Life of a sky pirate

Disclaimer: The edge chronicles belong to Paul Steward

Quint was the greatest apprentice the knight's academy had ever seen. And yey he stil wouldn't let him go stormchasing. They took away the years of his prime, his honour and the chance to go stormchasing. But they couldn't take away his sky ship , the Stormchaser.

Quint was walking through the streets of Undertown looking for a tavern.He was still wearing the armor the knight's academy had given him.He wanted to drown his sorrows in woodgrog and forget...everything.He walked into the first tavern he saw.The bloodoak tavern.

Cloud Wolf as he was now known as, was an alien figure in the tavern. Goblins and sky pirates were everywhere but there was no other Sancathphrax academics in the tavern. He sat down at the bar. "Hello, darling and who are you?" A shryke aproached him. A shryke with a magnicifent purple and orange plumage. Cloud Wolf stared at her. "Have you heard the news about Sancataphrax?" he asked quietly. The shryke smiled. "So your the knight academic who got the boot!" she cackeled. She held out her talon. "I'm mother Horsefeather." Cloud Wolf shook the talon and stared away. "I heard of your other announcement.About wanting to become a sky pirate." Her beak curved into a smile. Cloud Wolf had heard rumours that this shryke had certian...dealings with sky pirates.For the first time since the seremony he smiled. Noticing this Mother Horsefeather pressed on. "I've your interested in a business arrangment, come tell me" she walked off and started serving woodgrog to several rowdy cloddertrogs.Cloud wolf was deep in thought. He still had the stormchaser.All he needed was a crew. He could take Maris...

Cloud wolf was walking through the tavern searching for able bodied crew members.He couldn't find anyone who looked trustworthy. His eyes fell on three people sitting in a corner. One was red headed with a short beard. The other was bald with a full jaw. The third was an oakelf with big brown eyes. They were talking happily. They seemed to be sky pirates if you looked at their clothing.The all wore longcoats and had telescopes. Moreover they had little eqiupment on them that indicated they weren't serving as a crew at the moment. He walked over at them and asked "Can I buy you some woodgrog?" It was customary to first buy drinks before hiring crew members. The three men stared at him. He looked like a knight academic and a rich one at that. "Since when do academics hire sky pirates?" asked the redheaded one gruffly. The bald headed one took the offered woodgrog. "When they've been kicked out of the academy Tem my old friend." Cloud Wolf paused.The story had spread farther than he had first realised. The oakelf looked up. "The names Spiker. That's Tem Barkwater. And that's Stope." He said indicating his two friends. "You have a ship?" asked Tem. He seemed friendly enough. Cloud Wolf smiled. "I have the Stormchaser. So what to you spesilise in?" It was Stope who answered. "I do repairs and basic skysailing. As does Tem, cept he is also a cook. Spiker is one the best lookouts you will ever find." The four chatted about skysailing and Quint's adventures when a tall person approached.He had a sly look and clever eyes. "I heard a knight academic was searching for crewmembers. If you are looking for a quartermaster look no further." He smiled brightly at the silence that followed. "We need at least one more person." Said Tem. Cloudwolf took out his pouch of coins and handed some to Stope. "Welcome to the Stormchaser."

With only four crewmembers and no stone pilot sailing was difficult. However the Stormchaser was small and they managed. They flew up to Sancataphrax. Cloud Wolf wanted to say good bye to the professor of light. He found the professor in a small office. His old office was taken over by Vilinix. The professor looked sad. "Sancataphrax has failed you. I accept your desiscion."Quint sat in a chair in front of the proffesor's desk. "How long do you think it will be untill Stormchasing in neccassery again?" The question was casual but anxiously asked. The professor of light looked at him with watery eyes. "Several years. The need will arrive, but will you answer it?" Quint didn't know what to say.Fortunetly he didn't have to. "Goodbye, Cloud Wolf." Said the professor sadly.He acceptedthe change from academic to sky pirate without a second a second glance.

Later in Undertown Cloud Wolf approached Maris's house.She opened the door and jumped into his arms. "Quint it's so nice to see you! I heard the news..." There was worry in her eyes. Cloud Wolf looked at her for a long moment. "Long ago I promised I would take you with me when I start sailing through the edgelands.I'm starting tommorow." Maris smiled at him. "Of course I'll come." She said.