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Whitepaw sighed while checking Longtail's pelt for ticks. The elder was not paying much attention to what the apprentice was doing and Whitepaw became lost in thought. She was the only one to take care of the elders now- the only apprentice. Squirrelflight was a warrior and so was Spiderleg. Shrewpaw died and now she was left the only apprentice since, what seemed, many moons ago. She put the mouse bile soaked moss to the side and asked Longtail lightly. "There do you think I got all the ticks off?" The pale tabby elder looked at her for a second then nodded. Relieved the white she-cat left the elders' den planning to rinse the mouse bile from her paws.

Walking out camp she wandered when she would be made a warrior. She felt ready to be a warrior, and pleased at the fact with being with several others and not a lone apprentice. Feeling light headed she stalked out of camp passing Squirrelflight on the way out. The dark ginger she-cat had a juicy looking vole in her jaws and Whitepaw got the oppression she had been out hunting. Dropping the vole for a second she turned to Whitepaw. She didn't say anything but looked across the clearing to where Brambleclaw was setting a longing look in her eyes. Sighing, Squirrelflight picked up her vole and went to the fresh-kill pile. Whitepaw felt a stab of envy hit her as she remembered she was the one of the cats who traveled to the sun-drown place and became a warrior. After remembering the look she saw in the she-cats eyes the white apprentice thought it was better to be a normal plain apprentice. She headed out of camp the mouse bile still needed to be cleaned from her paws.

Whitepaw returned to camp a piece of prey clamped in her jaws. Seeing Brightheart, her mother, the white cat walked over dropping the prey in the fresh-kill pile on the way. Sitting down, she tucked her paws under her and looked at her mother. Brightheart turned so the good side of her face faced her. Whitepaw shivered and felt deeply sorry for the white-and-ginger she-cat for what happened to her from the dog pack.

"Hello, Whitepaw." She meowed. "You seemed lost in thought today. Anything wrong?"

Whitepaw flicked her tail uneasily looking at the ground.

"Well its just that I want to be made a warrior. I'm the only one! I don't want to take care of the elders ticks, or going through the same exact training sessions over and over again. I want to be a warrior now, not a lone apprentice." Whitepaw practically shouted shifting from where she was sitting uncomfortably.

Brightheart just smiled her one good eye looking into her daughters. "Well I tell you how my face became like this was because I wanted to be a warrior." She purred.

Whitepaw blinked knowing she got her injuries from a dog-pack but what made her face it was not very clear. Brightheart sighed and then continued.

"Cloudtail was made a warrior though three other cats where suppose to have a warrior ceremony with him. Thornclaw, me and an apprentice Swiftpaw. Swiftpaw wasn't happy with the fact that he wasn't made a warrior and wanted to prove himself that he should." Brightheart paused lost in memories. The she-cat looked around the camp before returning her gaze back to Whitepaw. "He wanted to see what was causing all the prey shortage after the fire. And get rid of it to prove to be fit being a warrior. I was the only apprentice that went with him." She closed her eye and Whitepaw noticed a shiver go through her as she remembered that day. "Swiftpaw never returned alive from the meeting with the dog pack, and I got a half scarred face to remind me of it." Opening her eye she observed Whitepaw and touched her shoulder with her tail tip. "Cloudtail made me get through and now I'm good as ever at hunting and fighting, like it never happened." Whitepaw blinked and nodded pressing against Brightheart to comfort her. Brightheart gave her quick lick at her ear and murmured "Now you be a warrior soon enough, don't try to prove yourself to become one now. It would put you in a worse place then being a lone apprentice."

Feeling calm and more relaxed at what her mother told her, Whitepaw pressed her muzzle against hers and muttered. "Thanks, Brightheart. I promise I won't do anything stupid." Walking away to the apprentices' den she felt much calmer now. Staring at normal camp life she let her muscles relax. Stretching out she curled up in a ball and let peaceful sleep overcome her.

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