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By: Ada C. Eliana

Chapter One: Teaser

Will I always,
Will you always
See the truth
When it stares you in the face?

"Jillian" Within Temptation

Leo's heart banged against his ribs, beating fast and loud. The sound of his blood rushing in his ears overpowered the platitudes and compassion of the whitelighters. He had to find his son; he had to. His chest felt tight, his breathing constricted and panic overwhelming him.

When the combined powers of the Charmed Ones, Wyatt, and Lena had proved insufficient, Leo immediately went 'up there' to ask the Elders for help. He spoke with every Elder he could find and even several whitelighters.

No one knew anything, no one could help him.

He could barely believe how completely useless the Elders were. They kept giving him strange glances full of unspoken words, but no one would say anything. The Elders had been his last hope.

Spotting one more golden robe, Leo darted through the clear white surroundings towards him, an Elder named Seamus. Halfway there he stopped in his tracks, his body frozen by the sight of the young man in deep conversation with Seamus. He had spiky brown hair, green eyes, and a face Leo could never forget. Leo just stared at him for a moment as his heart slowed and his breathing regulated. Then he regained control of himself and ran to him, throwing his arms around him in wild abandon while shouting his name. "Chris! Chris! Thank God, thank God, thank God! Chris!"

"Um…. I think you've mistaken me for someone else," the man responded in a voice that sounded like music to Leo's ears. He pulled away from Leo, giving Leo a chance to look him over properly.

It took Leo a moment to realize that this person seemed different from his son. His gaze strayed to his eyes, and he finally spotted it. This was not his son who had disappeared weeks ago; this was his son that had been killed by Gideon's athame twenty-two years ago.

"Chris?" he whispered painfully.

"I don't know what's going on here, but my name is Peter."

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