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Horrific Memories

The beach is a place where people have fun. Children build sandcastles and swim in the ocean, while adults sit under the sun and tan. It is a nice place to be whenever people want to escape reality and have fun.

Not Kari.

Whenever she thinks of, or travels to, the beach, bad images swirl in her head.

The children are disguised as Scubamon, their lollygagging nothing more than bait for her to come join them, just so they can capture her.

The chilly air from the water represents darkness. The cold, unwelcoming darkness that nearly controlled her…

The birds are Airdramon. She waits for them to dive and take her away.

The sun is the lighthouse. It signals those and tells them what is coming.

And the clouds… it is the Dark Ocean Master. She senses it approaching, and it terrifies her to no end. Brave or not, it really affects her.

The beach gives her memories that started it all long ago… the Scubamon trying to take her away, the Powers of Darkness trying to take her freedom. It all scares her, it really does.

The memories of it all – they are so painful. She wants them to leave her mind, but she cannot for some reason. What can she do to get rid of it? What can she do? Something? Anything?

Frankly, nothing can be done. These memories are stuck with her. They will not go away, whether she likes it or not.

But what she can really do is consider how the World of Darkness affects her positively. That way, she can move on and try her best to cope with it.

Nevertheless, the World of Darkness is just like an eternal memory itself.

It never goes away; it just stays there.