Chapter 16:

Author notes sorry for the delay but I have had a lot of things going on in my life.

'How dare she.' the crusader thought as he watched his prey rush up the steps of the old-church. 'How dare that unbeliever seek sanctuary from HER.' He thought as he watched the doors close.

"Sister Nora" one of the congregation whispered as the well known street nun slipped through the door. Crazy Dan and a couple of the others came down the aisle towards her.

"I apologize for the interrupting you." The older woman stated as the men reached her. "But I believe I am being hunted." She laughed as she took a faltering step only to be swept up by a large gang member. Crazy Dan quickly led the way to an area that had been turned into an office.

"Who would want to hunt Sister Nora?" someone asked as the group made their way up the aisle. The general muttering that spread throughout the congregation was that nobody had any idea why this would happen.

"He has gone too far this time." Ororo stated as she looked into Sister Nora's hospital room.

"Now we have asked this before but do you have any idea who is doing this?" Detective Montoya asked.

"No, but I have every attention of finding out." Ororo replied. "The sister is coming around." She added as she gestured into the room. She stood aside as the officers headed into the room though she did gesture to Victor to keep his ears open.

Inside the hospital room:

"Sister Nora, my name is Detective Renee Montoya and this is my partner Detective Bullock we would like to ask you some questions if you are up to it."

"Of course my dear." The older woman said as she gestured to the guest chairs. As the detectives settled in the nun drew herself together. "I was overseeing the donations for the soup kitchen; a lot of the stores in the area give us some of the product that they would normally throw out. I was at the back door recording just what was being donated and how soon it had to be used by, when I first heard it."

"Heard what?"

"Muttering, it was a man's voice. He was talking about how the nonbelievers had to be punished and that it was only as being a crusader for the cause that he could rein beside his goddess." Sister Nora. "During my work I have heard a lot of mutterings both intentional and non but this was different. It was more sinister then anything I had encountered before. I know that the narrows are in no shape or form a safe place to be so I started to head inside when I heard my name."

"So he was after you in particular?"

"I believe so, once he said my name he started talking about the 'sins' that I had committed against his goddess. I was about to enter the back of the mission when I heard him talking about burning both the heretics that I had lured away from HER and me."

"He was going to burn down the mission?" Montoya asked slightly shocked. Sister Nora's mission was one of the biggest homeless shelter and community center in that part of town. A fire there would have killed at least a couple dozen of people and destroyed most of the resources available to the poor in that area. "Bullock get a call into the station in case."

"Once I heard that I realized that I couldn't risk him going through with it." The elderly Nun explained. "So I got out of that alley and tried to draw him away from the mission and made my way down the street I don't know why I headed for the old church but I just kept going until I got there. That is all that I can remember."

"Thank you, Sister Nora that will be enough for now but we may come back with more questions." Detective Montoya said.

Back in the hall

"He is going to far." Ororo said as Victor relayed what was being said in the room. "Lets go, we have work to do." she added as she turned on her heel and pulled out her cell phone.

Across town

Pitro pulled out his cellphone when it started to ring. "hello" he answered as he watched Logan try and track Sister Nora's movements back. "Da, I understand. Logan the pursuit started behind the mission." Logan waved over his shoulder as he headed further down the block in that direction.

Back with Ororo and Victor

"I want you to go join Piotro and Logan down in the narrows maybe the two of you will be able to improve our chances of tracking this guy. Take the car, I'll catch a cub over to Burce's office." Ororo said as they exited the hospital. She headed for the cornor and hailed a cab.

She soon found herself standin outside of the Wayne Corperation headquarters looking up at the giant steel and glass building thinking. "I am about to marry an man who has his name over half the city." she mused as she made her way into the lobby. As she headed for the elevators she saw the front desk attandent try and get her attention. Curious she made her way over to him.

"I am sorry to intrude Miss. Monroe but I thought I should give you a heads up before you headed to Mr. Waynes office." the young mann stammered.

"Warn me about what?" she asked calmly.

"He is currently meeting with a group of investors and clients that have been fairly vocal against your engagment."he explained "Congragulations by the way."

"Thank you, child." she replied as considered her options. "I have never backed down and I don't intend to start now."

"Yes mam," he replied. " Shall I have the express elevator unlocked for you."

" That would be most appreciated." Ororo replied, as she headed for the pillar that had the elevator concealed inside it.

"Good luck." the attendant whispered as he watched her go.

"Now Bruce all of us here understand the draw of an exotic woman, but just because you want her doesn't mean you got to marry her. What exactly does she bring to the table hum?" Jonathon Mcgomer the IV asked from were he sat directly across from Wayne. "She doesn't have any family, nor any resources save for her cult." he continued. " A man in your position can't marry some woman off the street. You have to think of your families reputation and how your choices reflect on not only your self but your families empire."

"I am all for you getting married it shows a stability that they other investors are lapping up, but her." anouther man interjected. "Pamela Gotreich is single and her father has been making noises about putting together a merger."

"Always a great basis for a marriage." one of the older members interjected.

"There is one factor you gentlemen are forgetting." Bruce interjected. "This is my choice not yours. And if you all have issues with my choices there are several alternatives avilable to you." he contiuned as a picked up a stack of paper packets. "All of your contracts have clauses that allow for you to leave with minimal penalties due to conflict of opinions granted they can explained convincingly to the board." he aded as he passed out what turned out to be copies of their contacts with the prevalent passages highlighted. "Several of you are also coming up for contract renewal and as such are free to not renew your contract. There is also the fact that you can buy out at current stock prices. I will be sure that the PR department writes a tasteful piece about how we couldn't continue to work together due to my choice in wife." he added as he headed back to the head of the table. But for my personal information what is it about that you all find so distasteful the fact she is African, a meta, an orphan, or self-made?"

"More then likely all of the above." Ororo added as paused within the doorway.

"I can assure you that my concern rest sole with the bottom line." Philp Elton answered from were he had been sitting quietly in the corner.

" Then why are you here?" Bruce asked.

"Mcgregor showed me some early figures that had me worried." Elton responded.

"Do you have them with you?" Bruce asked.

"Sure." he replied as he pulled out a smart phone.

"May I?" Ororo asked as she held out her hand for the phone.

"Be my guest." Elton said as he handed over the phone. Ororo eyes clouded over as she activated the chip routing the information from the phone to a wireless monitor that took up one of the meeting room's wall. Documents started to appear all of them showing a drop in stack and profits for the coming quarter.

"I have never seen these before." Bruce stated as he reached for his phone. "Micheal I need you to bring me both the electronic and hard copy summaries of our current quarterly projections. Jonathon were exactly did you get these figures?" he asked.

"They were emailed to me with a report." Jonathon replied looking a bit nervous as he pulled out his own phone and handed it over to Ororo. The screen split as Ororo started to back trace the email.

"Bruce are you seeing what I am seeing?" Ororo asked.

"Yes, I do." Bruce answered. "Gentlemen Micheal Burton from accounting is going to, be up here soon to discuss just what is going one with our bottom line meanwhile I am going to step outside and contact our security company about plugging up these holes. If you still have some concerns I am more then willing to schedule some one on one appointments later on. Gentlemen." He stated as he held his hand out to Ororo. She placed the two cell phones down on the table and proceeded him out of the room.

As soon as the were out of the room he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. "Hi"

"Hi" she replied with a smile as the two of them headed for his office. "Talia"

"Talia, your sister." Bruce stated.

"The jury is still out on that but yes." Ororo stated as she opened the door and sat in front of his desk. "Want me to order lunch while you alert security and update everybody?"

"Yes, go ahead and pick what ever you you want." he replied as he picked up the phone and started making calls.