Let the two man crusade begin...

"You ready drama king?" He asked.

"You know it basketball boy." Ryan said as they entered the city.

"Troy wait." Ryan suddenly stopped.

"Yeah?" Troy asked.

"Well...what are we gonna do?" He asked.

"We're gonna fight." Troy said.

"Yeah but just us?" Ryan asked.

Troy nodded.

"But there are like...hundreds of those things." Ryan said.

"Nah, not a hundred, more like a thousand." He replied.

"So we're just gonna go in there, just us, guns a blazing, and just fight?" Ryan asked.

"That's the plan." Troy clamly replied.

"But what if we die." He asked.

Troy narrowed his eyes,"It's not so bad." He whispered.

Ryan's eyes grew huge.

"But what about wepons?" He asked.

Troy drew the gun Chey had given him and cocked it.

"But what about me?" He asked.

Troy tossed him the gun,"Here, knock yourself out."

"But I don't know how..." Ryan started, but Troy cut him off, "No seriously, knock yourself out, your bugging the crap outta me."

Ryan looked down.

"What if we can't stop them?" Ryan asked.

"Then we die." Troy causally replied.

"Do you think this is a game or something?" Ryan asked, growing tired of Troy's attitude.

"Do you having your friends killed because of you is a game, do you think sending the love of your life away with a complete stranger is a game?" Troy asked.

Ryan looked down again.

"I certainly know that having you sister die in your arms is'nt a game." He quietly replied.

Troy sighed,"Look if you don't want to do this, you can go back."

"No, I'm staying." Ryan said.

"Good, then lets do this." He said.

The two slowly walked into the dark city.

It looked like something straight out of a Resident Evil(don't own) game.

There were cars crashed into walls, poles, each other, buildings were splattered with blood, some of which were smoking, or had demonic symbols or messages writen on them.

And the body count was horrible, their were bodies every where, some of which we're burnt, some hanging from light post, some laying in the road, some handing from building windows, some of which were small children.

"I...I don't know if I can do this." Ryan said, looking down.

"Ryan I need you to keep your head, if you go freaking out on me now, we're gonna end up like them." Troy guestured towards a few bodies.

Ryan nodded slowly.

"Ok, they could be any where, so keep you eyes peeled." Troy whispered, looking around.

"Maybe we should make like...camp or something." Ryan said.

"Your right, but these building are probably filled with monsters." Troy said.

"Wel we need to go some where." Ryan said.

"Yeah, we'll just have to clear a building out." Troy said.

Ryan nodded.

"Their probably watching us right now so be careful of what you do." Troy warned, slowly approaching a abandoned old motel.

They catiously approched it.

"Ok Ryan, stay behind me." Troy said.

"No no, I'll be fine." Ryan said.

"Listen damn it, I've lost to many friends because of my stupidity, I'm not losing you, now you listen to me and you'll be fine." Troy said in a firm tone.

"And what if I don't?" Ryan asked.

"Then you'll be on your own." Troy said.

Ryan gulped.

The carefully walked through the lobby, their were a few bodies, but nothing unbearable.

"God, I hate this, I just want to go home." Ryan said.

Troy chuckled.

"Their probably sitting in your living room, eating you food right now." He said grimly.

Ryan looked down knowing it to probably be the truth.

"Ok, we need to find a room with a view, and an easy escape route in cast they try to barricade us inside." Troy said as they checked the rooms.

"How about in here, look, two beds, air still works, a radio, and a window with a dumpster under it." He said, checking the room.

"I guess that'll do for now." He said.

"Yeah it's getting dark anyway." Ryan said, yawning.

"It's 3:15 p.m." Troy said checking his watch.

"Oh, must be the environment then." Ryan said, sitting on the edge if the bed and taking his shoe off.

"Here." Troy said, tossing him a wet towel.

"What this for?" Ryan asked.

"Clean your cuts, we don't have any bandages, just tear it up." He said.

Ryan nodded, wincing at the sting of the deep gash on his arm.

"If you want to sleep, I'll watch your back, I'm gonna see if I can get a signal." He said, folling around with his cellphone.

Ryan nodded sleepily.

"Thanks Troy." He said.

"No problem." Troy replied.

In a matter of seconds Ryan was sound asleep from sher exhaustion.

They had lost everything, their familys most likely, Ryan for sure, their friends, their homes, possibly their lives, Troy just felt like crying, like buring his face in Gabriela's shoulder and crying, just cry it all away, but Gabriella was'nt here, the only thing here was death, murder, and chaos.

Troy felt like sleeping just like Ryan, being emotionally and physically drained, but he had to stay awake, for Ryan.

He sat down in front of the door, which he had barracaded with aything that was'nt bolted down.

He checked his watch, 3:16.

"...for God so loved the world..." He said in a dark tone.

Camera zooms to the outside of the hotel.

Shows a dark figure approach it, gun in hand.

He chuckles a little.

"Jupiter...get your ass over here...we've got two live one's." He said into a walkie talkie, in a very raspy voice...

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