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"Hey! Did I say that you two could make out in my room?" she blurted out with all of the grace of a bull in a china shop.

The couple snapped apart, disoriented at the abrupt interruption.

"London!" Maddie breathed.

"Mr. Moseby!" Esteban followed.

"It's not what it looks like...!" they both began simultaneously.


London arched one perfectly manicured brow. "Really? 'Cuz it looks like you two were very 'kissy kissy'."

"Well, you're wrong – that is not what was going on at all –" Maddie stuttered.

"Right," Esteban jumped in. "It was more of a friendly hello..."

"You've never greeted me like that," Mr. Moseby remarked dryly.

"Yeah – you've never kissed me hello, either, and I'm even prettier than Maddie," London chimed in, receiving a scowl from the blond.

"Well, you know Esteban and I used to be very close," Maddie defended.

"Like 'kissing cousins'?" Mr. Moseby repeated the adage sardonically.

London snorted. "Duh! They're not cousins...ew..."

Maddie couldn't help but roll her eyes. "You guys are making a big deal out of nothing," she persisted, hoping to placate them into leaving her alone with Esteban again. They needed to talk, she was anxious to sort out what exactly had happened between them. She hadn't noticed the brief stricken look that plagued Esteban when she uttered the word nothing, because it flitted away just as fast.

"Maddie's right – it was – nothing. Maddie and I are just old...friends now." Esteban's face was carefully guarded, giving nothing away of his disappointment at Maddie's seemingly sudden indifference.

"Are you still getting married?" London asked curiously.

"Of course," he answered automatically. He saw Maddie snap her gaze to him as soon as the words left his lips and he instantly regretted his quick answer.

"That is to say," he began to backtrack, but he was cut off.

"Why wouldn't he be getting married? His wedding is in two days!" Maddie enthused a little too obviously. Her faux smile was stretched so painfully across her thin face she feared her skin would crack.

"Maddie," Esteban said softly.

"Oh, yes – when do I get to meet the happy girl?"

"I think that we should –"

"– meet for breakfast? That's a great plan, Esteban. I can't wait to meet her – your fiancée – can't wait," she finished off shrilly.

Esteban sighed in frustration. "I'd really like to –"

"Introduce us, Esteban? Yeah, I know. I look forward to it, Esteban,"

He stared at her. "Why do you keep saying my name?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Would you rather I address you as Mr. Ramirez?" she asked with innocent doe eyes.

Esteban threw his head back, howling "Aye, yi, yiiiee..." before looking back at her annoyed.

"What? Is there a reason that you don't want me to meet her?" Maddie questioned primly.

"Maddie –"

"Do you think that I could be a bridesmaid? I mean, you and I were close before, as we said, and she may not mind if I was a part of the wedding because that would just be so –"

Esteban tucked his chin to his chest, his eyes glinting with anger. "Stop – just stop..." he talked over her, causing her to clamp her mouth shut and listen.

The room was cloaked in silence. Mr. Moseby and London both stood, looking at each other uncertainly.

"Perhaps, we ought to leave them alone..."

London snorted. "Yeah, we did that already and looked what happened." She turned to the awkward and faded couple. "If we go and let you two talk up here, do you think you'll be able to keep your hands to yourselves? Cuz I can be a chapa – chaper – chapo – oh, you know – one of those people that watch kids so they don't get into trouble..."

"Chaperon? I don't think that will be necessary, London..." she answered with irritation colouring her voice.

"Well, I think you do need one. I mean, Maddie – did you forget Esteban is getting marr-ied? I knew that you wanted to see him again and talk to him. I mean, I know he's cute and all, but you need to get some control, girl!"

Maddie gawked at London. Wasn't London the one who started this whole mess in the first place! If it had not been for the note that she sent her, she would have never known about the horrible wedding! And now, she has the nerve to stand here and tell her to cool it?

"Alright, alright! London, we need to let these two talk things out...we'll go back to the lobby."

"No, that's ok. Maddie and I will take a walk..." Esteban turned toward her, waiting to see if this was a viable plan for her.

A pregnant sigh escaped her as she nodded her head. "Alright."

Esteban's hand reached out for hers before recoiling back, opting instead to reside in his pocket. He led the way out, Maddie following him rootlessly. Mr. Moseby shot the pair an apologetic look before they left, thinking that if he and London had not interrupted, they may be in a better state than they are now.


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