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Wet cloths clung to the frame of a tall, handsome man, who's feet made sloshing sounds as he used the last of his body's strength to keep himself going forward. He was out of breath, too battered, but managed to make a groan as he hit the soft sponge-like ground with a hard thwack and immediately started panting. His vision narrowed, and he thought he might be dying, but he only passed out due to exhaustion.

Kurosaki Ichigo had been out early in the morning, and even though it was raining, he was running. Something weighed his mind down, and he couldn't stop. His body kept telling him to go, even if he was out of breath, and his lips ached for moisture other than the soft rain that fell on them. Ichigo stopped dead in his tracks, his body seeming to forget to even breath as he watched a man crumple to the ground, and before he knew it, he was running again. Running to that dark, motionless form. Kneeling down, he rolled the body over and bent over to check and see if the man was still breathing. He didn't even stop to look at the face.

"Hey, buddy… wake up!" He said as he pulled back… the face that came into view now striking him like a blow to the gut. It even left him utterly breathless. He recognized this man, but couldn't place his face. Ichigo was never good with names, or faces for that matter… but this man was strikingly similar to someone he knew. But before his mind dwelled too long on the face in front of him, he pat the pristine cheek. "Wake up!" He shouted, which finally earned him an incoherent groan.

Ichigo propped the man up, and slung his arm around his shoulder, then stood up slowly. He had no choice but to drag the man in order to move. It took time, and a lot of effort, but he managed to get the man back to his family's clinic.

Byakuya barely registered the motion as his body hung limply at Ichigo's side. And as his he hit a soft surface, he mumbled something incoherent. He could feel warm hands were undressing him. Those warm hands felt nice against his cold, slightly water logged skin. His noble mind didn't care that someone was undressing him, seemingly stripping away a piece of his dignity.

He needed to get the man out of his cloths and into something warm, or he'd end up getting hypothermia, that much Ichigo knew. He was frantic about it, didn't want to waste time because the man looked so desperate and horrible. He removed every bit of clothing, but stared down as he saw… red bikini underwear. He stared at them. Ichigo didn't know what possessed him… but he had to touch them. They… at the most odd time, drove him absolutely nuts. His fingers hooked into the waistband, and he knew he shouldn't be doing it. He was taking advantage of a helpless man. A man. His own pride would be scared for life over the fact that it was a man… but he found himself pulling them down.

First off the hip. And even though that hip was cold, and soggy… to him. It was sexy. He'd be kicking himself later for this. Ichigo's fingers slid in slow increments against the flesh under them until they rested against the bulge in the middle. And as he did this, the man under him gave a slight moan. This was wrong… so why couldn't he stop?

Eyelashes fluttered open to look up at orange hair. Then down to brown eyes and a worried, but intense stare. He felt the hand on his crotch, even moved into it, and moaned. Byakuya wasn't in his right mind. This boy was doing something to him that he couldn't stop. Didn't seem to want to stop.

Looking up to the face of the man, Ichigo noticed he was awake. That was a good thing at least, but as the mans lips spread in the most gentle way, and he saw the moan, he couldn't help himself from bending down to taste those lips. Somewhere in the back of his mind, there was a sign protesting to what was happening, but it was quickly being drowned out by the image of those little red bikini underwear.

His tongue jutted out to roll over smooth lips as a hand reached up, entwining his fingers through the sopping mess. Something primal in him woke up, because he quickly let go of those locks and reached down to pull the underwear off. Pulling back he quickly shrugged out of his own wet cloths. His body burned with a need for friction. It was a new need. A new urge he couldn't stand to not want to fulfill.

He lay under the boy, feeling aroused yet taken advantage of, but each touch delivered to his skin, Byakuya couldn't not want the boy to touch him. He even whispered for more. But he wasn't in the right state of mind. He knew that, he'd regret his vulnerable position when he was back to health. He protested when the boy left him long enough to undress. He enjoyed the feeling of those lips on his. Fingers on his skin, caressing parts of him that had almost forgotten that worked. His skin was heating up, almost like he was on fire. Pulling the boy back down to him he kissed the boy fiercely. His body yearned for it.

Fingers and palm slid slowly up skin on the mans thigh until they found an erect member waiting their attention. Ichigo grabbed it, gentle with it because he knew he could hurt the man. It was a very fragile piece of equipment. It was the gentlest of touches as his hand encased around the member and began pumping slowly. The man under him groaned and propped his leg up. He stared down, wanting to look into those pools of dark blue that the man possessed. Why was this wrong again?

He purred. Whispered. Lips too parched to do little more than that. He rocked his hips into the soft thrusting. Frustrating him that this was the most he got now, but felt the fingers against his ass cheeks. It stunned him, but knew that to go further this would be needed. The fingers slid against the crack before they found his hole, and he gasped when a hot finger plunged inside him. He bit his lip, it wasn't much, but it was slightly uncomfortable. And then the second one was added. The boy was getting eager now. He could feel it.

Scissoring his fingers inside the man, he wasn't sure if this was what he should be doing, but followed his instincts. They were right when he heard the man under him moan. He pulled his fingers out completely, reaching to grab his all too hard cock, moaning at the slightest touch from even himself. He teased the puckering entrance with the head, giving a low laugh when the man growled for more. Slowly he slid himself in. It was tight. Oh god was it tight. And warm. And it felt so good.

Gasping, he spread his legs wider, attempting to brace himself more for the pain he felt in his ass hole. Slowly the boy slid more into him, stopped all together when he felt there was no more to go, waited for a few moments, and then began to rock. Byakuya moaned almost too loud, as he leaned up to kiss the boy. He didn't care now, as he was being thrust into, that he didn't know this boys name.

The bathroom door to the adjacent room they were in laid open wide enough to clearly see what was going on. But both were too wrapped up in what they were doing to notice that someone had gone in. Rukia looked in the mirror, to check herself. She had a bruise on her cheek she'd need to heal from the hollow that attacked earlier. Ichigo was nowhere around and she was forced to deal with it as best as she could. But as she went to touch the bruise moans caught her ear. She looked to the side to see motion and two very familiar bodies mixed together.