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Sarah paced in her bedchambers; she couldn't believe it had already been a month since they had became engaged. She stopped and looked at herself in the mirror, she wasn't vain, but she knew she would make a beautiful bride. She paused from looking at her reflection and directed her gaze to her dress; it was still suspended on the hanger. She sighed, her dress was the most beautiful she could ever had imagined, it was revealing, just enough to drive Jareth insane, but still elegant and fitted for a Queen.

"A Queen," she said out loud, in a dream state. She felt the softness of the tissue; she played with the white fabric with her fingers.

She couldn't believe everything was ready for the ceremonies, the wedding, the coronation and the festivities. She couldn't believe she was going to be Queen tonight and even more, she couldn't believe she was going to marry Jareth, the Goblin King. She returned to her vanity deeply absorbed in her thoughts, so absorbed, that she couldn't hear the repetitive knocking on the door.

She jump, startled, when she finally heard the knock. "Come in."

Rose pushed the door open and she came in holding the little heir in her arms.

"Good morning, I thought you could use a friendly visit," said the nanny with a sincere smile.

Sarah nodded, "thank you Rose, it is very thoughtful of you," she told the elder woman with a smile.

"Hey there Peanut, tonight you and I will officially become royalty," she kissed the giggling boy on the forehead and brushed his hair playfully with her hand.

"Are you nervous?" asked the nanny.

Sarah bit her lip, "very."

"There is nothing to worry about young one, everything will be perfect," she smiled, "now look at you, have you had anything to eat yet?"

Sarah shook her head, "I didn't have the time yet."

Rose had an expression on her face Sarah couldn't figure out, "meet us in the Royal Gardens, young Queen; I have a gift for you before the wedding."

"Alright, we shall eat in the gardens than Rose," she accepted happily.

Rose smiled to the young woman and vanished after bowing for her.

Sarah looked at the spot where there had been a woman and a blond toddler, moments ago and she smiled.

She went to her dresser and changed into something more suitable for a picnic, she chose a little summer dress that reflected the color of her eyes. She looked at herself in the vanity mirror; she couldn't imagine she had been that young girl almost two years ago with a large poet shirt and a pair of blue jeans. She sighed as she saw her image mentally. What she had experienced that day made her the woman she was today, the Queen and the wife she was becoming and the mother she would someday be.

Finally pleased with the way she looked she closed her eyes and disappeared.





The young woman appeared in the gardens she knew so well by now, she was happy to eat breakfast with her brother and his nanny in this familiar and lovely environment. Sarah took a moment to herself to contemplate the gardens, she waived her hand at Toby and Rose who were sitting on some of the rock benches. She turned and took a deep breath of fresh air, the waterfall always made her feel calm and in peace. She walked to meet Toby and his nanny and realised the older woman had a huge smile on her pale lips.

"What's going on Rose?" she asked.

"I have a surprise for you, it was his majesty's idea actually, but I am glad that I can give it to you," replied the nanny.

"Alright, now what has Jareth came up with?" asked Sarah nervously.

Rose smiled knowingly and said in a loud voice, "come in."

As if on cue, Ludo, Hoggle, Sir Didymus and Ambrosius entered the Royal Gardens. As her friends came running towards her, Sarah could only strand there in shock, she was so happy she had tears sparkling in her eyes.

"Sawah…Fwiend," said Ludo with his big beastie voice.

"Ludo, Hoggle, Sir Didymus, I can't believe you're here, I'm so glad to see all of you," she said hugging the orange beast and than the little fox.

"We are pleased to see thee well fair maiden," said the fox.

"Thank you noble sir," answered the young girl with an amused smile. She turned to Hoggle and knelt in front of him. She took him in her arms in a warm hug before the dwarf could say anything.

"I'm so sorry Hoggle, I missed you so much," she said truthfully.

"Err, its OK Sarah, I'm glad ta see ya too," he groaned embarrassed.

"Please have a seat, all of you, the future Queen needs to have her breakfast," said the nanny.

"Only if I can share it with my friends," said Sarah rising.

"Of course little Queen," replied the nanny with a smile.

The little gang quietly took a seat in the Rock Garden, and they ate and talked as they shared a happy moment.

