A/N: If the wording sounds a bit odd, do not forget that it is in a "birds eye view". :P

A Phoenix's Tale

My master- Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry- has a secret. He fancies his Deputy Headmistress.

Yes, he does not realize, but I notice the way he becomes nervous and excited when he hears his dear Minerva's footsteps on the staircase leading to his office, the way he watches her carefully during their weekly game of chess, and the way he is caught in a reverie after she exits the room. He does not speak of his feelings for her, but I sense the connection between them.

As it is my responsibility to look toward the well-being of my master, I am assured that this woman is everything he has been searching for- and more. Indeed, she looks at him with the same look of adoration that he has for her, even when she believes no one sees it. Ah, but I see it. Perhaps it is fear of rejection that keeps these two apart. I cannot say. However, it is easy to see that no one else is more perfectly made for each other.

With a wave of my master's wand, a chessboard appears. Minerva, from years of trust and custom, enters the room without knocking. They smile sweetly at each other and sit down in their usual seats to begin the game.

Minerva is a clever one. My master falls into several traps she has carefully planned throughout the board. She wins the game with ease. They converse and share hot chocolate for hours, and he even talks her into having a lemon drop. She is more fond of them than she lets known.

"It's getting late," she says. "I should be returning to my rooms."

"Would you like me to accompany you?" he offers.

"No, thank you," she says kindly.

Often my master does walk with her to her rooms but only if it is not too late because they fear it may seem suspicious. I see a new twinkle in Minerva's eye as she stands but hesitates to turn away. She steps closer to him, and I hear him take a deep breath. Their lips lock instantly. It is not the first time, nor will it be their last.

"Goodnight," Minerva whispers.

"Goodnight," my master says, almost breathlessly.

She slowly, quietly closes the door behind her. He releases the deep breath and looks me in the eyes.

"It is time, Fawkes."

Time? I do not know what he means.

"Yes, time that I tell Minerva how I feel about her, and it shall not wait for morning," he says as he rises from his chair.

Deciding to follow, I soar gracefully from my master's office and perch upon the sill of Minerva's window as she answers the knock at her door. Through the closed glass I cannot hear what is said, but he steps close to her and says something with his mouth barely moving, as if in a whisper. Her eyes begin to glisten at his words, and she throws her arms around him. Stepping back, she smiles and intertwines her fingers with his. With his free hand he wipes away the tears from her cheeks.

I shall now give my master and his Deputy more privacy.

I do not look back, but gliding high above the castle, I sing a melody in celebration of this love- love in its deepest form.