Drunken Revelries

Disclaimer: The edge chronicles Belong to Paul Steward.

Quint couldn't believe he had sunk so long. What's worse, he was pretty sure he knocked Maris up. Cloud Wolf allowed himself a brief grin. Knocked her up. That was something no academic would say. The grin was followed by a groan. He really shouldn't have drunk so much ale the previous night.


Quint stumbled into the table at the Blood Oak. He didn't really care. He had broken several tables, a chair and one guy's peg leg. He was really wasted. He intended to just lay down and prepare himself for the inevitable headache. Only Maris screwed that idea up. She came to him in the night.

She looked deep into his eyes, hers shining with tears and defiance. "Quint to you really think that I care about the skyship?" she asked , her voice nearly breaking. Earlier Quint, in one of his drunken raves Quint obviously sprouted something which Maris thought meant he thought she thought he was a failure. Personally, Quint was amazed he could come up with that kind of logic while completely wasted.

"Ughnn." was his only answer. Maris looked even angrier. Obviously that Ughn, sounded agreeing.

"Well, I don't !" she yelled. "It was never about the sky sailing! It was you! You! Being with you!" Maris looked beside herself with fury. Cloud Wolf did the only thing he could think of and kissed her hard. The rest, is at best, hazy.

End Flashback

Cloud Wolf had no idea what happened next. He was pissed off so had decided to go back to the thing that got him in this whole mess. More wood grog. He entered the first tavern he could see. Maybe there would be a sympathetic barkeeper to talk to.

"Woodgrog me barkeep" said Cloud Wolf, taking a seat at the bar. He was surrounded by a quaint selection of Edge inhabitants. Some goblins, slaughterers and woodtrolls. There was even a really depressed academic sitting next to Quint.

"Here you go,fly boy" said the barkeeper, a large hammerhead goblin.

"I got troubles" Quint said to the barkeeper.

"Don't we all" said the academic downing something that smelled lethal.

"Quite you!" said the barkeeper looking at the academic. "I'm sick and tired of putting up with your shit! Now, mister Sky pirate, what is getting you down?"

"It's Cloud Wolf." said Quint. "My troubles are simple. If been trying my whole life to become a knight of sancataphrax and when my opportunity to use my training arrived , twelve years of training, I was thrown out, due to that rowdy bastard Vilnix."

"Nasty business that" said the academic, trying to figure out who Quint is.

"Shut up you dribbling moron! No one cares about your opinion!" yelled the barkeeper at the academic. "Now , Mister Wolf, it seems that this happened quite some time ago. What happened that caused you to come to my tavern?"

"Uh, I knocked up a girl who I'm in love with" said Quint.

"And?" asked the barkeeper.

"I was drunk while doing it" admitted Quint.

"You fool!" yelled the barkeeper.

"Screw you sky rat!" yelled a woodtroll in the back.

"I guess that was pretty bad" said the academic.

"If you don't shut up right now I will rip out your intestines and use them to tie your mouth shut!" bellowed the Barkeeper at the academic.

"If I may ask, what's the deal with the academic?" asked Quint. This was getting ridiculous.

"Oh him" said the barkeeper, looking ready to kill. "He comes in here every day, moaning about his troubles. At first we listened and tried to act nice. But it didn't stop. Every single day something really bad would happen to him. And he would tell us in painstakingly bad fashion. He made the fact that he was gang raped by Banderbears boring!"

Quint wasn't what you would call cold hearted. He was a nice enough guy, so he decided to try and help this guy out. "So, what exactly happened to you?" Cloud Wolf asked the academic.

The academic's smile turned right up. "Oh you wouldn't believe what happened. The sanctaphrax chain was being repaired. Only my office is right on top of the anchor chain. So you see, the drilling caused my entire book set to fall on me. I fractured both my arms and lost my two front teeth. And now my wife left me and I'm unable to make the alimony payments because my book set is all messed up!"

"See?" asked the barkeeper. "He's been complaining about that for three weeks! He comes here every single time instead of re shelving the book set! And believe me, this is a good week."

"Right, I have to go" said Cloud Wolf. He put some money on the counter and turned to leave.

"And remember!" said the barkeeper as Cloud Wolf left. "At least you aren't a fucking loser like this guy!" he said pointing at the academic.