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Viewtiful Joe's DMC plot is a self-parody of DMC: Kamiya, VJ's creator, was the original creator of DMC. Therefore, I feel it's reasonable to include those events, edited, in my fics. Especially because Eva kicks ass and even Mundus fears her.

This is the end of part I for now, though I shall probably go back and add scenes, like I do for Rapture. The next part will be the actual get-together. I have no idea what will happen in it, so it may be some time before I start posting it.


When Dante and Trish didn't get back from the movie on time, Nevan at first thought that they were catching a late dinner. Things had been slow for a while, and Trish was trying to spend time alone with Dante, who was trying to avoid spending time alone with her without making it obvious he was.

It would have been funny if Trish wasn't so… delicate. Young love. Nevan remembered how she had felt when Sparda broke her heart, and Trish had been far more… sheltered. And Trish was in love with Dante, Nevan had been more in love with what Sparda represented.

Dante was a different matter.

When they weren't back by midnight Nevan was pretty sure they had found or been found by some demons. The calm recently had been pretty obviously the calm before a storm. So Nevan had one of her bats turn on the TV loud enough she could hear it in the front office if any reports came in of mass destruction, stayed by the phone, and sent most of the rest of her bats, keeping a few in case Devil may Cry was attacked again, out to search the city.

Demonic energy played merry hell with radios, TVs and cell phone signals. It was one of the things making it possible to cover up demonic attacks. If he wasn't somewhere he couldn't call in from he would have by now. So there was a portal involved.

Which meant he probably wouldn't be back for at least a week, taking the chance to look for Vergil. Nevan wished he had taken her instead of Alastor. But Alastor was still sulking and refusing to talk to anyone, so Dante was using him until he snapped out of it.

Her brother had spent too much of his formative years among Mundus' knights. Prideful and uncouth. Didn't listen to her anymore.

In any case, she started settling in for the long haul a little after noon, moving her computer onto Dante's desk in the front office so she would be there if people barged in and get work done at the same time. Or watch porn and take notes. Present-day humans were very inventive.

She trying to figure out where a certain cable plugged in, swearing under her breath in words that danced like flames and promising herself she was buying a laptop next time they had money when the doors swung in and Dante strode in, carrying a bag and looking like he'd just had the best night of his life.

Nevan's suspicions rose. Had Dante and Trish… Dante wouldn't go that far out of pity and friendship, surely? Had Trish talked him out of that foolish idea of his that he had to marry a human? Had he been so desperate after spending all these years celibate? When was the last time he'd kicked them out of the house?

Nevan inwardly cursed Trish for spilling the beans about the fact that Dante's shields slipped while he was pleasuring himself.

Had they found a motel? Or a deserted rooftop?

Damn it, she was going to kill the idiot nestling! Nevan had seen him first! Had she waited too long to make her move? She'd been so sure he wouldn't settle for anything but settling down, and wouldn't want to do that until his family was taken care of!

All this flashed through her mind in the second before Trish walked through the door after Dante, carrying another bag and looking happy but not that happy. And not smirking at Nevan.

Phew. Nevan put on her game face. "And where have you been?" she asked archly with her hands on her hips.

"Kicking ass." Dante looked smug now. Had he seen the flash of jealousy?

"Getting paid," Trish answered, digging in her bag and waving a check. She handed it to Nevan, who whistled.

"They paid right away? Who was this? I want to show him my… personal appreciation," she purred, admiring the zeros.

"Captain Blue. The guy whose movie I went to see?" Dante was grinning too broadly to be distracted by her attempt at making him jealous. "He's a sorcerer. Figured out how to make his movies real. Mundus possessed him."

"Mundus?" Nevan asked, attention grabbed.

"Mundus." Trish grimaced. "I'm sorry, Dante."

"Why?" He blinked at her.

"If' I'd given you more power on Mallet…"

"He got away, Trish. I thought we'd taken him out for a long time too. Now we know better. We got you back, the day is saved, everything's cool and I have memorabilia." He hefted the bag. "Life is good."

Nevan whistled, so high pitched even dogs wouldn't hear it, for her bats to return. "What did you bring me, Sugar?" she inquired, leaning over to peer into the bag.

He spread it for her. "Statuettes, autographed photos… he was really grateful. Said we can come back any time and do the adventure movie thing again. Insisted we stay for another one after I beat Mundus."

"He gave me one of these V-watch things for doing it." Trish held her wrist out.

Nevan could see the power in it. Dante was wearing one too. "Sweet, Honey. What does it do?"

"All kinds of things."

"I saved my childhood hero." Dante grinned. "Damn, I'm cool."

"So… if he made his movies real… you were in a movie?" Nevan pieced together.

"Yeah." Dante nodded, still grinning. "Always knew I'd make a good movie star. I did my own stunts." He whipped through a few hand-to-hand combat moves and poses. "Oh, we saw Alastor."

"He came out of the sword?"

Dante shook his head. "He wasn't in it. He ran away because I was disrespecting him."

"That…" Nevan started to swear again, little curses that turned the air blue.

"Chill, Nevan. I managed even without his devil arm being full-powered. I'm getting stronger."

