A/N: This is not a oneshot. There will be many chapters, though none of them are directly related. All are Yami x Yuugi though. Enjoy and please review.


Yami isn't usually one to experience jealousy. That's why it surprised him how much he envied Yuugi's red lollipop. Yuugi was comfortably sitting on the couch enjoying his cherry-flavoured sweet while Yami sat a few feet away, casually glancing up at him. Each time the lollipop exited Yuugi's mouth, it wasn't too long before it entered again. Each time, Yami found it harder to maintain his composure.

Deciding upon something, Yami took a seat next to Yuugi. "It's my turn," Yami said, removing the lollipop from Yuugi's mouth and pressing his lips against his hikari's. Soon, the jealousy vanished.