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Sarah sat at her vanity looking at herself; tears were coming down her eyes once more. She had been doing that a lot lately. She used to look at herself and repeat her roles for the drama class; but now every single evening since her return from the Labyrinth she had been looking at herself and feeling extremely guilty. 'What have I done?' She thought. 'Well Sarah, you just crushed the Labyrinth, you just killed the Goblin King.' She answered herself as more tears came to her eyes.

Toby was crying in Karen's room she could hear his tantrum. 'Where in the same mood, he was happy in the Esher Room, more happy then I had ever seen him before. Why was he so happy he was the King's prisoner?' She wondered. 'I guess I'll never know, by the time the brat can speak he'll have forgotten everything about his journey. Was it even real?'

She got up and went to pick up Toby; once again she was alone with him, their parents were gone for the whole weekend.

"Calm down Toby, its okay. I know you're upset, what is it that you want now? Are you hungry? Well at least you're not dirty. I wish you could tell me what's on your mind." She tried to soothe him.

Jareth smirked. He was holding one of his crystals; looking through it he could see Sarah. 'Haven't you learn anything sweet Sarah, you should be careful with you wishes.' He threw the crystal up in the air and it vanished leaving only a small amount of glitters.

He looked around his Throne Room, Goblins were bouncing everywhere, some were chasing the chickens, and most of them were laughing and drinking.

Jareth sighed, he had felt crushed the second she had refused his gift. "You have no power over me" she had said. And with theses words, she had defeated him and his Labyrinth. Sarah was the first mortal to conquer the Labyrinth. Come to think of it; she was the first to conquer and beat the Labyrinth and himself, period.

He grew tired of the Goblins and got up. "Leave now or you will all be sent to the Bog of eternal stench."

The Goblins all turned to see their King and blinked stupidly. Jareth sighed. "I said NOW!" he hissed.

The Goblins were startled but started leaving anyway running to every possible exit. Jareth smirked, he enjoyed doing that, but he enjoyed looking at Sarah a lot more.

He conjured another crystal and stared at it as he saw her going around the room trying to put Toby to sleep.

Sarah was exhausted, the day had been long and now from the looks of it she could sense that the night would be short as Toby stubbornly refused to fall asleep.

She was rocking him around the room in her arms; gently trying to sooth his never-ending cries. "Sshh Toby, everything's okay. I'm taking care of you, you're just fine, it's time to sleep now peanut." Sarah loved her baby brother with all her heart, but she was exhausted from her day, and her emotions seemed to draw the last of her energy.

As the tears came down her eyes she laid down on the master bed with her crying brother falling asleep from exhaustion.

"I saw my baby crying hard as babe could cry, what could I do?" 'What is the reason of your unhappiness my lovely Sarah?' Jareth was singing still looking at her through his crystal, he felt sorry for her, truly sorry.

He had never felt like this, never. Nobody ever meant so much to Jareth, Sarah was the only one for him. 'Why didn't you take my offer? I would have turned the world upside down for you Sarah; only for you.' His eyes darkened.

"Your majesty" dared one of the Goblins.

"What?" answered Jareth coldly.

"The newcomer…she has entered the Labyrinth Sir."

"Very well, she won't go far anyway, doesn't have any backbone this one. Let her go ahead Gazump, I'll torment her shortly and the child will be one of us."

"Yes your majesty." replied the Goblin before going away rapidly. He knew better then to bother his King when he was looking at the Winner.

Jareth sat back comfortably in his throne and conjured a crystal; looking in it he saw that the newcomer was calling for help. He vanished from the throne room only to reappear in one of the first stages of the Labyrinth.

The girl was stuck through some vines. Jareth smirked. 'I have Hobble to thank for that.' The girl was desperately trying to fight her way out of the vines, pulling on them and ripping them apart.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." He said coldly. 'What was her name again? Jessie, Jamie? Oh right, Lucy. Stupid Girl.' He rolled his eyes.

"Help me please" the foolish girl pleaded. Jareth smiled coldly.

"You know what to do Lucy, let me have the child, go back to your room, go back to your life and forget your baby sister."

"Please, I need her back my parents will kill me, I love her, I never meant her to be taken away." She started whimpering. 'I wish she would stop pleading like that. Mmm, I could just let the vines strangle the idiot.' Jareth smiled at himself.

He took composure; he was after all the Goblin King. "You wished her away to me Lucy, what is said is said. Perhaps I can leave you there for the remaining time you have left; which would be……. ten hours."

"No! Please Goblin King, don't leave me here. I'm scared don't leave me alone. You can keep Tabby, I wish to go back home." Jareth was satisfied about the outcome of the game, but he didn't let it show.

"As you wish Lucy; Tabitha will remain in the Labyrinth as one of my new Goblins." Jareth said blankly.

"I'm sorry Tabby." Said the girl, and then she vanished.

Jareth looked blankly at the spot where she had stood. 'This is getting way too easy.'

He transported himself back to the throne room with one of his crystals. He sat on the throne playing with his sceptre.

The baby girl he had just won was in the circle in the middle of the room playing with three or four goblins. He turned around annoyed. "Gazump?"

"Yes your Majesty."

"Take the child; she is yours to care for. Your family shall adopt her."

"Yes your majesty. Thank you your majesty."

"Away. Now." He said pleased. 'Finally, I can see what my dearest Sarah is now up to.' He readjusted himself in the throne so that he would be in a comfortable position. He conjured a crystal and looked in it deeply. Jareth raised an eyebrow in concern. He didn't like what he was seeing.