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Chapter 1: Who-?

Another day, another day of loathing in this poor excuse for a school. All of this stupid in and out of work was starting to tick him off. Even his friends and life meant more to him than this 'learning' thing.

Friendly or not, this new school was going to be just like the others. Girls shy away from him, guys hate him, and he leads a gang of wimp goth-wannabes around (or so they think he's leader). Always the same. Always.

He sighed, driving up to this new place, Burning High. The front sign said 'Go Flames.' Want a sack of- He looked over and saw something, someone that caught his attention. When he parked and got out to look, he didn't see her or the group anymore.

Walking up to the front entrance, he peered around, getting odd questioning looks from fellow students. He wore a mesh upper shirt, leather straps covering from there down to the top of his pants. Those pants were fitted soft leather as well, it all ended with spike-toed boots.

He ran a gloved hand through his short spiky blood red hair. A tattoo adorned his forehead to give life to a harsh brow. The principal sighed, setting down his record, which was thicker than the novel she was currently reading. "All right, this high school is your last chance, Gaara."

The boy snorted, turning his head from her. He caught the sight of pink hair again and felt something in him stir. Interest? Curiosity? Surely not, but whatever it was made him want to see the owner of such a lovely color.

"Gaara!" Tsunade snapped at him, slamming her fist on the desk. He turned back, giving her a bored expression, which made her narrow her eyes at him. "Here is your schedule, now, get out!"

Shuffling out, he found himself in a mass of other high school kids. Looking around, he saw the pink haired owner leaving. A blur of blonde hair crashed into him just as he was looking, taking the wind out of him, but not enough to knock him down. Snarling, he peered down to see a kid rubbing his head.

"Anou…I'm sorry, didn't hurt you did I?" He asked, getting up and dusting himself off. There were lines on his face, fine scars lined with black tattoo ink. It appeared he had 'whiskers.' Gaara shook his head and passed the kid by just as Tsunade yelled at the blonde for being late.

Looking at the paper, he checked out his classes. First: Math, easy enough. Walking to his room, he made it there before the teacher had. Some kids watched him as he made his way back to the empty desks, but he was not a circus freak doing tricks. One day he'd show that to someone. He wanted a normal life, tired of being stupid.

While his head was buzzing in thought, a soft hand touched his shoulder. He turned his head slowly, wondering whom he had to tell off now. To his surprise, it was someone who he'd wanted to meet all along.