"I can't believe you're getting married with him," said Hoggle bitterly.

"Friend Hoggle, thou should be happy about the King's choice for a Queen, our fair maiden couldn't be a better choice," replied Didymus.

"Don't be so fast to judge me Hoggle," Sarah defended herself, "I know Jareth has been hard on you in the past, but you have to leave it there. Ever since we came back here, he has been nothing but truthful and helpful to Toby and I. And, sincerely, I know now that I have always loved him." Sarah explained patiently to her precious friends.

The dwarf frowned and nodded, "I understand, but he better treat you well."

"No need to worry about that," replied Sarah with a small smile.

Everyone was chatting and Ludo was playing with Toby, while Sarah was sitting completely lost in her thoughts once more. "Sarah?" interrupted her friend.

"Oh, I'm sorry Hoggle, I was thinking and I think I lost myself somewhere. I just love those gardens; the Royal Gardens with its three divisions is one of my favourite places in the kingdom. I always feel calm and peaceful whenever I am here."

"Thank you," he said shyly.

"Why?" than she realised, "Oh, you did these gardens? Oh Hoggle, they are so beautiful," she said happily.

"Ludo helped with the rock division, he moved a lot of them. These gardens were made for you, Jareth asked me to do them after you came back, and he told me to make it look like the pond, at least a little bit."

"That's great Hoggle, you did a wonderful job," Sarah said happy that her friends had contributed to the beauty of her home.

"We need to start our day now Mistress," called Rose from her seat. "You will see your friends tonight."

"Wait, Hoggle I have something to ask you," she breathed, "do you think that you could walk me down the aisle?"

Hoggle's eyes almost came out of his head, "the King will never approve Sarah, you can't be seen with us now that you are Queen."

"You are my people and my friends; you have as much value as the royalty to me. Let me deal with Jareth, please say yes, I need someone that is important to me, I have no one else," she pleaded.

"Err, Ok," he said with a nervous smile.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, find yourself a costume, I have to go now, I'll see you guys tonight," she said excitedly.

They said their goodbyes and after promising to be in her room by two to Rose, she ran in the castle looking for the King of the kingdom. She found him supervising the preparations of the throne room, on the top of the steps there were now three thrones, Jareth's, a second throne a little smaller which would be hers, and a little one on the other side of Jareth's which was to be for the heir. He hadn't seen her come in; he was too busy threatening the Goblins to make them work faster.

She walked up to him silently, "Jareth," she called out to him as she reached him.

He turned and smiled, "hello Love, did you enjoy your morning?"

She nodded seriously, "extremely, thank you, but I have something to tell you and I doubt you will agree."

He raised his shoulders nonchalantly, "than don't tell me," he said indifferently. He turned back to the goblins and started cursing at them again.

She put her hand on his shoulder gently, "please Jareth, I need you to listen to me, and I badly need you to agree and authorise my demand even if you won't want to." She kept looking at his back pleadingly.

He turned to face her with a stoical face, the mask was on one more time, "what is it Sarah?" he asked seriously.

She bit her lip which made the King slightly anxious, but he kept the mask he had practiced so well on, and waited.

"I, hmm… I saw my friends today and, of course you know that, but," she swallowed hard, "I was wondering if," she paused, "Hoggle could walk me down the aisle." She blurted.

She took a deep breath and looked at him apprehensively. He looked back at her and frowned, but he kept silent.


"Do I really scare you that much Sarah?" he asked with another frown.

She was taken aback by his question, "you don't scare me Jareth, it is just that, it's so important for me to have someone I really care about like Hoggle to walk me down the aisle since my father can't do it and all…" she told him with a strangled sob.

He had seen the tears in her eyes as she had mentioned her father and he felt sorry for her, he took her hand and kissed it gently. "If my own father would have been alive, I would have liked him to do that for you. Unfortunately, that isn't possible." He looked at her with a small nostalgic smile, "if it is so important to you Sarah, your friend, the gardener may walk you down the aisle."

She smiled overjoyed and threw herself in his arms hugging him tightly; she raised her head and kissed him lovingly.

"Thank you Jareth, you have no idea of what this means to me," she said as she broke their kiss.

