Chapter 3 found

Jenny was looking around when all of a sudden the alarm off, and she heard voice's down the ladder.

Oh no their coming, I got to hide, said Jenny.

Jenny ran behind Jake's work bench.

She saw her family run through the door.

SwatKats, yelled Callie.

What is it Miss. Briggs, responded Shadow.

There's a giant slug downtown, Before you guys answered I heard another voice, said Callie.

But we're the only one's down here, said Razor.

You guy's go I'll stay and find this other kat, replied Shadow.

Razor and T-bone ran to the turbokat and took off to downtown MKC. After T-bone and Razor left Shadow looked around the hanger, Then she looked at Jake's work bench. She saw the end of someone's tail. Shadow walked towards it, She got closer she walked around the table and saw a small kat. She creped up behind her and put a hand on Jenny's shoulder, Jenny jumped.

Jenny what are you doing down here, said Shadow.

Aunt Aleewood I... I was curious, replied Jenny.

My name is Shadow, now that you know it's time to have a talk, responded Shadow.

Okay, added Jenny.

Now that you know our secret you can't tell anyone about it you promise not to tell, said Shadow.

I promise not to tell Shadow, But won't I become a Swat Kat, asked Jenny.

Yes you will become a Swat Kat, answered Shadow.

An hour later Razor and T-bone got back to the hanger.

Hey Shadow did you find out who was down here, asked T-bone.

Jenny stepped out from behind Shadow.

Jenny was down here, said T-bone.

Yeah don't be mad guy's, replied Jenny.

We're not mad at you Jenny we're happy that you found the hanger, said Razor.

In fact we knew that you would find the hanger one day, responded T-bone.

We're happy to have you on the team Jenny, said Shadow as she handed Jenny her mask and flight suit.

Jenny's eye's started to tear she hugged T-bone, Razor, and Shadow.

So what's your name going to be now that your a Swat Kat, asked T-bone.

Klaws, said Jenny.

Welcome to the team Klaws.