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Bound Like A Book

Part 2: Heat

Author: L.E. Death

It is easy to tell someone that you like them when you do not mean it so long as it is beneficial to yourself. However, upon first meeting that person it would be difficult to even say hello. People worry too much about how they are perceived. The thing was, Sakura wanted to be able to honestly tell Shikamaru's mother that she liked her. She wanted to be able to say hello without coming off as an airhead. Intellegent enough to think of at least seven different scenarios of their meeting, Sakura gained at least a small amount of confidence in herself. A positive attitude would help, if nothing else.

She also figured that a decent outfit would do her good. The pink-haired kunoichi had chosen a shirt that covered her mid-drift and a nice pair of khakis. It still showed off her figure, but in a more modest manner. The shirt was formfitting and black while the khakis were a sea green.

As she observed herself in her bedroom mirror, the girl contemplated which perfume she would put on. Sakura shook her head. It might be awkward if she wore perfume to their house. It was their first meeting and, though she wanted to look her best, wearing perfume might give off the wrong impression. She and Shikamaru were currently nothing more than good friends. And that had just been a recent happening.

There was also the fact that she was no more than fifteen years. Her birthday would be in the coming month, sure, but that was no reason to act how she believed an adult would. Maturity would reason, that was a given.

Sakura pursed her lips as she took in these facts. 'I've never had a problem with meeting someone before...' The reflection in the mirror shifted to the right side as she adjusted her position to better suit her tiring legs. Having been leaning on the opposite leg prior, Sakura's left leg had begun to ache due to the strain. 'Training really has its toll. I just need to calm down. It's no big deal. Just think about something else for a change and everything'll be all right.'

The life of a shinobi was rather short, though, and Sakura was well aware of this fact. Finding a suitable mate--she wanted children before she died, even if she did not fall completely in love--was one of her top priorities. And, being at her age also caused a sense of curiosity to permeate in her mind. Sex was said to be enjoyable and special, granted it would hurt the first couple times. Sakura wanted to experience this before her death.

The female spared one last glance towards the mirror before exitting her room. She did not want to be late to the dinner. That would be rude and leave a bad impression.

Sakura supposed that the main reason she wanted Shikamaru's mother to like her was because she wanted Shikamaru to like her more. Return her feelings of love, even. Not that she loved him as much as she could--she hardly knew him--but a start would be marvelous. It would help them advanced to new levels. Dating and sex being the main two. As for marriage, that was a possibility. If she did not think that she could marry the man, she was not going to go out and give him her body.

Sakura had been in love many times before. As such, she had had her heart broken by a few men. Each time it was broken, she swore that she would never allow herself to love again. Her mother always told her that it was a sad part of love--going through heartache, that is to say. At this point in time, the pink-haired kuniochi could only hope that it would not be broken again.

The female teenager walked down the stairs, bidding her parents farewell on the way out the door. Sakura went down the streets of Konoha at a slow pace, still allowing her mind to run over the different phrases she could use to greet the boy's parents. Had it been his jounin instructor, it would have been a much easier thing to decide on.

But that was life, she supposed. It bit you in the butt, took everything you had, and then left you. Well, perhaps life wasn't that bad. However, exaggerations are so easily made while on that topic.

At current the pink-haired girl only wanted to focus on arriving at her destination. She wondered how long she was expected to stay after dinner—or more so she wondered how long she would be permitted to linger.


Dinner had gone well enough after the embarassing introduction, Sakura decided. She was still blushing from the incident whilst she sat in the boy's bedroom. Shikamaru could not keep his genius mouth shut about the issue. The pink-haired girl gave him a pout. Really it was not exactly her fault that she had stumbled over the rim of the doorway and crashed right into the boy's mother.

Shikamaru finally closed his mouth, not commenting on the matter any further. It seemed as though he had run out of things to say concerning the embarrassing situation. Still, his eyes remained on the pink-haired girl.

Sakura watched the boy stare at her curiously. He seemed deep in thought and yet at the same time completely focused on what was going around him.

Her face flushed as she dared to say, "You're not as bad as I thought you were."

"Hm?" Shikamaru blinked and tilted his head to the side. His brows knit together for a moment before he relaxed his face. "What are you talking about?"

A smile broke out across the pink-haired girl's face and then disappeared a second later. There was a slight rumble from her throat that lasted no more than a second. Her companion did not seem to enjoy the fact she was so close to laughing as he pursed his lips slightly; Shikamaru did not pout, but he did display his displeasure.

"I just didn't understand you before, I think," the girl admitted once she had thought out her words. She did not want to say the wrong thing, or present a sentence that may have a double-meaning. That could only place her in a more awkward situation. "But you're nice. I really like you."