"Of course I do, that's the only reason why I allow Hogsbread…"

"Hoggle!" she cut him off, still smiling.

"Right, that's what I said," he replied with a grin.

"Jareth, please don't torment him," she scolded him, the King shrugged. "I almost forgot Jareth, at what time is your mother coming?"

"Now would be the right time, my dear," said the High Queen with a teasing smile that resembled her son's.

Sarah gaped at the beauty of the woman in front of her; she looked like she was around her mid-thirties, not exactly what Sarah had in mind for the mother of a Fae King.

"Mother," greeted Jareth. He went to his mother and kissed her hand politely.

"Greetings my son, and congratulations to you both on your wedding day," she said as she eyed Sarah, "surely this is your bride," she said to her son. She smirked and Sarah couldn't help but smile at the similarity between the mother and the son. "If she isn't the one, you should dump the other woman and choose this one, she is but a gorgeous girl."

"Thank you Mother," he gave her the same smirk she had on, "this is Sarah, Mistress of the Labyrinth and my future wife, in a very very near future I should say." Sarah blushed and bowed to the High Queen.

"Sarah, this is my mother the High Queen Tinkerbelle."

Sarah curtsied and remained in that position, she fought the urge to ask how Peter Pan was, but she kept silent.

The High Queen smiled, "please do get up Child," she turned to her son, "she is lovely Jareth."

Sarah raised her head and met the eyes of her Queen, "you're Majesty, it is an honour to meet you."

"Do call me Mother my Child, best wishes to you both for the future."

"Thank you Mother," said Jareth proudly, "would you like me to show you your chambers?" He turned to Sarah, "please Love, it's time for you to go get ready, Rose and your maids should be there already."

Sarah nodded and turned to her new mother-in-law, "welcome to the Labyrinth Mother."

The High Queen smiled warmly, "Thank you my child, I will see you later."

Sarah nodded, she kissed Jareth on the cheek, and with one last bow she blinked to her bedchambers.

The High Queen frowned.

"What upsets you Mother?" asked Jareth nervously.

The High Queen looked at her son with a reassuring smile, " now, now, my son don't you worry, I do not question the choice of your wife at all, but I am concern on her abilities, how long as she been able to use them, haven't they been here only six months?"

Jareth watched the woman, "yes about six months, she has been using the gifts since the first month as well as Toby," he explained. "She has many other capacities Mother, blinking is only one of them, she gained that after I gave her access to the powers of the Labyrinth when she bet me more than a year ago, and the boy, he is quite incredible too, not only he blinks as well as she does, but he already manages to produce crystals."

"Did you say you gave her powers? Labyrinth magic?" the Queen asked.

"Mother, I gave Sarah certain powers before she called on me, once she had defeated me she was entitle to some of the powers of the Labyrinth, but surely you knew that?" he asked her seriously.

"Of course, but I had no idea she would be able to do so much before her transformation was completed. She is quite amazing."

"She is Mother, and once you get to know her better, I think you will be very fond of her." He said with a smile.

"Of course Jareth, she is a lovely creature. Now," she paused dramatically and looked at her son, "I think I have never seen you so happy."

"To tell you the truth, I have never been Mother," he replied in a low voice.

"Well, she is quite something that girl, imagine making you fall in love with her and than making you settle down, I never thought I would see that day," she told him teasingly.

It wasn't hard to recognize the similarities between the mother and the son. She pushed him gently, "now my dear son, it's time for you to get prepared for the ceremony, you are certainly not getting married like this," she said looking at him seriously.

The King frowned, "what is wrong with my attire?"

"Everything, now go get ready," she told him. Once she saw that he didn't move she raised an eyebrow, "I said go!"

The King opened his mouth to reply something, but since he knew better, he decided to keep silent. He left the throne room, his mother and the goblins behind and vanished to his chambers.





Sarah turned to face Rose and her maids.

"You are splendid your majesty," said Juliet.

"Please Juliet don't, I am not your Queen yet, you may only call me like that tonight," replied the bride with a frown.

"Of course, I'm sorry Mistress Sarah," said the young maid as she curtsied politely.

