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Thunder struck the ground as the rain poured down. A tiny figured dressed in a black velvet cape made her way towards the church. Entering St. Peter's she removed her hood, and piercing green eyes stared, and her curly brownish red hair fell to her shoulders. It was very late, and no one was in the church, a few candles illumined the impressive church. She entered the confession booth. Cardinal Jinette opened the panel between his booth and the confession booth.

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned," she murmured.

"And what have you done my child?" Cardinal Jinette replied.

"I let Dracula be resurrected," she said and then looked to the Cardinal. "I know of the Order, and I've come to beg for your help."

"My child I know not of which you speak," Cardinal Jinette gasped. How could she have known, it was impossible.

"Don't lie," she replied, her voice becoming more stronger, and determined. "I was told by the other side to come here and speak to you. You have the key to Dracula's destruction. Where is Van Helsing?"

"Who is this Van Helsing?" Cardinal Jinette refused to cave into this woman he saw before him.

"Gabriel Van Helsing working for the Knights of the Holy Order destroyed Dracula two years ago, allowing the Valerious Family into the gates of heaven. Stop me when I've gotten it wrong?" she smiled. "However, Van Helsing did accidentally kill Anna, the last of the Valerious, when she saved him from the werewolf curse. He killed in 1462 a man named Count Vladislaus Dragulia. Your count Dracula. Van Helsing started it and he is damn well going to finish it."

"Who are you exactly," Cardinal Jinette gaped at her.

"I am the night," she replied.

"A name perhaps?"

"Call me Atrum," she replied.

"Latin for dark?"

"Dark as night," Atrum smiled at him. "Now will you help me against Dracula, or am I going to have to find Van Helsing on my own?"

Cardinal Jinette sighed, and press a button to open the divider between them. She followed him down the stairs. They walked past holy men testing weapons, sharpening axes, one was praying. Atrum looked around taking it all in. They stopped in front of a man with weird glasses over his eyes.

"Atrum," Cardinal Jinette started. "This is Carl, Van Helsing's assistant of sorts. Carl this is Atrum, she is here looking for Van Helsing."

"Van Helsing?" Carl looked up, being brought up out of his work. "Isn't he in London taking care of a Warlock?"

"Beside the point," Cardinal Jinette said glaring at Carl to shut up.

"So you are finally taking down Stefan," Atrum laughed. The Cardinal and Carl stared at her. "Well he's the only Warlock I know to still be in London. Bit of a bad egg if you ask me."

"How do you know of this Warlock?" Jinette asked staring down the mysterious girl.

"I use to caste spells with him, when he was a sorcerer. Going Warlock, it was a shame. Nice kid growing up though."

"Caste spells?" they both gasped.

"Did I forget to mention I'm a witch?" she laughed nervously.

"A witch?" they turned to face the speaker. "Oh that Warlock, he poofed before I could kill or capture him."

"Apperated," she mutter.

"Huh?" they all said at the same time.

"He Apperated," she huffed, they all stared at her blankly. "Meaning he transported himself to a different location through magical means, escaping Van Helsing."

"Right," Van Helsing said as he eyed Atrum. "Who's she?"

"I'm Atrum," she introduced her self holding out a black lace gloved hand from her cape. Van Helsing just stared. Atrum rolled her eyes and withdrew her hand. "I'm the one who is taking you to Dracula."

"Dracula is dead," Van Helsing snorted. "So are you guys going to tell me where the Warlock disappeared to?"

"He's at the Lion's arm in Williamsburg, Virginia," Atrum stated. "Out of your jurisdiction I believe."

"And just how do you know that?" Carl gaped at her.

"Easy," Atrum sighed. "He always go there when he is in trouble in London. It's his favorite tavern. So about Dracula…"

"Why should I believe you," Van Helsing said cutting her off.

"Right, I'll just show you," Atrum stated as she grabbed Van Helsing's arm. In a cloud of black smoke they where gone and Van Helsing found himself in a dim lit tavern. "There." She pointed to a man sitting in a corner nursing a drink. "Stephen just as promised."

"How," Van Helsing started, but then they vanished again. They reappeared in front of a stunned Carl and Cardinal. "That was insane! How did you do that!"

"I'm a witch for the millionth time," She hissed. "Now can we please talk about Dracula!"

"Can we help a witch?" Carl asked the Cardinal. "I mean isn't witch craft a sin?"

"Under the eyes of your deity yes, but under my deity karma will decided if what you do was wrong or not," Atrum replied. "My deity lead me to you, ask your God if it makes you feel better. But rest assured I am here to do your God's will."

"If you are here to do God's will you must stop with the Devil tricks!" Cardinal Jinette ordered.

"How dare you," Atrum roared with anger. "DEVIL TRICKS! I do not, have not, and will NEVER work for the Devil! He has no power over me. I am no Warlock, I am a natural witch who obeys her Goddess. You accuse me of Devil worship again, and I'll let Dracula have you."

"Okay calm down," Van Helsing said. The Cardinal stared at Atrum speechless. "So back to Transylvania?"

"Nein," Atrum said. "To Siberia."

"Siberia," Carl gasped. Van Helsing looked to Carl. "Oh no Van Helsing! I'm not going to Siberia!" Van Helsing wrapped his arm around Atrum and started to lead her out. "I'm serious! Van Helsing! You listening!"

"Carl," Cardinal Jinette said, as he cleared his throat. Carl stared at him before her threw up his hands in defeat.

"Wait up Van Helsing!" Carl called after him.

"Lord protect our souls," Cardinal Jinette muttered as he watched them leave.

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