"Sure, Sugar, but still!" Going up against Mundus without… Got Trish back. "Trish, you were helping him, right?"

Trish looked terminally embarrassed. "Uh, he took me out quick. He grabbed me right out of the theater."

Nevan's eyes widened, and she looked Trish over. "What did he do to you? You're safe now…"

Trish smiled. "There actually wasn't any torture! I just got stuck in a cage. Chill, Nevan." She seemed happy Nevan cared, though she clearly felt guilty, and sad she was weak enough to be so easily captured. "I thought he was afraid of me for some reason, but he was afraid of this." She held out the amulet.

"The Key?" It was the control device for Temen ni Gru. Why would Mundus be afraid of it? Had Sparda put additional spells on it, besides the seal that was now utterly broken, releasing the Sparda's full power? "Why?" She turned to Dante.

"What he said was…" Dante started, laying the amulet down on the table as Nevan's bats removed her monitor.

After the council of not-war, and the mission they got a call for, the bags were opened and the loot spread out on the floor. Apparently at first they had been fighting ballerina demons or something, and then ones that looked like aliens. "I should probably make him close that portal, but come on, it's not doing any harm."

"Now," Trish corrected him.

"Yeah, now. And he's not doing any human sacrifices or anything and if I go back like he invited us to we can keep an eye on things." Dante nodded. "It'll be interesting.

"It was… fun to fight for fun," Trish agreed.

Not just that. If it's possible for demons to have anything to do with earth without death and destruction. Well, there's Vie du Marli, but… there used to be sorcerers that were good guys. It's just that no one knows how they did it without going nuts. He's a little nuts, but… obsessive. Yeah. But it's not one that's going to harm anyone." Dante shrugged.

"You want to believe it's possible for humans and demons to coexist peacefully."

"Well, it's not peacefully, he said there was this other guy… and we're killing demons, but demons don't… well, it's not like they like being killed, but they don't see it as so much of a big deal. Mundus got killed and came back, you know." Dante grimaced. "Demons are weird."

"Humans are weird," Nevan corrected him.



"Both," Trish interjected, and that won the argument. Everyone laughed.

Dante started to gather up the gifts into the bag again. "I'd better stick this somewhere safe so they don't get wrecked next time this place gets trashed. Do you know how much I could sell this for on E-bay?"

Nevan took Trish's bag and helped gather it up. "Tell me more."

"No, Nevan, you are not selling this stuff!" He hugged his sack tightly to protect it. "If you've got to sell something, sell Dad's books instead. Nah, if things get that tight I'll use Dad's money."

"Really? But don't you want to be independent?"

"Nevan, look into seeing if anyone's willing to sell red orbs," he told her seriously. "Gold ones too, but probably no one'll part with those for love nor money."

"You're going to try to revive them?" Nevan asked.

"We know Sparda's in the sword. I don't have a clue how to get Mom out of the amulet. He would know. So… two for one."

"But Mundus is still around, Sugar. Shouldn't you save those orbs for yourself?"

"Nevan, I think… it's worth the risk. Not much left to spend them on. I've been accumulating blue orbs for decades, plus Dad's spares… It's time. Besides, with Dad's help? He'll know how to navigate the Underworld. I've been kidding myself, I don't have a chance at finding Vergil just wandering around aimlessly. I could walk right by the portal to where he is."

Nevan put her hand on his shoulder. "You've been doing your best."

"But… what if I've been hesitating to bring back Dad not because I thought using the orbs on me was the best thing to do, long-term, but because I still hate the guy? If I'd brought him to life already, maybe we would have saved Vergil by now.

"And maybe you would both have charged into the Underworld without gaining strength first, and fallen as well." She squeezed his shoulder. "Then who would have saved Vergil? Or the world? You take too many chances as it is, Sugar. Your mother wouldn't want you to die after bringing you back to life."

"Was that it? I didn't want him to be alive when I couldn't bring Mom back? She died because of him." He grimaced. "I know he wouldn't have wanted her to die, this proves it, but…"

"Nestlings don't think too clearly, and you were hurt." She hugged him. "All alone for so long…"

"People helped me."

"But then you pushed them away to keep them safe. You never really think about yourself." She sighed, breath warm in his ear, and wasn't it evil of her to be trying to seduce him even now? To be the giver of the comfort he needed so much, was so grateful for?

It was working, though. He relaxed. "He gave up the amulet. Left it behind for me. His only link to the past and to… I thought he was all alone before. I thought I was. Now…"

"You're not alone. There's me, and Cerberus, the twins, Beowulf, Ifrit, Alastor, the girls, Trish…"


"Ah." She squeezed him. "You've beaten Mundus twice, Sugar. You'll win the war."

"I saved Trish."

"You'll save them all. You're the hero, Dante. The new Legendary Dark Knight." She squeezed him again, and his head ended up resting on her breasts. He looked up at her, and he knew, and she knew that he knew, and he knew she knew he knew… and she smiled, and started gathering up his toys again.

Happy he still knew how to play. "Did he tape them? We could hold a movie night. No, you defeating Mundus? Every hunter in the world would pay to see that. We could charge them through the nose."