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Mimi in a Mess

Keisuke and Satoe returned home only to scream.

The living room and kitchen were in complete disarray. Chairs were on their sides; cups were scattered all over the counter; pictures were resting on a couch; and in a corner, most of the étagère's treasures were laying on one side.

A sigh. Mimi must have had a party.

Then, they smelled something. Something… salty. It was nearby.

Satoe looked on the counter and gasped. A small, clear puddle was there, mixed with sweat.

Keisuke saw that, too, and investigated the living room, thinking the messes were connected.

They were.

A bigger glob of clear liquid was there, too.

They quickly regrouped and discussed things. They began wondering why they were connected and how Mimi fit in this. Nothing could be thought of until…

No way! There was no way! She could not have done it already! She could not have!

Denial was the solution now, until they heard moaning and groaning from Mimi's room down the hall.

A collective gulp followed. It was true after all.

Maybe not…

Well, there was only one way to find out. They ran to the door and pushed it open.

Keisuke gasped, and Satoe fainted.

Mimi was in a sweaty mess, and some of the matching liquid was found on her bed. Her partner was also on the bed, panting and sweating buckets, too. The substance was also on him.

A girly yell from Keisuke echoed the room, and he threw the culprit out of the house. Afterwards, he picked up Satoe and ordered Mimi to take a shower, aid a disturbed Palmon, clean up the mess, and promise to never try it again.

Mimi was not going to. Giving a Numemon perfume was too much of a chore to begin with!