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WARNING: AU, little OOC, shounen-ai

PAIRING: Oshitari/Mukahi

Epilogue- Tsuki to Houshi

"Oi Mukahi! Hurry up and finish shelving those books!" a short brunette yelled from across the store.

"I know already!" the redhead yelled back before carrying the heavy box over to the correct bookshelf. "Why don't you start putting in some more books?"

"Are you kidding? I've got at least fifty more catalogs to fill out!"

Mukahi growled as the brunette went back to work. After Oshitari left, Mukahi had the apartment to himself, but he knew that he couldn't work off the bills without a job, so he got one at a bookstore. The pay was okay, but Oshitari's job at a restaurant paid more. It was a good thing for Mukahi since he got discounts when he bought books for college.

He and Oshitari kept in contact through letters since Mukahi didn't have a computer and Oshitari couldn't get near a phone for a while. The letters were nice to read, but Mukahi ended up writing saying that Oshitari shouldn't be so sappy when he writes. In the letters, Oshitari described how the rehab was and what kind of people were there. He seemed to be doing fine and Mukahi was looking forward to hear what Oshitari sounded like.

"Omae wa… ore no… tokusei… houshi da."

The voice that Oshitari used when he told the redhead how he felt was a low, hoarse voice. What Mukahi imagined to be Oshitari's voice was a low, drawling voice with a Kansai dialect inserted. Mukahi couldn't remember how Oshitari sounded in junior high, but it didn't seem to matter to him because he was looking forward to seeing the silent tensai so much that he kept a calendar to keep track of the days until Oshitari came back.

"Oi, Mukahi!" the brunette called. "Can you put those new novels in the romance section?"

Romance? Gross…

"Fine," the redhead replied grumpily.

Grabbing the set of books out of the box, he carried them over to his worst section in the bookstore and began putting them on the shelf. He was putting the last of the copies on the shelf, when the title of the novel caught his eye.

On the spine, in fluid handwriting, were the words Tsuki to Houshi, and the author's name was simply written as Oshitari Yuushi.


Oshitari could almost smile when he heard a woman and her child walking and talking together. It was good to hear again. He managed to go through the rehab fine. The speech therapy was a little harder than he expected, but he pulled through eventually. His hearing wasn't perfect, but he was no longer 100 percent deaf either.

The silent tensai reread Gakuto's last letter. It said that he couldn't wait for him to come back and everyone was doing fine, except for Jirou. Oshitari almost broke down when he heard what happened to his friend. Atobe had broken up with Jirou, but was still coming over for one-night stands even though he had Shishido. Jirou had put up with it for a while, until he got fed up and decided to take that study abroad offer he got.

Jirou… Gakuto always thought that you were the one to change Atobe. I guess not…


Mukahi couldn't help but keep staring at the book. He had snuck it out of the shop and left the money in the cash register because he was interested. Yuushi had written a book while he was in rehab? It was a romance novel, but a book nonetheless.

On the cover was a picture, probably a photograph, of a boy and a girl in their college years. Below the faces were shadowy figures of a boy and girl around junior high sitting on playground equipment. Above the faces was a picture of a crescent moon next to a single star in the star. It was quite a sight and perfect for a romance novel.

Turning to the back of the book, Mukahi read the summary. It was about Satomi and Ruiko, two childhood friends who gave anonymous names. The plotline seemed to be about his… no, their lives together. The story was straight, though, but Oshitari probably knew that gay romance wasn't that popular now in days, so Mukahi didn't say anything about that.

But, wasn't he studying to be a doctor?

Mukahi unlocked the apartment and opened it, only to be left standing in shock with a surprise.

Yuushi was standing at the kitchen making dinner. The silent tensai turned and said in a low drawling voice with a Kansai accent, "Hi, Gakuto."

Gakuto dropped the book in shock. Why was Yuushi back already? Checking the calendar hanging nearby, he noticed that today was October 15, the day that Yuushi came back.

He hadn't notice the tensai come over to pick up the book. "Gakuto, I didn't know that you enjoyed romance," he said with a grin.

The redhead snapped out of his shock and glared at Yuushi. "I was only curious," he muttered. Upon hearing Gakuto's embarrassed comment, Yuushi couldn't help but laugh. It was good to hear again.


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Preview to Gin no Shunkan

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