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I've gotten a lot of requests to continue the fic Vengeances. This is sort of in response to that. I've been re-reading a lot of my old stuff and cringing… This an attempt at realistic (AU) Vergil/Lady. The very beginnings.




He felt naked without Yamato. He could still summon swords, he wasn't defenseless, but… it wasn't supposed to be like this. Mundus should be dead by now (if he'd lost to Dante, how could he defeat Mundus?) after Vergil had jumped into hell, but Dante had sent that succubus flying after him to drain his energy until he fell unconscious and they had carried him out of hell.

He was staring out the window again, scowling like some cloud had personally offended him. Blue hawk eyes unfocused. If looks could kill, but Dante wasn't looking, Dante was out buying food for the four of them. She was sharing her hotel room with three demons. Well, two of them were half-demons. So she was sharing her room with two demons? Good thing there were two beds. Dante had somehow managed to commandeer a cot even though the hotel was now full of refugees and Lady had one bed, Nevan the cot, and Vergil and Dante shared the second bed. Tomorrow they'd go home. It hadn't been home in years.

The woman, Arkham's daughter who Dante called Lady, was trying not to stare at him. He could sense when someone was focused on him, it was very obvious. He didn't want to tell her to stop it. That would require acknowledging her. So he waited for Dante to return. That was the one upside of Dante threatening to have the succubus collect him if he ran away: he would spend time with Dante. He had a chance to convince Dante to accept his true powers and destiny. Time as well for Vergil to recover his powers and challenge Dante for their father's sword. He was the eldest, it was his inheritance.

His eyes had narrowed, he was clearly thinking. First deeper annoyance, and somehow she knew it was focused at her. Well, tough luck, she wasn't letting him out of her sight. Someone needed to keep an eye on him after he'd almost turned the world into demonville. Then something softer, then anticipation? Just brief flickers, he was very hard to read but she'd always had a talent for it, just like she was stronger than most girls… was it because of her ancestress?

Foolish Dante, thinking this girl could prevent him from escaping. Vergil didn't need a nursemaid, he had given his word. At least Dante had seemed to take his word that he would stay. He had done many things to Dante, but never lied to him. He had failed to tell the truth, true, but… No, he had done it for Dante as well as himself and Sparda's legacy. He had no reason to feel guilt.

Was that guilt on his face? Was he capable of guilt? He'd called her a foolish girl then but he'd been played by Arkham too. The room was silent, and she wanted to say something, but she didn't want to see contempt in his eyes focused on her. He'd studied her like an insect under glass that time, eyes piercing her soul and finding her wanting. She'd hated that feeling. At least he wasn't interested in her. Not like Dante. He'd tried to kiss her. A demon. It had made her skin crawl. Now she regretted it, that had been cruel to him, but… no.

She was studying him like he had momentarily studied her. A human thought she could understand him? Pitiful. At least she was keeping quiet. He didn't want to hear her voice. There was a certain resemblance to Arkham's that made him remember his shame. He should have known better! Well, at least he had the sword now, he'd gotten what he wanted. Mundus would die, eventually. He would have more years to train. This might turn out for the best, not that he would tell Dante that.

After everything she'd still loved her father, and she could tell Dante still loved Vergil. Though there was old hurt in his eyes, under the joking surface. They'd fought back to back, Vergil using magical swords that came out of nowhere and hand-to-hand. She'd been busy fighting her own share of the demons, but he was very, very good. As inhumanly strong and beautiful as Dante. His face was in harsh light, but even that didn't decrease his attractiveness.

A whiff of lust, and he couldn't keep from smiling slightly. He had that effect on most women and a surprising amount of men, like those thugs last year that had thought they could take Yamato and then have some fun with the pretty boy. Fools. They were murderers, even Dante wouldn't object to killing them. Dante felt protective towards her. Hmm… she was easily fooled. Perhaps he should try to get her on his side? She understood vengeance, after all. Trying to avenge her mother was laudable, even if her pitiful human nature meant she couldn't succeed.

He was plotting something, looking altogether too cheerful, and that only made him more beautiful. A sly devil. His father had been able to get a human woman have his children and raise them willingly, after all. The demoness was a succubus, should Vergil, who was more powerful, be any less seductive? She would have to guard herself. He might have free will, but he'd chosen to be evil. Right? But what he'd said to Dante… she should not condemn before she understood his reasons, right? It was only fair.

He was going to have to pretend to not hold her in contempt. Truth be told, that wouldn't be too difficult. She had earned Dante's respect. She reminded him of Mother, to a degree. They were both demon slayers. Though Mother had known what she was doing… Lady was brave. As suicidal as Dante. Father had found Mother worthy… was there something he was missing? Where had Dante found the power to win? Had he gotten it from her, the power to protect? He needed all the power he could gain.

He was looking at her now, and it was intensely awkward. She was blushing, and couldn't look away, caught looking at him. He seemed very amused, and good humor made him seem more human, even more beautiful. She wanted to say something along the lines of "you should smile more often." She didn't want to think what his reaction to her saying something like that would be. He was so perfect he made her feel ugly. He clearly considered himself a member of the superior race. White hair wasn't quite blond, but blue eyes, white skin…

She was blushing. Mother wouldn't have blushed. Mother would have raised an eyebrow and asked, "What are you looking at?" Or considered having her beauty admired only her due. Ah, there. Her chin rose and her eyes glared slightly, confrontational and trying to be proud. Like a hissing kitten somehow, he had fed stray ones once. Left them behind, no time for pets. He could imagine Dante's reaction if he ever found that out. He nodded in acknowledgement of her and looked away.

Well. That was some… respect? At least the awkward moment was past. And he was back to staring out the window and she was back to staring at him. When was Dante getting back? Vergil was shrugging off his coat now. My, his arms were well muscled. It wasn't fair, she was sharing a room with two guys she really shouldn't be attracted to. She'd thought Dante would be the dangerous one! In the attractive sense, not the dangerous to humanity sense.

Ah, more lust. Still well-controlled. Humans were ruled by their emotions. Dante was going to end up sleeping with the succubus. Now… he would have preferred a demoness, but… why was he considering sleeping with the woman? She was a foolish girl. But she was brave and determined. She was… she tried to be strong, at least. If he broke her heart Dante would be highly annoyed. Still… Dante had clearly been attracted to her. If she fell for Vergil instead… and if she argued on Vergil's side Dante would listen to her. He should say something. "Mary?"

"What?" she asked, annoyed. "And my name is Lady."

"Lady," he said, seeming to savor it. A title. She wanted honor. She wanted… a knight? Dante had called her this. "I will remember." Another nod.

Why did she feel like she'd just won an award? "Vergil, right?"

"Yes." So they were talking. Her voice wasn't too much like Arkham's. Almost pleasant. Rough around the edges. Very like Dante. Annoying, but… endearing? "I apologize for calling you foolish. After all, I was also deceived by Arkham. I thought I had killed him. I had been looking forward to doing that: I needed him but he had killed his wife." No excuse for that. Only the truth, the best way to lie.

"I'm glad you didn't. I wanted to be the one to kill him."

Vergil nodded. "And I shall be the one to kill Mundus, who ordered my mother's death."

Kill Mundus? That was what he had said to Dante, enraged at being rescued… what had really been going on in that tower? Careful, she shouldn't be too trusting… she would have to verify everything with Dante. Just because he looked like a noble knight, just because he had also lost his mother. She needed to be careful who she trusted. He had worked with her… Arkham, after all. (And he was a demon.) "So… you were after Sparda's power, right?"