Well, I've never written shounen-ai before, but this time, I'm going to give it a try (it was a request by a friend). This fic is also written for the lj community 10passions; so naturally, it's going to be 10 chapters. Enjoy.


WARNING: AU, later OOC, shounen-ai

PAIRINGS: Oshitari/Mukahi

Chapter 1- Meet

It was a perfect day. The sun was shining, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky; a perfect day to chill out and have fun. To him, it was a day that was starting to bore him out. Instead of playing around carefree like the wind, he was stuck in classroom 2-1 listening to his boring college professor talk about the parts of an animal cell and their functions. There was nothing interesting about what is inside anyone's cells for heaven's sake! Why do people think that anyone will actually be interested in these kinds of-

"Mukahi, the answer."

The said boy snapped out of his train of thought. Great, now he was going to get busted because he drifted off. Well, it wasn't entirely his fault. The teacher needs to make the class more interesting.

Mukahi felt a piece of paper on his arm and he read it quickly. It said, "Page 75, second paragraph." He scanned the paragraph before saying the answer. "The nucleus."

The teacher seemed astounded, but never the less, left it alone. Mukahi had gotten the answer right, so that was all that mattered.

The redhead glanced at his rescuer sitting in back of him. Dark blue hair covered a sexy-looking face donned with a pair of glasses that only suited him. Oshitari Yuushi. That student was an enigma to him as well as everyone else. He showed up in the second semester as a transfer student from Osaka and immediately established himself as a tensai. He could solve those Trigonometry equations in a flash and already knew several things about Genetics before anyone else despite the fact that he only took half the classes that Mukahi was taking.

Mukahi could never figure out how he could become a tensai when he never spoke one word in class. In fact, he never saw him speak one word to anyone. When girls asked him out, he politely shook his head, and when teachers called him to answer a question, which rarely happened, he would point to a part on the diagram or come to the board to do the math out. After the second week, the redhead could only assume that maybe it was his test grades.

The bell rang signaling for the lunch break to begin. Happy to be done with Biology for the day, Mukahi headed for the cafeteria and found an empty table. He took out his bento and began munching on a cone sushi happily. His mother always made good lunches. Around him, people were getting out varieties of food for lunch.

He was halfway through his bento when he felt a tap on his shoulder. The redhead looked up to see Oshitari Yuushi standing next to his desk. The tensai had a blank look and was staring at him as if he was expecting something.

"Can I help you?" Mukahi asked. Oshitari said nothing and drew something in the air with his finger. "I said, 'Can I help you'?" The tensai only repeated his gestures, but more slowly. The redhead was starting to get annoyed and said, "Will you just tell me what you're doing next to my desk already?"

Calmly, the tensai pulled out a sheet of paper and a pencil and wrote, "Will you lend me 300 yen?"

Mukahi read the note. "Oh, well, why didn't you say so in the first place? You could have just told me, you know." Pulling out three 100-yen coins from his pocket, the redhead handed the coins to the other student. Oshitari nodded his head in gratitude before leaving Mukahi alone.

"Must be a shy one," Mukahi thought to himself as he watched the tensai head for the lunch line. "Either that or a stupid one."


The bell rang signaling the end of class. Mukahi, glad to be done with school for the day, packed up his belongings and started to leave. As he headed for the door, he noticed that Oshitari hadn't moved a muscle to leave. His nose was still stuck in his textbook.

"Who stays at their desk reading their textbook when school's out?" Mukahi thought to himself. "Didn't he hear the bell ring? Or was he too engrossed in the book?"

Mukahi approached Oshitari's desk. "Oi!" Oshitari didn't move and kept on reading. "Oi!" He still didn't move. Fed up, Mukahi took out a book from his bag and banged it on the textbook. "Oi!" Oshitari immediately snapped up. "Class is done, Oshitari. Are you going to be here the whole day?"

The tensai immediately packed up his textbook and headed out nodding to Mukahi on the way out slightly pink from embarrassment. The redhead kept staring at Oshitari as he headed out. That guy was unbelievable! Even when doing something simple as asking for lunch money, he takes the hard way and writes the question down instead of saying it.

"Oi, Mukahi!" Mukahi snapped his gaze away from Oshitari and to the speaker. "Do you like college that much?"

"Urusai, Taki!" the redhead replied blushing a fake pink in embarrassment before racing out of the classroom.

The redhead left in a mad huff. Trust everyone to get on his nerves. He stomped out of the building and away from the school. His mother wouldn't be back home until late in the night, so he decided to go for a walk.

His feet took him to a dock. The dock itself was empty except for some equipment. Mukahi put his bag down… and gasped at how beautiful the buildings looked with the sunset. The scenery felt peaceful. It took away all the stress from college with only one look. He began to walk up and down the dock admiring the view.

He wasn't watching where he was going and accidentally tripped on one of the thick, coiled ropes on the dock. Not being able to catch his balance fast enough, the redhead fell into the water with a loud splash. Gagging for breath, Mukahi tried to kick towards the surface, but to no avail. He had never made a point in learning how to swim, despite the fact that Japan was an island country. He could only kick helplessly as water began to fill his lungs.

As his vision began to blur, he noticed someone swimming towards him. He could barely make out the features as he began to black out, but whoever it was, he could only hope that they would help.


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