Harry knew he couldn't spend the next few days moping. He was lonely, but that was normal. The sad fact is, however, he did mope.

He was in the kitchen for breakfast and, having refused to wake up along with everyone else, ended up alone once more. The younger Weasley's were outside, playing Quidditch in the comfort of the Wizarding town. Draco and Ginny were… somewhere upstairs. Harry looked outside, to see how warm it would be. He nearly dropped his tea and crumpets when he saw who was approaching.


Harry ripped his wand out from his pocket and held it up. Like a spy, he inched over and slowly flung the door open. Distaste laced his voice. "Malfoy."

"That may work on my son, Potter, but you treat me with respect."

"I have no reason to."

"Ah yes. Haven't you heard? … I'm one of the … Light warriors." Lucius seemed to snicker at this.

Harry grudgingly put down his wand. "I suppose you want your son?"

"You think I would want you?"

Harry spun around. "DRACO! COME 'ERE. YOUR DADS HERE!"

A few seconds later, two people came down. "Draco.. Ginny." Lucius remarked. "I believe all of us have some important matters to perform."

Harry, who had left into the next room with his crumpets, overheard this, his ears perking up at the fact that Lucius called his ex Ginny. Feet hurried upstairs.

Harry had a decision to make. He chose to follow. They went throught the door of Ginny's room. Harry shoved his hand in his pocket. "Come on, come on…." He took out a flesh colored piece of strings. "Always knew Fred and Geroge's Extendable Ears would come in handy." He shoved one end in his ear, and the other end moved by itself underneath the crack of the door.

"..happening here…?!"

"Do not endanger it!"

A new voice. "What? Drac-"


"Why did you do it again!!?? Take it off now, Father! I told you, I do not like her!"

"You will do it, even if unwillingly! Imperi-'' Harry heard enough. He yanked out the Extendable Ears, and rushed through the door.


Lucius, was rocked forward by the surprise, inadvertently dodging the spell. Anger shadowed his face. "Discur-''

"FATHER!" Draco barreled into his dad, the haze from the beginning of the Imperious curse wearing off. Lucius's wand flew up into the air and into his son's hand. "Bindaro!" Lucius's face contorted as invisible ropes tied his body. Harry kneeled down and gazed deep into his eyes. After a while… "Stupefy."

Harry stood up and looked at Draco. "Draco."


It was weird for both of them to address each other by the first name. "What about-'' Harry started gesturing towards Ginny.

"She'll be fine. Just the haze."

"And him..?"

"I'm underage… first offense of mine, but not of the Weasley's. Someone from the Ministry should be here soon enough." His eyes glazed over. "He was lost to me as a father the day he tried to kill me for the Dark Arse."

Harry snorted. "I really am good, though." Draco continued. "And, it was hazy, but… she really likes you. I could tell through the Imperious Curse."

Harry closed his eyes. "Look… Draco. This is hard. After six years, I can't accept you as a friend. Not yet. Just some time."

"All right."


Okay, I really hated this chapter, but it's needed as a character development one.