Alternate Ending Version 1:


Rukia was not only startled, but appalled and intrigued all at once. She quickly covered her mouth to keep any more sounds from emerging, though the two in the other room hadn't heard her over their own moans. Which were growing louder. She could tell the two were almost at their climax.

Red faced, Rukia pushed the door open violently and stormed in. "Ichigo! Get your dick out of my brothers ass!" -See author's note at the bottom- She fumed. More than fumed, actually. She was heaving so bad that it looked like she was hyperventilating and forgot to use a paper bag.

Ichigo, however, had collapsed on top of Byakuya-they had orgasmed together right as Rukia had stormed in the room-and tried to hide himself against the man. That ruined a perfectly good bout of sex! He was much too tired to fight with her. Maybe later? And with that, everything in Ichigo's world faded into black as he fell asleep.

But he didn't get his rest for long before Rukia jabbed his naked form in the ribs. She was much too angry to care about his modesty, though she really had to admit for being so young he was hung like a moose. "Ichigo! Wake up! I need to talk with you!" Rukia's voice was so shrill it was almost unheard.

Opening groggy eyes, and reaching for the rib that had been so violently poked-for which the poor boy yelped loudly-and had now started to cramp, he sat up, and glared at her.

"WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR!" It was louder than he'd wanted to have shouted that, but Ichigo didn't care. What right did she have to poke him! Damn woman.

"…" Rukia remained silent for a few moments, which had scared the bahjesus out of Ichigo, but when she started yelling again he almost felt instantly better. Almost being the key word.

"WHY DID YOU FUCK MY BROTHER!" and not me! She had mentally added, though had enough self control to keep that to herself. This wasn't a matter of her being jealous… or at least she thought.

This time it was Ichigo's turn to remain silent for a few moments, and when he did start talking again, he grinned like a joker and blushed like the most shy girl in class. If he had hair to hide behind it would have been the perfect picture of a bashful school girl.


"YES IT IS! HE'S MY BROTHER!" Ichigo had lost the argument with that comment. Damn!

"Well…" Was all Ichigo could say. And even that had faded into nothing. She was staring at him.

"Well what?" He looked good with a blush like that, and Rukia had always marveled at it, but wasn't about to say it out loud. No chance in hell! Especially not after she'd caught him fucking her brother! Asshole!

"Well… I'm not the only guilty party here!" And Ichigo did the most responsible and non-child-like thing any grown up would do. He pointed at Byakuya-who had been silent the whole time. For two reasons, really. He was a stoic bastard, and was silently tickled pink at the display. Really amusing, actually-and huffed while crossing his legs and arms with a great big preschooler pout.

But thankfully it had worked to his advantage. Rukia had turned on her brother and glared. "YOU! You let this happen to you! What about the Kuchiki name!" She was silently proud of herself at having to scold KUCHIKI BYAKUYA! Ruler of all who follows the rules. Even if it was about to kill his only sibling to his beloved wife who passed away. Wow did she feel betrayed now.

Byakuya sat there like a brick wall. "This goes no further than the three of us." Or at least he hoped. He had a reputation to uphold, and a Fukutaicho to keep happy. People spreading rumors-or not so rumors as it was the case here-in soul society would put a major crimp in the bedroom with Renji.

And low and behold the magical plot twist!

"Ichi-nii, what's all the rack--" Karin stopped dead, Yuzu following behind her, who gasped as soon as she saw the red faced Rukia, and two naked men. One of them just happening to be her brother. Yuzu squeaked and fell to the floor out cold. Karin stood there motionless and stunned. Ichigo scrambled to find something to cover himself with, and Byakuya actually blushed.

"KARIN! What are you doing here!"

"…" Karin dropped to the ground following Yuzu's example. It seemed like a mighty fine one at the time.

A vein popped in Rukia's head. Things were NOT getting resolved. "Fine. You two never do this again. If I hear of it… I'm telling the counsel at Seireitai and you're being removed from your seat, Nii-sama." Rukia's tone hold not only authority, but it demanded that he follow her instructions. And knowing Byakuya, he didn't want to be kicked out as the head of the Kuchiki clan. It would mean he would have to move in with Renji and their relationship would be made public. That wasn't happening!

"Fine." Byakuya said in a mildly stoic sort of voice.

Months after the incident Yuzu and Karin remembered having seen their brother and another man naked, and needed to see therapy. Isshin hadn't been told, because Rukia had agreed not to tell if Ichigo would date her. Since then everything has been fine. Except during Christmas when the company of Soul Society had a nice little shin dig and Byakuya spilled the beans in a drunken fit of fancy. They've since asked Ichigo to join them in a threesome without Rukia knowing.

But that's a whole other story.

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