Title: Under This Roof

Rating: T

Summary:Kagome was left on their door step 19 years ago; just a few months old. They adopted her when they knew they wouldn't find her parents. She was the Takahashi's daughter, and His sister. So why is it whenInuyasha came to visit home he was jealous of the guy she was making out with on the couch?

Character's Ages: Kagome: 19 Inuyasha: 24

Disclaimer: I don't own, but hopefully I own this original story,it isan original plot?

Where it all Started

By: Meeh-san, formally known as sillyo0omeeh

It was a usual day in the Takahashi household, besides, the fact that they were in their vacation home in Kyoto, for family bonding time. It was in a nice neighborhood were no one bothered them, despite their fame.

But it was raining cats and dogs outside. It was raining hard. The lightening made everything so bright that you couldn't see. It was amazing that the power hadn't gone out.

The Takahashi brothers were sitting on the couch watching basketball. Usually when watching sports they got along, unless teams that one liked one side and didn't like the other, and vice versa. Then it was practically war. Each yelling at each other, about how the other's team sucked.

Today was one of those days.

"Ha! Your pointer can't even do his job right!" Inuyasha yelled in Sesshomaru's face

"Nah. It's part of the play." Sesshomaru replied calmly, but inside he was seething with fury, because his brother's team was winning.

Then Inuyasha's mom walked in with some drinks and snacks for them. A beautiful woman with violet eyes and dark black hair that went down the length of her back stopping around the back of her knees. She set it down in front of them on the table, and then rubbed Inuyasha's ear and patted Sesshomaru's head affectionately

"You boys behave now alright." Izayoi then to Sesshomaru she bent down and said in his ear, "Don't worry your team's gonna win."

Sesshomaru looked at Inuyasha's mom and they both shared a smile. Sesshomaru knew she was right. Because she had a talent for knowing which team was going to win. So he sat back and watched. But that didn't stop him from getting into arguments with Inuyasha every now and then during the game.

During the second half of the game a lightening shook the house.

Then the power went off, and just like that it was back.

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha just looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

What they didn't expect to happen was that the doorbell rang. Both of them yelled at the same time, but then laughed it off, and Inuyasha yelled out, "Mom! Door!"

Izayoi came out and walked to the door. She opened it and was met with rain hitting her in the face. She squinted her eyes and looked around in the dark. Then through all the rain she heard a faint crying. Izayoi looked down and was in shock to find a baby wrapped in blankets on the doorstep. "Oh my." Izayoi immediately bent down to pick up the baby bundle and tried to shush the baby. She took one last look outside in the horrendous weather and brought the baby inside.

Sesshomaru and Inuyasha were on the couch looking at her. Then Sesshomaru spoke, "Mother, are you holding a baby?"

"What!" Inuyasha replied, with that both jumped over the couch towards her sniffing the baby.

Then InuTashio, their father walked in and saw what his sons were doing to his mate.

"What are you two up to?" He asked as he walked over.

"Mom found a baby on the doorstep." Inuyasha said

InuTashio looked at his mate, then to the bundle in her arms. He walked closer and took a look behind her shoulder, at the crying infant.

The little baby seemed to sense having a lot of attention, and opened her eyes. Her bright blue eyes from crying clashed with Inuyasha's amber. They stared at each other, and then the baby smiled and brought her hands up to his ears. Once she brought her little hands out an envelope fell out.

Sesshomaru saw this and opened it. InuTashio peered over Sesshomaru's shoulder and they read it together.

Dear Concerned,

Please take good care of my daughter. I know it is not wise to leave her on a doorstep in the middle of a storm, but she must not suffer what I have. Please take good care of her. Her name is Kagome. She is of course a beautiful child that I wish I could raise.

Sincerely Anonymous

"Kagome." Izayoi said as she stared down into the beautiful face of the child, "A beautiful name, for a beautiful child.

"I think we should at least try and find her biological parents, don't you think Izayoi?" InuTashio asked

"Yes, unless they do not wish to be found." Izayoi replied calmly playing with the baby

Inuyasha followed because it seemed he was transfixed. His mother also noticed this and exchanged a knowing glance with her mate.

Months Later

Izayoi and InuTashio Takahashi signed the papers. The adoption was final. After long months of finding nothing on Kagome's biological parents, they had decided to make her a part of their family.

Also despite the fact that Sesshomaru had resentment towards humans besides Izayoi, he had said he like Kagome. He even played with her.

They had found that Kagome was a little over two months old at the time. It seemed that she was born in the Kyoto Hospital, her parents under a deferent name than anyway in the county of Japan.

Kagome was learning to walk at the time.

But whenever it rained, she would be crying all night.

And there was also only one person she allowed to hold her.

The one kid with a darker shade of silver than the other two males in the family, glowing amber eyes, and the puppy ears that was so adorable on the five year old.

He was the only one who calmed her down.

A nineteen year old Kagome woke up, yawned, and made her bed despite being the only daughter of the richest people in Japan.

She looked up at the wall and smiled to herself. It was the latest family portrait. That was a few months back when the family was together again. Now, she was the only one in the Takahashi main mansion. Her brothers were pursuing their dreams, while Kagome was going to start her first year of college. Her parents had gone to Hawaii for their anniversary, but then would go start to the States for business.

Kagome left to get ready for her lunch date.

The picture was her parents sitting on a love seat made especially for the portrait. The three siblings were in the behind them. Sesshomaru on the left, Kagome in the middle, and Inuyasha on the right; Kagome had her arms around each of her brother shoulders, giving her cheekiest smile, Sesshomaru gave a small smirk that showed his right fang, and Inuyasha gave his infamous smirk, but it you took a magnifying glass and placed it around Inuyasha's cheeks you would see the faintest blush caught on camera.

Author's Corner

If I had drawing abilities I would draw this, because I have it perfectly in my mind. Well anyways I couldn't help but want to write this despite me having other stories to take care of. But I will update this whenever I can. But of course I want to finish it like all my other stories. So you must be patient with this story. On another note, My Birthday just past, I am now officially 15! n.n 