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All I Know

A very frustrated Numbuh 5 slammed the door to her bedroom shut; the slam echoed loudly through the house like thunder, but she didn't care. She shot one angry, hurt glare at the closed door before she collapsed on her bed, curling up into a ball, struggling to keep hot tears from pouring out.

She hated Cree. She hated Cree, so much!

I bruise you

You bruise me

We both bruise so easily

To easily to let it show

I love you

And that's all I know

She and Cree had gotten into another big fight; the first when Cree, under Father's orders, had tried to steal a ray gun that could age kids, the second when she had come home from school and they had argued over who had stolen Cree's CDs. Fresh pain and anger coursed through Numbuh 5's veins, and she hugged her hat close to her chest, trembling in her effort not the cry.

"I don't hate Cree," she murmured miserably, to no one in particular. "I just want us to stop fightin'."

Despite her effort, a single tear escaped and streaked her cheek.

And all my plans

Keep falling through

All my plans

They depend on you

Depend on you to help them grow

I love you

And that's all I know

It seemed like forever since she could look at her sister and not feel suspicion, fear, anger, pain.

Three years. Three long, painful years. It hadn't been that long, Numbuh 5 knew. Not really. But it still felt like forever.

It was funny, really, how much it still hurt. Even after three years, the wound on Numbuh 5's heart had scabbed over but never fully healed. Maybe it never would.

"Numbuh 5 just wants things to go back to how they used to be," she whispered, another tear escaping. "Is that to much to ask?"

When the singer's gone

Let the song go on

It's a fine line between

The darkness and the dawn

They say in the darkest night

There's a light beyond

Rolling over, Numbuh 5 reached out, and her fingers closed around a picture; she pulled it off her dresser, gazing at it.

It had been taken a few weeks before Cree's betrayal three years ago. Cree had managed to hoist the then seven-year-old Numbuh 5 up so she was riding piggy-back, and Numbuh 5's arms were wrapped loosely around Cree's neck. They were both grinning, happy with the world and with each other.

And only a few weeks later, everything had changed.

And the ending always

Comes at last

Endings always

Come to fast

They come to fast and they pass to slow

I love you

And that's all

It really sucked, Numbuh 5 mused as she ran her fingers gently over the worn glass, that the person that had once been her best friend was now her worst enemy. What her fellow operatives glimpsed of her emotions only scraped the surface, barely even dug deep down.

She preferred it that way.

Silence was painful, but divided loyalties were worse. No one—not even her friends—could suspect that the wounds that had been ripped open three years ago had never fully healed for Numbuh 5. They might have healed for Cree, but they were far from healing for Numbuh 5.

But she was certain they hadn't healed for Cree, either.

She laid the picture face-down on her dresser, pulled her hat back on, and slid off her bed. No use mopping around. There were adults to be fought, candy to be eaten. She would not think about Cree or the wounds that had scabbed over, never scarred. She would groan at Numbuh 2's jokes and roll her eyes at Numbuh 4's antics, huff and cross her arms at Numbuh 1's general attitude and consent to play tea party with Numbuh 3, like she always did.

Her friends would never, ever suspect that something was wrong, and that was the way it was supposed to be. She would just be Numbuh 5, always cool, always there, always ready with an idea and a fight if worse came to worse.

The pain would still be there, but she would shove it aside and ignore it like she always did.

And, when she was alone, maybe—just maybe—she'd cry a little.

It's really all I know

It's all I know

It's all I know

The End


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