"Please, it's really not a big deal, rise Juliet," she turned to Rose and exclaimed herself happily, "Oh, Rose, who would have thought that it would end like this?"

"Me," replied the nanny sincerely, "I always knew you would overcome your fear someday and come to terms with your feelings."

"My God Rose, in less than an hour I will be married to Jareth, I'm so nervous."

"Yes, I know sweetheart, but you shouldn't worry, everything will be perfect."

Sarah turned and looked at herself in the mirror once more, her dress was long and puffy in the way her ball dress had been, it was of the same pearly white, but her shoulder were bare. The sleeves were hanging on her arms gently and the fabric was so soft, it felt like a second skin to her. The white dress was wonderful, white the color of purity, Sarah's purity. She blushed as she thought about her wedding night, damn, she should stop thinking really; it only made her more nervous.

Rose snapped her fingers in front of Sarah's face desperately trying to get her attention, "Sarah?"

"Yes Rose?" she said coming out of her trance. She shook her head to make it clear and turned her head to face the elder woman.

"It's time now child, your friend Hoggle has arrived; he is waiting outside the room to walk you to your husband."

Sarah chewed on her lip nervously and nodded, "let's go."

The maids left the chambers rapidly and Rose led Sarah to the door of the room, "I'll go fetch your brother and we will see you at the ceremony."

"Alright, thank you Rose," she said politely as the nanny gently kissed her forehead.

The nanny smiled and opened the door of the bedchambers, "Master Hoggle, Lady Sarah Mistress of the Labyrinth is ready." She moved away from the door and left so that Hoggle was able to see Sarah standing nervously in the doorway.

Hoggle bowed, his eyes opened large in awe, "Sarah you look beautiful, you're way too good for him."

Sarah smiled and took the hand that her friend was offering to her, "thank you."

They looked at one another in silence for a moment, they were on their own, but they were unable to word their thoughts. Hoggle finally spoke, "we better go or he will come after us, don't worry Sarah, he is probably as nervous as you are."

"Yes, perhaps, I'm really as I'll be, let's go," she said. She took a deep breath and smiled.

Hand in hand they walked through the hallways of the castle without a single word, slowly but surely they arrived in front of the doors of the chapel of the castle. Sarah had loved the chapel from the moment she had set foot in it, it was a small room and it was warm and intimate, a peaceful place.

Hoggle knocked three times has he had been instructed to do by the King himself and they heard a tune start.

"Oh my God Hoggle, this is it, I can't believe this," she told him nervously. To her, it was more than getting married to Jareth; it was taking the responsibility of a whole kingdom at her age that made her anxious.

"It's time Sarah," he told her reassuringly pressing her hand in his, "now don't forget right after the exchange of vows between you two, her majesty the High Queen Tinkerbelle will crown you."

"I didn't forget Hoggle, I can assure you I'm ready," she smiled happily.

Hoggle nodded and pushed the doors open, he offered his arm and as she took it they began walking toward the altar, where the awaiting King stood.

Jareth smiled and took in a deep breath as he saw this white vision of beauty coming toward him. His mother looked at him with a smile; she knew just how important this was to her son. Sarah had now reached the altar, Hoggle kissed her hand and left her to the King who had already took hold of both her hands.

The High Queen who was the one presiding the ceremony smiled, "thank you master Hoggle," she paused and looked at the children in front of her, one was smiling shyly, the other was serious and showed no expression.

"Ladies and Gentlemen please be seated, we welcome today Sarah, Mistress of the Labyrinth in our lovely Underground." She addressed the audience and waived her hand to express herself, "we gather here today to celebrate the union of my son Jareth, King of the Goblins to the Lady Sarah Mistress of the Labyrinth."

Toby who was sitting quietly on Rose's lap smiled and clapped his hands happily, making the whole crowd laugh in endearment.

The High Queen smiled warmly, "Jareth, Sarah please pronounce the Handfasting ritual, the sun is setting, the moon is rising, both the Sun and the Moon are present to join you both eternally."

Sarah and Jareth made eye contact and recited at the same time in one voice the ritual,

"Heart to thee

Body to thee

Always and Forever

So mote it be."