Shikamaru allowed a smirk to cross his features. Subsequently, Sakura's smile dropped somewhat. She placed the majority of her weight onto her left side, her eyes not leaving the boy in front of her even once. The dark-haired teenager at last decided to speak his mind.

"You're such a troublesome girl."

Sakura's face flushed and she adverted his gaze. "What do you mean?"

Shikamaru hesitated, opening his mouth only to close it once more. The second time he attempted speach, he succeeded. "There's nothing wrong with it. Geez, you'd think you were in love with me the way you act."

He had always been sarcastic, the girl noted, but his sarcasm usually portrayed some factual incident or subject. 'I wonder if he's ever noticed this...' At the same moment she thought these words, Sakura smiled at what Shikamaru had said, "That's not true."

"Do you care so much about what people think of you?"

Sakura ducked her head and flinched as though she had just been hit. "I guess I do sometimes."

"Everyone does," the boy continued. "You just can't let it get to you. Geez. I figured you'd know that." There was a touch of humor in his voice that allowed Sakura to continue to smile. "Come on. There's probably dessert."

"All right. This time I won't trip though."

Sakura could have sworn that she heard Shikamaru mutter 'I hope not' under his breath, but dismissed it; she did not want to make assumptions. Instead she followed the Nara boy out of his room. Her green eyes moved to the side as she walked past him and caught the smirk upon his lips. 'So he did say it,' she thought to herself, growing a smirk that matched his. 'The jerk.' She released a slight breath of air at the thought, holding in every other hint of laughter.

The sound of the door closing behind to the adolescents was followed by footsteps hitting against the steps of the stairs; it resembled the galloping of horses. An aroma filled their nostrils the closer to the bottom they got. Both inhaled deeply, Sakura momentarily closing her eyes to further enjoy to scent and Shikamaru drooping his shoulders as he let off some tension that had built up over the week during his training. The smell of baking cookies--more than likely chocolate chip--gave comfort to the teens, though neither could place their fingers on to why that was.

Shikamaru's eyes moved in Sakura's direction as the two walked down the hallway. They lingered for a moment even after both had made the left turn into the Naras' kitchen.

His mother turned her attention towards the two with a wide smile, "They'll be ready in just a few minutes. Why don't the two of you watch some television? Or you could show Sakura the small library we have."

"Sure," the male muttered, moving towards the doorway once more. "Come on, Sakura."

Again did the female walk behind the genius obediently. Her green eyes roamed over his entire backside greedily. It occured to her that she had the urge to kiss him once more. Her actions did not hide her desires either; her pace quickened until she was side-by-side with the boy and then her eyes traveled to his lips where they remained.

Shikamaru met her gaze. "Geez. You really are troublesome," he said in his normal drawl. "Meet me by the edge of the forest tonight."

"Huh?" she questioned, her eyes narrowing slightly. Blush then covered her face and she shook her head. "I'm not that kind of girl! I'm not just going to--"

"I'm not afraid of commitment...as long as I don't have to work," Shikamaru stated, his voice trailing off towards the end. His words brought a smile to the face of the fifteen-year old beside him. "And it's not like I'll just forget."

She made her quiet laugh again, attempting to stay quiet so that neither of the elder Naras heard their conversation. "All right. I guess we both kind of want it." The pair watched one another out of the corners of their eyes.

Shikamaru opened the door to the library and lead the girl inside. Rather than gazing at the books on the various shelves, however, Sakura moved closed to the Nara boy. Her left hand extended upwards until it touched the boy's shoulder, and then the pink-haired kunoichi pulled him to her. Anticipating the action, Shikamaru allowed himself to be dragged into the kiss while lazily returning it.

The pair of lips easily molded together and Sakura let Shikamaru gain dominance when he demanded it. He pressed her up against the closest bookshelf, placed a hand beside her head, and trailed his tongue across her lower lip. The female held in a gasp at the sudden display of affection. Still, she opened her mouth and engaged in a french kiss with the boy.

Unfortunately for the two it was just at that moment Shikamaru's mother called to them, announcing that the cookies were ready.

"At least there's the forest tonight," Sakura stated with a smile, attempting to ignore the flush on the boy's face. Shikamaru only smirked in response.


At ten o'clock Sakura slowly rose from her bed, careful not to make too many noises as it would wake her parents. Being a ninja aided her in being steathy, and she was finally glad that her mother had never shared the same profession. A confident smirk highlighted her face as she continued with her sneaking. Sakura threw on a random jacket, zipped it up, and then moved towards her door. She gripped the handle and opened it casually, as though she were going to the bathroom; that sort of movement would not awaken her parents.

Instead of entering the bathroom, however, she bypassed the door and headed towards the front of the house. Quietly she unlocked the door, opened it, and exited. Just as silently did she close the door, gritting her teeth together in fear of being caught so late in the game. A sigh escaped her only once she was able to leave the perimeters of her home. 'Mission...success...' she thought to herself.

