I'm really looking to finish off all my fics by the end of the year, so alot of my older fics or ones I have'nt updated for a while we be getting updated and wrapped up over the next few weeks, including this one, The Devil Himself, N'fected, See No Evil 2, and I'n gonna really get to work on Darkness Falls 2, that'll a few easier ones that I can finish in no time, but since October's almost over, I'm wrapping up all my horror stories.

Gabriella lay restless on her cot, shifting under the cool wind of the fan in front of her.

"I wish I could go to sleep...or wake up from this nightmare." She said.

Suddenly she heard rustling from the front of her tent.

"Hello." She called, sitting up.

It was dark out now, so who knew what it could be, were any of the soldiers looking over? Was this a monster come to finish the job it started in that desert?

She stood up and slowly walked to the end of the tent, stopping in front of the entrance flap.

"Hello?" She called.


She slowly opened the flap...no one was outside.

"That weir..." She began, but suddenly something tackled her to the ground.

"AHHHH, HELP HELP PLEASE!" She screamed, but suddenly she realized that this wasn't a person...it was an amimal...a dog to be specific.

"Oh my gosh...Scout...oh how did I forget my Scouty." She said, hugging the dog.

Suddenly seven soldiers rushed into her tent.

"WHAT?" One of them shouted.

"I'm so sorry, my dog, we lost him out in the desert when we were out there, he came back and I thought he was a monster, I'm sorry." She said.

All the soldiers sighed.

"It's quite alright, we thought we had a situation." One of them said.

Six of them left but one of them stayed.

"So...your dog?" He asked.

"Yes, we forgot him on the way back, but he came back for me." She said.

"That's great." The soldier smiled, rubbing the dogs head.

"Hey, I'm about to go to a routine check outside, you wanna sneak out with me?" He asked.

"Well...I really wanna get out of this tent and streach my legs." She said.

"Well then be really quiet and follow me, but be careful, there are alot of bushes and trees this way, you can get lost pretty easily." He said.

"Ok." She said.

They quietly slipped out of the tent together, then dog following close behind.

"You see this is what I do, I make sure no bodies hiding out here, but nobody ever makes it this far." He said.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Mutants, monster, freaks, whatever you call then." He said.

"Oh." She said.

"You know I never got your name."

"Jonathan." He said, but my friends call me John.

"Oh, that's a nice name." She said.

"So your a soldier?" She asked.

"A marine...the marine." He said.(Think about it...a marine...named John...The Marine...the new movie...with John Cena...now you got it chief)

"Ohhh, the marine, I like that." She smiled.

He smirked, but suddenly his pocket fell open, spiling out all of his ammo.

"Crap." He said, bending over and picking up shells(bullets) .

Suddenly Scout began to bark wildly, he ran off towards a patch of bushes.

"Oh no, Scout come back." Gabriella called rushing after him.

"Keep your voice down Gabriella...Gabriella?" He asked, looking up.

She was gone.

"Oh hell." He said, pulling out his gun.

"Gabriella?" He called.

"Ugh...John." She called, pushing her way through a patch of bushes.

"Gabriella, I'm over here." He said.

"I can't see you." She said.

"Damn it." John said, squinting his eyes trying to search for her in the dark.

"John...I..." But suddenly her voice disappeard.

"Gabriella?" He called.

Sudenly he heard a dog squeal.

"Gabriella, don't play with me girl, just come on out." He said.

He slowly approached a large tree.

"Gabriella, I'm by this big tree, can you see me?" He asked.

But she didn't make a sound.

Suddenly he heard a strange growl.

"Gabriella...Scout?" He asked.

Next he heard a strange bark, followed by a laugh(Yes like the actual Hills Have Eyes, gimme a break, every things been original until this one part).

"Oh shit." He said, cocking his gun.

"JOHN!" He heard Gabriella cry out before something muffled her screams again.

"GABRIELLA!" He shouted.

He could hear rustling coming from a bush, he darted off towards it.

"GABRIELLA!" He shouted.

He could hear a dark chuckling coming from somewhere.

"Where are you Gabriella." He said.

Suddenly he made out a dark figure in the bushes.

"Son of a bitch." He said tossing the gun aside.

He rushed to the bush and tackled a monster to the ground.

"BASTARD!" He shouted, punching it over and over.

"JOHN BEHIND YOU!" Gabriella shouted.

John rolled to the side, a axe smashed into thr other monsters heart killing it instantly.

Gabriella watched on horror as John and the the monster swung it out in the darkness.

Suddenly a gunshot rang through the air, the monster collapsed.

"Thanks, I..." John began, but another gunshot rang through the air.

Gabriella watched in disbelief as John crumpled to the ground.

"That man from earlier." She thought.

She crawled into a bush, praying he wouldn't see her.

He looked around and walked back towards the main tent.

Gabriella watched from the bushes.

He walked into the tent, after a few seconds, he walked back out, accompanied by a few scientist.

"...so with that in mind, let them extermination begin." He said.

Gabriella cocked her head to the side, wondering what he meant.

But suddenly she had a pretty good clue.

A ten foot tall man, who walked like a robot came walking out of the tent.

"Oh my god." She whispered as he headed towards the city...