Sarah gasped as she felt Jareth within her; she could hear his thoughts and feel his emotions. She looked at him and knew at that moment that he could do the same thing with her, their eyes met and the smiled lovingly at each other.

The High Queen spoke again, "now that your souls are joined, I declare you husband and wife for eternity, Jareth you may kiss your bride."

As soon as she said it Jareth claimed Sarah's lips possessively in a passionate kiss. When they broke the kiss, the High Queen motioned Jareth to his throne and made a sign to the nanny so that she would bring the child on Sarah's side.

"Lady Sarah, Mistress of the Labyrinth and wife to the Goblin King," Sarah smiled and knelt in front of her mother-in-law. Ludo brought to the High Queen one delicate crown, which actually looked more like a tiara and two pendants, replicas of Jareth's but in smaller versions.

"Thank you Master Ludo," she took the pendant and fastened one around Sarah's neck and the smaller one around Toby's. She than took the crown and place it delicately on Sarah's head.

"You may rise my child," she paused and motioned the young lady to her new throne and the heir on his own.

Jareth watched Sarah and smiled at her proudly. The High Queen stood, "Please, let me present you Jareth, Goblin King and heir to the High throne, Sarah, Goblin Queen and heir to the High throne," Sarah eyes grew large, the High Queen continued, "Toby, Goblin Prince and heir to the Goblin throne." She moved on the side and motioned for the three royals to rise. Jareth and Sarah stood while Rose helped Toby up. The crowd in the chapel stood and bowed or curtsied in respect, once that was done, the High Queen spoke again, "it is time to retire, please meet the family in the Dinner Hall where food will be served before the festivities begin."

The people exited slowly without commotion, Rose took the heir in her arms, "I'll go change the young master, we will see you later your majesties."

"Thank you Rose," said Sarah as she motioned her to go.

The High Queen smiled, "you did marvellously well children, welcome in the family Sarah."

"Thank you Mother," replied the young Queen.

"I'll leave you two alone now, don't forget to come downstairs in half an hour," said the High Queen Tinkerbelle.

"Thank you Mother," said Jareth with a nod.

The Queen exited the room quietly and closed the doors of the chapel behind her.

Jareth watched his wife, "you look incredible Love, and you did very well with the ceremonies."

Sarah nodded pensively, "why didn't you tell me that we were heir to the High throne?"

Jareth smiled, "didn't want to make you nervous Sarah."

Sarah furrowed and brows, "Right, never hide anything from me again."

Jareth smirked and chuckled, "alright I won't, now come here," he said as he took hold of her waist and pulled her to him. He lowered his head and took possession of her lips with his.

He growled as she responded his kiss with the same possessiveness. She broke the kiss, "that's enough for now; we have a party to attend to."

He shook his head and pulled her against him, "your dress is driving me crazy woman, forget about that party."

Sarah pushed him away and smiled teasingly, "get a hold on yourself Goblin King, I'm going to dance tonight, and you dear husband, are going to sing me our song!"

"Later, fun now, dance later, my beautiful, charming, lovely, Goblin Queen," he answered as he was going after her, catching her arms and pulling her to him once more.

She laughed, "I said we are going to our wedding party you pervert, surely you can wait a bit more to have your way with me?"

Jareth growled and signed deeply, "No I can't."

"But you will have to," she replied. She gave him one last chaste kiss and blinked to the throne room.

'That woman' he thought to himself as he was standing alone in the chapel.

He sensed for her and transported himself to her.





When he appeared in the throne room, she was standing in the middle of the room with a small smile on her lips.

"Don't ever do that to me!" he told her seriously, "I hate that."

She smiled and rolled her eyes, "Yes, I know, but that woman," she added as she pointed herself, "wants to dance with her handsome husband."

He looked at her. 'I can hear you,' she told him mentally.

He laughed, "Damn you for being my soul mate, it's not usual to be connected like we are, it's even more unusual for someone who is not yet transformed completely."

"And I won't be before later tonight, now let's get to the Dinner Hall, so we can have some food before we dance."

He walked to her and offered her his arm, she took it with a satisfied smile and he began leading her to the Grand Hall where the food was to be served before the Ballroom was opened.

"I told you, you wouldn't always win with your wife," she told him visibly amused as they walked together.

