars, or even paper work to keep one company. Officers of high and low rank were scattered around HQ but most had gone home for the day. In Colonel Mustang's office only Lieutenant Hawkeye and himself were present, everyone else leaving when given permission, everyone except the First Lieutenant of course.

Hawkeye was sitting at her desk, scribbling on a piece of paper with a rather dull pencil, Black Hayate sleeping at her feet. Roy Mustang, however, was leaning back in his chair, watching Hawkeye with a bit of fascination, one thing running through his mind.

Riza, thinking her superior was being a bit quiet, looked up from her art piece. As she did she saw Roy, with a smile on his face, begin to get out of his chair. "Sir?" She questioned.

"Lieutenant, I have a question for you." Roy said as he stood, his arms behind his back and a more serious look on his face.

"Alright." Riza answered in her usual monotone manner.

As Roy began his journey over to Riza's desk he began to think. All right, well, I could ask her out to a show. Yeah, a show sounds nice. But wait what if we go to a show and she doesn't like it and she ends up not liking me? Or what if I spill the food and drink all over her or what if another women comes over to me and….ok, maybe a shows not such a good idea.

We could go for a walk through the park. Yes, that's what I'll ask her to do! But there's a 30 chance of rain, and what if it does rain and we don't bring umbrellas? Ok, so we'll just bring umbrellas, but then if it doesn't rain we might look like idiots. Ok, so no walk in the park.

I could always invite her over to my place… Silence in Roy's mind. Ha! Yeah right, I can barley go home let alone bring someone else along. No house as well then. I could always take her to the bar. But Hawkeye doesn't much care for drinking, not from what I've heard anyway.

Roy had made it to Riza's desk and now stood there, looking to the ceiling with his hand beneath his chin, deep in thought. "Um, Sir?" Riza asked softly, a bit confused at what the Colonel was doing.

Roy's head snapped down to Riza at the sound of her voice. "You were going to ask me something…correct?" Riza asked again, a smile spreading across Roy's face.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I was." Roy leaned down, crossing his arms and placing them on the desk, his face not far from hers.

"Do you like ice cream?"


Blah. That's kind of a stupid little one shot, the idea sounded better in my head….and longer. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the shortness of my Roy x Riza ramble! I still like the idea, and you can guess what happiness happens after Roy's little question! wink wink (Not that you pervert!)