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Ash Ketchum and his friends are enjoying there time in the Aspen Region when he discovers he's pregnant. He knows that Richie is the father but doesn't know how to tell him. Now he must take on probably take on the most important challenge of his life by becoming a new parent. This story contains YAOI, MPREG, Leagueshipping (Ash x Richie), Orangeshipping (Misty x Tracey) and slight Bouldershipping (Ash x Brock) but nothing physical happens between them.

By the way, in the fic, they go to a place call the Aspen Region. It's a place I made up. So please don't think it's the name of the Diamond and Pearl region. I think it would be best for them to go to a made up place so that it wouldn't interfere with the original story.

"wouldn't interfere with the original story..." I'm making Ash Ketchum pregnant for god's sake! That's not interference? XD

Any who enjoy!

Ash's Mystery Illness

A couple months ago, Ash and friends had left Pallet Town and headed off to yet another adventure. Ash is hoping to compete in a new Pokemon League that Professor Oak had told him about known as the Aspen League. It wasn't supposed to be a very long journey. Ash only needed to earn badges from the three gym leaders there in order to compete. Ash had been excited about since the day he left his home town, but lately his excitement had been replaced with agony.

He hadn't been feeling well at all lately. He had been throwing up every day for the past few weeks. He had also been having bad stomach cramps and head aches. His friend Brock had been giving him his own remedies for nausea but they just didn't seem to work. Brock had also been checking Ash for fevers but his temperature always came up normal. Ash's friends have been trying to persuade him to see a doctor but he never wanted to. He never was a big fan of doctors. Except the doctors that had helped his pokemon recover that is.

Now Ash and company were touring one of the Aspen Region's biggest land marks, The Red Wood forest. The forest was famous for there large red wood trees no doubt. The groups of friends were really enjoying the sights until Ash suddenly got sick again.

"Wwwoooww…this is so amazing, don't you think guys?" Ash's friend, May, implied.

"Pika!" agreed Ash's best pokemon friend, Pikachu.

"The trees seem to go up for miles don't they?" asked May's brother, Max, who was using his hand as a visor to keep the sun out of his eyes as he stared up at the trees.

"And the aroma of all these red wood could really clean out all the worries that you have." said Brock. "What do you think Ash?"

Ash didn't respond. He was to the side looking down at the ground shivering a little.

"Pika-pi?" Pikachu said as he looked up at his trainer with worry.

"Hey Ash…are you okay?" asked Brock.

Ash then suddenly covered his mouth as he made a grumbling sound. He ran really fast behind a tree and began to vomit.

"PIKA-PI!" screamed Pikachu.

"Oh no! Not again!" said Brock

They could all hear Ash gasp for air for a moment before he started to heave again. After the second sound of vomit hitting the ground, there was a second of quiet before Ash stumbled out from behind the tree wiping off his mouth with a towel and wiping the tears off his face with his hand.

"Pika!" said his worried Pikachu as he ran over to his trainer and grabbed on to his leg.

"Don't worry Pikachu, I'm fine." Ash said as he crouched down to pet Pikachu on the head. He gulped a little and let out a breath.

"I don't think your fine." said Brock.

"Ash, this is like the 100th time this past few weeks that you've thrown up." said May.

"I know, but I'm telling you it's nothing. It's not like I haven't been eating or anything."

"More like you have been eating…A LOT." interrupted Max. "At the restaurant yesterday you ate 2 large cheeseburgers with an extra large side of french-fries and then had 3 big bowls of ice cream. Maybe you need to lay off all the junk food."

Max had been right though. Ash was always known for his large appetite but lately it was an appetite that consisted mainly of junk food. He really didn't have a craving for all the healthy meals Brock makes. Everyone also noticed that Ash had put on at least ten pounds since there journey started.

"That's probably it." Brock said. "You gotta lay off all of that garbage you've been eating and start eating my food again. That would explain all your vomiting spells, stomach aches, and weight gain you've been having."

"I can't help it if I've been craving all that stuff lately. It's really weird. Like this feeling comes over me that makes me want to eat it all."

"Well it's stopping today. You're going to have a strict diet of nothing but 'Brock's Healthy Choices' starting right now!" Brock exclaimed.

"Uh! But Brock that's not fair!" said Ash angrily. "You're not my mom!"

"Or we could just take you to the doctor and see what he says." replied Brock.

"Eh..!" he grunted as he cringed at the thought of a doctor. "No need for that Brock eh he he… I'll follow your diet."

"That's what I though you would say."