"You witch," he replied.

"I love you too, Jareth," she said sweetly.

They entered the Grand Hall where all the guests were seated and took their respective seats. After a good dinner monarchs who had spent the hour smiling at each other lovingly led the way to the Ballroom where the thrones had been transported for them.

Once everyone was inside and speaking Sarah stood from her seat, "Ladies and gentlemen," she said, when everyone was quiet she continued, "my Husband wishes to sing me our song for our first traditional dance, you will be welcomed to the dance floor afterwards."

Sarah turned to eye Jareth and mouthed to him 'you have no choice,' and when he frowned she added only for him to see, 'I love you Jareth!'

The King softened a bit and stood to join his wife. The High Queen chuckled; she had witnessed the whole exchange.

The couple got to the middle of the dance floor and Jareth produced a crystal, he tossed it in the air and immediately it blew and a soft tune started playing. They began dancing, and Jareth on the cue started singing for his wife.

The guests looked at them in awe and by the end of the song; most of them had joined the royal couple on the dance floor.

As the world falls down, I'll be there for you

For you

"Thank you Jareth."

"It was a pleasure Sarah."

"I really do love you."

"I love you too Sarah," he pulled her against him into a sweet loving kiss.

Once the party was almost over, Jareth pulled the young Queen against him, "time for us to retire."

Sarah nodded, she was extremely nervous, how could she have teased him like that earlier.

He felt her nervousness, he faced her and looked at her in the eyes, "you said you wouldn't fear me," he said softly.

"And I won't," she said looking back at him, "I'm not afraid Jareth, I'm nervous, it's very different."

She smiled and winked at him, "surely you knew that?"

He kept a serious face and transported them to his, or now their bedchambers. Once they were alone, he felt free to speak his heart out.

"I'm not going to hurt you Sarah," he told her gently.

"I know I know you wouldn't, but it's the intimacy of it that makes me nervous."

"I understand that very well Sarah, intimacy is something that we will share only together," he took her in his arms and held her safely.

"You shouldn't think so much, our love will make everything perfect," he told her reassuringly.

"Didn't know you had it in you," she said with a small smile as she cuddled against him more tightly.

He chuckled, "me neither."

She raised her head to look at him; he was looking at the window. She turned her head to fallow his gaze. She was breath taken, he had the most beautiful view from here, not only he saw the whole Labyrinth, but they had an exclusive view on their secret pond. She shifted in his arms to have a better look at the view, the moon reflected on the small waterfall and it was simply and naturally beautiful.

He looked down at her; she was more beautiful than any magnificent view. She raised her head to look at him and stepped on her tiptoes to kiss him. It was funny how she wasn't nervous anymore, how anything with Jareth just seemed natural and right.

He tilted his head top deepen the kiss and she pressed herself against him with a small moan. Slowly they moved as one to their bed, everything in his bedchambers screamed Jareth, and she loved how it represented him so well. They looked at each other breaking their kiss and he guided her slowly to the bed. Gently, he helped her out of her gown and into her most simple apparel, he traced soft kisses against her sin in a most sensual and tender way.

He revealed himself to her in all of his splendour and they kissed as if they needed that to live. She couldn't understand why she had been so nervous; it felt so good, so natural to be with him. She moaned as he caressed her body gently, lovingly, and he growled when she traced sweet kisses in his neck and on his shoulders. She gasped as he entered her in the most gently way, and he waited for a moment so that her body could adjust to his intrusion. As he began to move back and forth in a steady rhythm, he claimed her mouth in the most passionate kiss they had ever shared. She moaned in his mouth and clung onto him as if her life depended on it. He quickened his pace and short moments later released himself into her. She felt him and began to shiver in pleasure, when he moved on her side; he kissed her cheek and waited a moment to catch his breath.

She lay on her side to look at him, "I love you Jareth," she cuddled against his sweaty body and slowly drifted into a restful sleep. He watched her for a moment, "I love you too Sarah," he whispered before allowing himself to sleep peacefully.

The young lovers had been joined as one that night and little they knew of how much their lives had changed already. The next morning when Sarah woke up, she knew instantly that her transformation was now complete.





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