The streets were dead, silent for once, which brought a certain serene feeling to the teenager. There was almost no chance that she and Shikamaru would be caught on that night; it had always been one of her childish fears that she should be walked in on during her first time. At last she was able to dismiss it as just that; a fear and not something that would be reality.

All of her thoughts faded away the closer she got to the designated grounds. A shiver ran up her spine. 'I can't believe I'm about to actually do this.'

Her eyes caught sight of the Nara offspring, who was lying beside a tree in his usual cloud-gazing posture. She raised a brow and held in the sigh that pushed against her lips; 'typical' was the only thought that came to her mind. She, however, did not comment on the laziness of the boy whatsoever, and instead finished her trail to his side. Shikamaru looked up at her the entire time, also choosing to remain silent.

"Well," he started at last, "at least you'll know what to do...since you read that stupid smut book."

Sakura's face flushed and she looked away with her eyes. "Shut up."

"All right, all right," Shiakmaru said with a lazy smirk, sitting up. He leaned his back against the tree after shifting his positon somewhat. "Don't worry though...I'll be in charge of this. Man should not be dominated by woman."

Sakura raised a brow at the comment; she recalled the young man's father saying similar things many times before.

"Still...you should sit down."

Boldly, the pink-haired kunoichi took that seat by straddling the male. Shikamaru, having expected such an action, had adjusted his position once more in order to accompany her weight. Their lips met briefly and then each teen smiled. Shikamaru cupped the girl's cheek, drawing her into another kiss. This time their tongues entangled. A fight for dominance broke out between them, only to be quickly won by the man; he seemed persistent on keeping woman below him.

In another act of dominating Sakura, Shikamaru tipped over, pressing the female flat on her back. Sakura moaned as he rubbed their groins together, mimicking their dancing tongues. The pink-haired shinobi wrapped her legs around his waist and ground back with a greater force.

They stopped kissing, parted for a moment, and stared into one another's lust-filled eyes. Sakura unzipped her jacket, her erect nipples visible through her shirt. Shikamaru made his own move removing his chuunin vest. He continued by pulling off his shirt, tossing it to the side.

Sakura leaned up, running her tongue along the base of the boy's neck. She trailed downwards with kisses, nips, and licks until she arrived at his nipples. There she swirled her tongue around the right, meanwhile pinching the left. Shikamaru gave a shudder and groaned, caressing Sakura's cheek. His fingers entangled themselves in her hair the same time that she took the nipple into her mouth and applied a sucking motion.

She trailed upwards again with the same kisses, her lips barely touching the skin. Shikamaru pressed his lips tightly against hers. He slid his left hand up her shirt and began toying with her breasts. Sakura squirmed under the foreign touch, almost giggling at the giddy feeling that ran through her. Shikamaru rolled the nipple under his thumb, teasing the remainder of the flesh with ghost touches given by his other four fingers.

Sakura pulled away from his touches in order to pull off her shirt, allowing him better access to her chest. The pair then laid back once more, the boy atop the girl, and let their hands roam over the exposed skin. Each began to move against one another, grinding the only clothed parts of their body together in passion and need.

The friction between them grew into an unbearable amount, forcing each to break apart once more. Shikamaru pulled down his pants, Sakura mimicking his actions. The boy then placed his hands below her waist, fingers trailing against the moist panties. He rubbed against her clit through her panties, causing Sakura to moan and buck into his hands. Her toes curled in pleasure as the boy's name left her lips.

Shikamaru refused her the pleasure of an orgasm, pulling away when she was on the brink. His own boxers were tight on him, bulging out to reveal his erection.

He commanded her to lay back, peeling off her panties only once she had obeyed. Sakura shivered at the contact of air against her moist entrance, and again when Shikamaru's fingers traced over her. When asked to spread her legs further, Sakura did not hesitate. The dark-haired boy responded to her compliance by burying his tongue into her folds. He inserted two fingers a second later, thrusting them in and out while his tongue explored her depths.

Sakura moaned again, grabbing a fistful of the grass underneath her. She pressed downwards, this making Shikamaru hold her down with his free hand. Her superhuman strength did not help her; she was too distracted by the pleasure to call upon it.

She could feel the organ moving within her, teasing her walls, and the fingers rubbing. A groan escaped her when his thumb began circling around her clitoris. To keep from screaming, Sakura bit down on her bottom lip. If it had not been for all of the previous foreplay, she would not have cum so quickly. Shikamaru smirked at this fact, licking up her juices.

He leaned back, sliding between her legs so that they were face to face once more. Shikamaru gave her a quick kiss before asking, "So…would you be willing to give me a blow-job, or are you not into that?"

Flushed from both her orgasm and embarrassment, Sakura gave a small nod. "I-I'll try it. Just don't laugh."

"Bah…you don't have to be an expert."

