A/N: Hey guys! My names Kita and this is my first fan fic ever! Since 'The Fast and The Furious' is my favorite movie ever, I decided "hey! why not do a fan fiction story on it." So take it easy on me and help me out some please!

Summary: This is the story of Sasha Marie Rodriguez. Will her 'tough ass' reputation be tested by a new family? A new guy? Does someone from the team have a long lost family member they never knew about? Okay this summary is stupid but read anyways!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the 'TFATF' or '2F2F' characters. I only own those you do not recognize.

Character Introduction:

Sasha Rodriguez

Nicknames: Sash

DOB: February 14, 1989

Age: 17

Hometown: Texas

Currently resides: L.A.

Hair: long dark brown w/ light brown highlights

Eyes: light brown

Sibilings: 1 brother, Anthony (12)

Style: Tomboy (baggy jeans, combat boots, loose tees, etc.)

Other info: tomboy, bad attitude, her best friend is Diana Martinez, Sasha is half black-half mexican, loves racing cars, Junior in high school

Diana Martinez

Nicknames: Di

DOB: August 19, 1988

Age: 18

Hometown: L.A

Hair: long dark brown w/ blond highlights

Eyes: green

Sibilings: none

Style: girly girl (tight jeans, tight shirts, flips flops, make-up, etc.)

Other info: happy-go-lucky personality, Sasha's best friend, Mexican, not too much into racing but loves cars, Junior at school

Jason Davis

Nicknames: JD, Jay, Jase

Age: 17

Resides: L.A.

Hair: short, dark brown

Eyes: light greyish-blue

Other info: popular Junior, likes Sasha, knows nothing about racing cars

I'll introduce more characters as they come along. Well read and enjoy!