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Fireheart has gone MAD!

"The clan is all mine MUHAHAHAHA"

" What you say Fireheart?" Graystripe mewed with that tone Fierheart hated so much.

" Nothing Graystripe, nothing at all just mourning poor fat dead Bluestar, opps did I say that out loud? I'm totally not happy she's dead and all." He meowed sarcastically. "Nope nothing at all I did not say I hated her."

"Oh…ok see you later. Greystrpe meowed. "I guess"

"Yo Cinderpelt come here you cindery Cind…er…pelt?"

"Fireheart lets go to mothermouth." She meowed while ignoring Fireheart's odd ways.

When they got there Fireheart touched the moonstone and… "Asleep, asleep, asleep… man I said ASLEEP already make me go to sleep! Man is Starclan ASLEEP!"

"Hi Fireheart can I order, umm. Let's see ah yes I'll order a ham and mouse sandwich, with a small bucket of vole. Oh Fireheart I didn't know you worked at chubby mouse, wow cool."

"You know Bluestar do that magic thingamabob to let me have nineoruny lives… you know."

"Ok, Ok already, I Bluestar give you blah, blah, blah and poof you have nine lives and now I name you Firestar!" she mewed happily. "Cool I did it wow last time I tried I didn't do it rite a killed someone from starclan but of course he came back, I killed Oakheart. Hahahaha I laugh at it now heehaw, heehaw."

"Ok, cool I'm Firestar ruler of all clans MUHAHAHAHA (cough, hack, a choo, wheeze, hag) He he hairball."

When Firestar entered thunderclan camp he yowled: "all old enough to blah, blah, blah you know what to do!"


"WOW" Sandstorm yowled waving her head, "That sounds fun… weeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeeeeee… Tehe!

"Ok is any one else with me!" Firestar yowled back to his evil new clan.

"YES WE ARE YAY" thunderclan chanted over and over again.

"Muhahahahaha" Firestar Meowed loudly.

He looked around "why have you stopped your chanting?"

Thuderclan then chanted once again: YES WE ARE YAY YAY YAY!

Firestar marched into Windclan.

"Lets get this party started rite now!" Tallstar yowled so loud firestar Yowled back " my clan can yowl louder then your clan, Ha-ha"

"WAR!" Tallstar told his clan.

"Yowl your loudest or pay me a million prey or pizza".

"Thunderclan Yowl!" Firestar Yowled

So the war went on. (Thunderclan won)

So Windclan fallowed Thunderclan to Riverclan.

"Come join Thuderclan, Hey are you having a party without us? How rude oh you to just well no invite thunderclan but you invite shadowclan …" The Tallstar whispered something into Firestar's ear.

"And Windclan?" how rude… AND with out mouse bile dipped mice! How rude of them!" he turned to his clan and they all nodded agreeing with him. Then Cloudtail meowed " and with out Iams cat food!" every one stared at him oddly. "What its good stuff!" everyone rolled his or her big round juicy eyes Tigerstar noticed who was the Shadowclan leader. Then he pounce meowing. "MY precious cat eyes… perfect eyes for my collection!

"If you do kill someone Tigerstar I call the teeth" Firestar Yowled.

Then a war broke out, luckily no one got hurt except poor little Bramblepaw… he always gets hurt if it's a thorn in his paw or almost getting burnt. Poor Tanypaw she must be so embarrassed to have him as a brother. The kits didn't even get hurt… and their KITS!

"Why you? Why always you Bramblepaw. I'm never talking to you again."

"But it was Tigerstar he's evil can you blame me for my crazy dad trying to take my eyes out for souvenirs." Cried bramblepaw.

"You could have run away yowling like most cats your young crazy age, now go away." Tanypaw meowed.

"Ok." Firestar meowed. " Lets all join one clan, now what should we call it?"

"Tigerclan!" Tigerstar mewed.

"No it should be Leopardclan" Leopardstar meowed.

"No Tallclan." Tallstar mewed also.

"Your all wrong Fireclan cause I started this clan." Firestar meowed.

"NO it's Crazyclan and that's final!" Bramblepaw yowled.

Ok, fine it's settled Firestar is the leader of Crazyclan!

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