i. / dogs

"I don't like them Heartless runnin' around the castle! They're like... they're like dogs!" huffed Pete, speaking to the woman's back. "Little puppies runnin' around, no control over 'em at all!"

"Dogs... quite like you?" questioned the woman calmly.

Pete scrambled for a clever answer, but that was always a problem when dealing with Maleficent: there were no clever answers. "I- I never said I wasn't, just it's a good comparison, not like I'm a Heartless or nothin'-"

"Imbecile." In a sweep of soft black fabric, Maleficent turned and left.

"Male-" Pete began, starting to follow. He was presently distracted by the small, squeaking black Shadow at his feet. "Dang it all!" he bellowed, trying to kick the creature off.

Distantly, he heard Maleficent's mocking chuckle.