Title New Arrival to the SwatKats

Jake, Chance, and Aleewood were in the garage when another taxi pulled up. Chance looked at the car.

A young, beautiful she-kat stepped out. Chance's jaw hit the floor, he was totally spaced out.

Chance, yelled a voice from out under the car.

It was Aleewood shouting at him. Chance finally looked at Aleewood.

Chance I asked for One and a half not One and One forth stay forced, shouted Aleewood.

Sorry Aleewood we have company, said Chance.

Aleewood looked at Chance then went back under the car. The she-kat walked up to Chance.

Hi do you know where I can find Aleewood Tintail, She asked.

Yeah she's right here, Chance replied.

Chance pulled Aleewood out from under the car.

Aunt Aleewood, questioned the she-kat.

Jenny is that you, said Aleewood.

Yeah it's me Aunt Aleewood, answered Jenny.

Whats the matter, asked Aleewood.

Aunt Aleewood my mom and dad are dead, said Jenny as she started to cry.

Aleewood got out from under the car and hugged her niece as she cried over the lose of her brother.

Jenny and Aleewood walked upstairs. Jake and Chance followed them.

Aleewood and Jenny were sitting on the couch. Jake walked over and sat next to Aleewood and hugged her.

Aunt Aleewood I don't have anymore family, cried Jenny.

Jenny you still have family, said Jake.

Thats right you have your Aunt Aleewood here, added Chance.

You can live here at the salvage yard with us, said Aleewood.

Really, answered Jenny.

If it's alright with the boys, replied Aleewood.

Yeah its okay with me, said Jake.

Welcome to the family kid, added Chance.

Jenny jumped up onto Chance and hugged him.

Thank you everybody, said Jenny as she hugged Chance.