Title: A Spark Of Good From The Burn Of Evil

Rating: FRT
Disclaimer: I own Ashley, nothing more. Just the idea.
Spoilers: X1, X2, X3

Summary: Your past is the blueprint for your future. Rogue knew this better than anyone. Future fic. Ryro, slight RoLo, Bobby/Rogue vibes.

Most characters will have a slight bit of OOC, but given the storyline, I don't know how they'd react to this situation.

I changed a few things from the movie, so it's possible AU.

6 Years Ago

Shortly after the Alcatraz Island battle, all mutants divide themselves into two separate organizations. Those who allied with the humans, and those who rebelled against.

With the deaths of Jean Grey and Scott 'Cyclops' Summers, Xavier, who was almost killed by the Phoenix, Wolverine, Storm and those of the X-Men sided with the humans.

Friendship, solidarity, and peace was the message behind the movement. We are all created equally. Some of us may have different abilities, but we are no more different than a skin colour or family heritage.

As time went on, even those who didn't possess a mutation, occasionally wish they did. Some wanted to get to work faster, while other wanted to jump tall buildings in a single bound. Children were the biggest fanatics. Girls would draw Xs on their clothes, while little boys would run around with their mother s drapery around their necks in a cape.

Teenage boys fantasized about having supper speed for that last minute winning touchdown, or Arnold Schwarzenegger muscles for the class bully or that special girl.

It seems there was no disadvantage to the newly found Human-Mutant relations…partially commendable by Dr. Hank 'Beast' McCoy and his job with the White House.

However, not everyone saw it this way.

Those who apposed the humans, were anything but amicable towards the peaceful negotiations.

Magneto, who had rebuilt up his powers in the past few years, Pyro, the almost killed Callisto, and those of the Brotherhood who survived the Phoenix, felt as it their power, had been exploited. What were special abilities, and unique powers, were now idolized for common use.

Now everyone wanted a power, or claimed to have one. It was hard to tell who was indeed a mutant, and who only falsely reported as such.

As one would expect, these two sides would collide viciously. Fights would break out on a daily basis, one claiming to defend a powerless race, the other claiming to be inferior. Some fights would were conduits to show off, while others were power struggles, often sending humans to hospitals.

The Police were too afraid and inexperienced to intervene, and the President couldn't inhibit Human-Mutant relations by throwing in the Army.

Who knew it would come to this? The 'cure' creators certainly didn't.

The day Worthington Labs announced that a 'cure' had been developed was one of the happiest days of her life.

For most of her teenage years, Rogue had been forbidden. Untouchable. Cursed, as she put it. The inability to touch, even shake hands made for a difficult adolescences. All she wanted to do was touch someone, without elbow length silk gloves in between. Skin on skin contact made for a much more intimate connection.

Sure, she had a wonderful boyfriend who understood her dislike for her power, and how she sometimes…most times, didn't have it. But he lived with it. Having the ability to kill someone with just a single touch is quite remarkable. Ms. Monroe could fry you with lightning, Logan could stab, maybe claw you to death, and himself, he could freeze you till your organs cease to function. But a single touch! That's all she needs.

It's a double edged sword really. A gift of power and protection. A curse of certain death if touched too long.

As a mutant, one has to live with their power. You can use it for glory, and amazing things or you can use it for destruction, and power trips.

Either way, if you develop a mutation, you should consider yourself lucky, maybe even special. You're obviously given a power for some reason. Whether it's to teach you right from wrong, or give you something to feel better about yourself.

Rogue didn't see it like that. So when the 'cure' was announced, she took the first bus to the vaccination line.

The father figure in her life, a 6'2", claw baring mutant, asked her seasonings, but didn't try to dissuade her, or encourage her. It was her decision to make.

Three hours later, Marie was 'cured'.

The second the needle touched her skin, she felt as if she lost an arm. What she thought would be relief and happiness was anything but, as pain, sorrow, and regret set in. But she told herself, she made this decision for the better. She'll be fine in a couple of days.

The next months after, Rogue's world fell apart. Her friends, appalled by her decision, gradually deserted her, her boyfriend became distant, and a feeling of isolation began to set in. The only people that stuck by her were the teachers, although hesitantly, the Professor, and Logan.

Although it wasn't true, gossip soon spread that the 'cure' was the reason behind Marie and Bobby's breakup. Both sides just fizzled out. Though they remained friends, they weren't as close as they were before.

Rogue, or now referred to as Marie's months got so isolated, that she had to get away, if only for a few hours. She began frequenting human hangouts, in particular a little bar on a backstreet of New York.

She didn't realize until that one fateful day that that bar would be the turning point in her life. That the 'cure' for all it's worth, would bring her one of the best things that ever happened in her life. That good could come from something bad. That good could come from evil.

Author's Note: I know Wolverine in the comics if 5'3", but Hugh is 6'2". And this is supposed to mirror the movie…slightly.