Title: A Spark Of Good From The Burn Of Evil

Rating: FRT
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Spoilers: X1, X2, X3

Summary: Your past is the blueprint for your future. Rogue knew this better than anyone. Future fic. Ryro, slight RoLo, Bobby/Roge vibes.

Most characters will have a slight bit of OOC, but given the storyline, I don't know how they'd react to this situation.

I changed a few things from the movie, so it's possible AU.

It's like they say, 'All good things must come to an end.' ...sniff ... My last chapter. This is a sad moment for me... shaky breathe... Give me a minute...ahem... I'm good...

The Future

It is often said the time heals all wounds. Though Wolverine, who cold heal himself instantly, would disagree, both Rogue and Pyro believed this to be true.

Four years after Pyro had asked Rogue to take a chance on him, they lived together only a ten minute walk from the mansion.

Though Rogue had been apprehensive about a relationship with Pyro, it seems to all work out in the end.

It wasn't as if they didn't have their hard times. Pyro admitted he wasn't the easiest person to get along with. And Rogue had doubts about how her mutation would affect things. But they managed.

Weeks after what was now dubbed the Ashley incident passed, Marie had moved her and Ashley back to the only place she truly felt comfortable.

Logan, Storm and Professor welcomed her back with open arms, but with Pyro, who know went by John, saying it could never be his home, and that it wouldn't feel right, they both had decided to live a shot jog away.

Roughly two years later, they surprised everyone, including themselves, when they wed in a small ceremony on the mansion grounds. Before Marie, John had never considered himself the husband, or fatherly type. Actually, nobody had considered him in the husband or father way.

The instant he met Ashley, all that seemed to change. He was playful and not all that strict on rules, but protective as hell over what was his. Logan seemed to scene this, and fell back from his 'father-figure' ways to the Uncle any kid would kill to have.

When Marie got a job teaching Law and Ethics at the mansion, and Ashley enrolled into school at the same place, John started working as a Pyrotechnic nearby. Although it wasn't the classiest job around, it was perfect for Pyro's abilities, which were now genuinely respected and accepted by a vast majority.

After the Ashley incident, Magneto seemed to drop off the radar only causing minor disruptions, but other than that, nothing disastrous. His interest in Ashley seemed to disappear with him. It's suspected that Callisto, who had vanished from the mansion grounds after her fight with Storm, replaced Pyro as Magneto's right hand man..err, ah woman, when he defected.

With the help of Grandpa X, Ashley had developed her power to the extent of a teenager, at the tender age of nine. She had progressed from popcorn and pop bottles, to small buildings, and cement columns. As all other mutants, a codename was eventually given. C-4, a high powered explosive. John and Marie couldn't have been more pleased. It was a rite of passage to develop a codename.

Marie's dislike for Ashley's developing mutation gradually decreased to almost non-existent over the years.

No one, other than John and Marie were quite sure how it happened, but Marie eventually got pregnant for the second time.

Either she took the cure, which was now called a Suppressive, or they figured something else out, one will never know.

18 month old Cutler was identical to his father and sister. Green eyes, mischievous smile, and wrapped around his mother's finger.

He too had developed a resistance to his mother's power, and with the sophisticated technology of the mansion, the X-Gene was found coursing through his system.

Although his mutation wouldn't be developed for another few years, both his parent's were looking forward to it.

Ashley was especially pleased. She spent days hypothesizing possible mutations, and even going to the extent of making up her own.

She relished in the idea of being a whole mutant family. Though, they weren't the only one.

Ashley's best friend, Michael, was also a child of mutants, and a mutant himself. He had the ability to blend in with his surroundings, giving him the name Fuse, and both his parents were widely known as Colossus, and Shadowcat, or Peter and Kitty. .

Daily, John would make the trip to the mansion to pick up his kids, (Cutler was at the mansion daycare) and wife.

Ashley would often be seen sitting on a front bench with Michael by her side. John had believed the boy to have a crush on his daughter, but was thankful that Ashley was still too young to date. Boys were nothing but trouble.

Pyro could contest to that. He'd been in his fair share to trouble, but Marie, Ashley and Cutler seemed to be his salvation. He still had his issues, but fatherhood tempered his flame. He'd matured and calmed down since his younger days. And setting an example for his children, John's anger had diminished as well.

Pyro and Wolverine still had their differences, but they genuinely got along, for the sake of Marie and the kids.

Speaking of Logan, he had seemed to have gotten closer to Aunt Ro. One could even foresee a possible romance budding, though no one dared to question him.

It seemed life was as it should be at Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

It was hard to believe that over ten years ago was when it all began. When a shy, naive Mississippi native crossed paths with a ball of fire and gasoline. Common acquaintances grew to friendship. Friendship became a forbidden love. Forbidden love gave way to a series of events that shaped that pair more than any could image.

Though it hadn't been without its faults, the love that was initially not to happen became an almost indestructible force that good nor evil had the power to break.

It took a cure to make it happen and greed to make it known. But it only took a 5 year old to make it okay.

The End

Author's Note: You may now bawl you're eyes out. My baby is done. Took me a month and a half to write this, but I personally think it turned out very nice…tho I might be biased…

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