Ah, a new story! I shouldn't start another new one yet, but I couldn't resist! I was missing writing a nice Maddie and Esteban saga, so of course, I had to begin a new one...let me know if you guys like this idea.


It had been a long time – a very long time. Twelve years, to be exact. Trepidation began to flood her as varying emotions started to swirl around her abdomen. Her eyes were still glued down to the small paper in her shaking hands. She had been holding that same position for going on ten minutes. She scanned the scrawled note for the fiftieth time, hoping to catch something different, but knowing that the words weren't going to magically change or rearrange themselves. She would go back – or would she?

Her feet took a few steps of their own accord, bringing her to the telephone. Her pale and slender fingers lifted the receiver and she dialed the numbers located on the bottom of the paper still clutched in her hand. On the third ring, a long lost voice answered.


"London – is that you?"

"Oh my God – Maddie?"

She nodded before realizing that London obviously could not see her gesture. She located her voice. "Yeah – it's me. I just received your letter."

"Yeah – sorry that you had to hear like that. I tried to call you but I couldn't find your number but I still had your old address. So, I just had my people send you a telegram thingy."

Maddie sighed – it had been a long time since she had spoken to her old odd fellow friend. "So, he's...?"

"Yes," London answered her unasked question with unusual empathy.

"When?" she choked out.

"He's getting married in three days."

"Three DAYS?" Maddie could feel her heart pulsating uncomfortably. "Three days?" she repeated a little calmer. "Wow. That's...that's...great," she finished off brittlely.

"You sound really happy for them," London said sarcastically,before softening her tone. "I wasn't sure if I should tell you or not."

"Why wouldn't you?" She asked, even though she knew the answer.

"You know – I mean, he had always wanted to marry you but you said no and now he's going to marry another girl – I just thought it might be awkward; you know – cuz it should have been you and all." London may have changed in some ways during the many years since Maddie had seen her, but she still lacked much tact. "But that was years ago."

"Yeah – years ago." Maddie slumped down into the nearby frumpy old chair, absentmindedly picking at the frayed strings on the chair's arm.

"I met her," London continued, the silence making her squirm.

"I didn't know that you were still in contact with Esteban," she replied quietly.

"I'm not – well, I mean, obviously I am now since I'm going to the wedding, but before I ran into him I hadn't seen him in a couple of years. Well, maybe not years cuz I did see him for a minute a year ago across the street but he didn't see me because all of my adoring fans were surrounding me and then–"

"London," Maddie cut her off, trying to refocus her attention.

"Oh, yeah. Well, I was out and about being my usual wonderful self when all of the sudden I heard my name being called. Well, of course, that's nothing new so I wouldn't have payed attention if it hadn't have been for his accent. He came up to me with his fabulous girlfriend and introduced me. She's gorgeous, and she's actually got a good fashion sense – completely unlike you."

"If you're under the impression that you're making me feel better – you're not."

"Sorry," London had the good sense to sound contrite.

"Did he – did he say anything about...me?"

"He asked if I still talked to any of the 'old gang' as he put it,"

"But he didn't explicitly say me?"

"I don't even know what that means."

Maddie exhaled deeply. "He didn't ask about me directly?"

"Not really," London knew that wasn't the answer that her old friend wanted to hear. "But Maddie, he couldn't really say much like that when his new girlfriend was standing there with him, now could he?"

"He probably never even thinks about me anymore..."

"Yes, he does."

"How do you know?"

"Mr. Moseby."

"Mr. Moseby – is he still there?"

"Of course."

"Wow – it's been so long since I've talked to any of you!" Maddie stared off at the chipping paint around her weathered window a moment before snapping her attention back to what London had just told her. "Wait – so Mr. Moseby said something?"


"He said something about Esteban saying something about me?"


Maddie groaned exasperatedly; clearly, speaking with the heiress was still a challenge at times. "I said that Esteban probably never thinks of me anymore and you said that he does, I asked how you know and you said Mr. Moseby,"

"Oh, yeah."

"And? What did Mr. Moseby say?"

"Oh, he said that Esteban still calls him sometimes to tell him how he is and find out how he's doing – how Mr. Moseby is doing, I mean."

Maddie rolled her eyes – it was like talking a hind leg off of a donkey. "And?"

"Oh, and Mr. Moseby said that he still asks about you."

"What does he ask?" She felt her heart tear itself out of it's home in her chest, trudge up her esophagus, and lodge itself at the tip of her throat just waiting for this answer.

"And he said that even though he always tells him that he hasn't heard from you in a long time, Esteban still asks every time he calls – like he's hoping that one of these days he'll say he's had news of you."

Her heart fluttered a bit, making it feel as though it would be expelled from her mouth at any moment – she made a determined effort to swallow it back down to it's rightful place. Her head was already a mess, her nerves were already jumbled, it wouldn't do for her most important organ to flop out and desert her at a time like this.



"I think I was wrong," London commented so softly that Maddie almost thought she imagined it.

"Wrong about what?"

"Remember how, all that time ago, when you asked me what you should do? If you should stay here in Boston and marry Esteban or if you should follow your dream and go to that school you got into in Dublin?"

"Yeah –"

"I think I was wrong. I think that you shouldn't have listened to me – you should have married Esteban when he asked you to."

"I know." Her answer was so solid, so unwavering, that it had been apparent this wasn't the first time that she had regretted her choice twelve years ago.

"So, what are you gonna do?"

"The only thing that I can do," Maddie steeled her voice as much as she could. "I'm coming back out there."


Ok, so that was my lovely little teaser opening chapter. I know it's vague, everything will become clear as things unfold. I actually had intended on writing a very different sort of story that was only going to be a one shot (I have quite a few other stories going right now) but this is what came out and who am I to deny my muse? Hopefully, you guys will like this one. If you have the time and the fancy, I would absolutely love for you to review!

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