The smirk on the boy's face offered some confidence for the teenage girl. She waited for him to get off of her, copying his movements thereafter. Shikamaru sat back, leaning while a single hand against the ground held him up, and pulled off his boxers with his other hands.

"I was going to have you do that, but…" Sakura's blush increased. "…I'd rather not psych you out."

"It-it's…" Shikamaru raised a brow as the girl stumbled over her words. "Well…I mean…I know I can't fit it all in my mouth anyways…but…"

Shikamaru chuckled and then urged her forward. Sakura simply nodded, wrapping her hands around the shaft while she took the tip into her mouth. The male had enough self-control to resist thrusting forward. He took in a deep breath when she slid him further into her mouth. The warmth overwhelmed him and he allowed his head to tip backwards some. One of Sakura's hands slipped to Shikamaru's balls and began to toy with them, while her other remained on his shaft.

She teased the tip with her tongue, flicking over every part it could. Shikamaru shuddered when Sakura deep-throated him after having just licked up his pre-cum. He threw out a portion of his self-control and thrust further, forcing her to deep-throat him more often.

Her shy touches brought him over the edge. Shikamaru ejaculated inside the girl's mouth. Only once he was finished did he realized that he was still holding her in place. His hold on the back of the female's head dropped.

Sakura sat up, forgetting her nakedness. "Well…that's not the best-tasting thing I've ever had." Shikamaru chuckled, both of the teens smiling. "I guess this is it though…"

"You're nervous, huh?" the male questioned, his head tilted to the side. "I'll be as gentle as I can, Sakura-koi."

"All right," she said, nodding. The girl returned to lying on her back, spreading her legs for her partner to enter.

Shikamaru, now semi-erect, slid between her legs once more. He caressed her cheek lovingly. At the same time he used his right hand to prepare her, spreading her folds to prevent some of the pain that was bound to be experienced. Sakura leaned up, capturing his lips. Her own were trembling, revealing her nervousness. At the same time, her green eyes showed her desire and Shikamaru could not refuse her this.

When his fingers pulled out of her, Sakura allowed her mind to wonder in order for her to better relax; the pain would be worse if she tensed up. She felt the tip of his erection against her and forced all thoughts out of her head. Sakura pulled in a deep breath when he entered her, breaking her hymen. The pain that shot through her was dreadful, but she had experienced similar wounds during missions and so it did not affect her as much as it would a normal woman.

Shikamaru paused, allowing time for Sakura to adjust to his size. "Geez…I would hate to be a woman," he commented upon seeing Sakura recover from wincing.

"Yeah…well…at least it's not as bad as that stupid book," Sakura growled out, squirming as she finished accommodating to the size. She leaned up and they kissed. "But let's not talk about books right now."

"You brought it up," Shikamaru remarked as he started to pull out, thrusting back into her. Sakura shivered under him at the pleasure the action brought.

Sakura wrapped her legs around Shikamaru's waist and met his thrusts, grabbing the back of his head to pull him down once more. Their tongues entangled in an almost violent manner. Teeth pressed together at the ferocity of their kiss, their need showing as Shikamaru picked up the speed of his thrusts.

Their hands groped at each other's chests. Shikamaru seized Sakura's breasts in his hands, roughly massaging them; he made sure his hands were not too rough. His tongue trailed along the female's neck. He nuzzled her, listening to the rhythm of her breathing and her heartbeat.

Sakura moaned louder at hearing the slopping sound created whenever Shikamaru entered her wetness. The hands upon her breasts quickened in their actions when her walls clenched; both were growing closer to their release.

Shikamaru adjusted their position, moving Sakura's legs to allow him better access for his quickened pace. Both moaned out the others' name when they came. Shikamaru collapsed on top of the female, panting. He made sure that he was not blocking the girl from getting her own fill of air.

"So…that was really good," Sakura said, blushing.

"Yeah," Shikamaru said. "Just hope you don't get pregnant."


The genius boy smirked, looking down at the girl. Sakura had a raised brow as if she were wondering why the Nara offspring would bring up such a thing.

"Neh, Sakura-koi," he started. "Maybe I can let you be in charge next time…just let me lean against that tree right there."

Sakura's eyes widened. "Right now!?"

"Geez…I thought you read those books I recommended. And that Icha Icha Paradise. You should know it's not over yet," he said with a sigh. "You're so troublesome." There was a certain level of endearment in the way he spoke the final line that allowed a smile to come to the pink-haired kunoichi's face.

"All right, Shikamaru-kun. You better keep your promise."

His smirk grew, "Like I'd forget this."


Well…I hope that all these months was worth this. I'm very sorry it took so long. I just had a hard time writing this, and some things have come up off and on. Like my brother getting married this past month, and now they'll be having a baby within the coming three days.

Anyways, hope you all like it!