Later that night the group camped out under the tall red woods. Brock had cooked a special dinner just for Ash. It consisted of steamed vegetables and some brown rice. He seemed to eat it very slowly though as if he didn't have a taste for it. But he finished it off none the less. He wasn't happy at the fact that May and Max had gotten to eat a baked potato with butter on it. One of his favorites.

"Hey Brock, why can't I have just a little baked potato?" he asked.

"You can, you're just not allowed to put any butter on it."

"Uhh…" he said with disappointment. "Pass…"

The next morning everyone had woken up except for Ash. It wasn't until around noon that he finally opened his eyes. The bright sun hurt eyes and he shoved his face in his pillow.

"Morning sleepy head!" said May

"Umm…hi May." Ash said as his voice was being muffled by the pillow.

"It's noon already. You should really get up now."

Ash then sat up from his sleeping bag and rubbed his eyes a little. As he opened them again he could still feel the pain of the sun in his eyes. Then all of a sudden he grabbed his head and moaned out in pain.

"Uh! Ash, are you alright!" May shouted with concern.

"Oww…my head! I feel so dizzy!" he implied.

"Maybe you should lie down again."

Brock and Max heard Ash and May's shouts and ran over to see what was going on.

"Is everything alright here?" asked Brock

"It's Ash. Something's wrong with him" said a worried May.

Ash then felt the urge to vomit again. But this time, he had no time to get up and hide. He just turned his head away from May and the others and let it all out. His friends look away quickly trying not to see him throw up.

"Eww…that is so gross..." said May quietly with her eyes shut and her hand over her mouth.

"Pika-pi!" yelled Pikachu. He sat by Ash's side and tried to rub his back.

Ash felt really embarrassed that he just blew chunks in front of everyone like that. Embarrassed enough to make him start crying.

"Oh god! What's wrong with me!" he screamed. "I feel worse than ever! I'm so sick of feeling this way!"

"Ash, I'm begging you this time." Brock said. "Please let us take you to a doctor. This could be more than just your unhealthy diet. You could be really sick."

Ash turned around and looked at Brock with tears streaming down his face. He collapsed at Brocks feet and began bawling.

"I'm sorry Brock! I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused! I'm so sorry that I just puked in front of you and the others like that! I couldn't help it!"

Brock kneeled down to look Ash eye to eye and put his hands on his shoulders. Ash had always held a special place in his heart. He always thought of him as another one of his little brothers. Ash had helped out Brock when he was sick, so now it was time for him to do the same for Ash.

"It's alright Ash. I'm not angry with you at all. I'm just concerned about your health. I thought my cooking would have helped you but it didn't. So I'm the one that should be apologizing here. I don't think I've been taking this situation seriously enough."

"But what if there IS something really wrong with me? What if I never find out? What if I even…."

Before he could finish that last sentence, Brock wrapped his arms around him and gave him a hug.

"We will find out what it is. And no matter what everything's going to turn out okay. It always does. That's what you taught me anyway. But we need to have a doctor look at you. I know that you're scared of them but you really need to see one. It would be the best thing for you. So will you let us take you then?"

"Okay then…I'll go…" he said as he began to calm down a little. "You all will go in with me…right?"

"Of course we will." Brock reassured him. May and Max nodded their heads in agreement while smiling.

"Pika…" said Pikachu who was also smiling.

"Thank you…so much…" Ash said as he rested his head on Brock's chest. He felt both exhausted and relieved.

Within an hour everyone, except Ash who was resting, packed up all the bags and were ready to go. Ash was still feeling really dizzy and could barely walk without stumbling. So Brock decided to carry him piggy-back style through the rest of the forest. Pikachu wasn't far from Brock's side in order to keep an eye on his trainer. They still had quite a ways to go before they reached the town on the other side. A few more hours passed by and the group started to think that they were lost.

"Is it just me or I we going around in circles?" May questioned.

"I've gotta feeling it's not just you May." Brock said. "I have no idea which direction we're going in anymore. Max, see if you can find anything on your PokeNav."

"I've been trying but the reception must be really bad in here cause of the trees. I can't seem to pick up anything."

"So we're lost then!" May shouted.

"There's gotta be a way out of this forest." Brock said while looking around.

Ash was none the wiser on what was going on. He had fallen asleep while Brock was carrying him on his back. A few minutes past by and Max was finally able to find something with his PokeNav.

"Hey I got something!" said Max.

"Really?" said Brock

"There's a small building not that far from here. We should make it there in a half an hour. Maybe 20 minutes if we move quickly."

"Then let's start heading in that direction. Lead the way Max." said Brock

While everyone else had their minds set on reaching that building, Ash was dreaming about something that had happened the night before he started his new journey. It was a farewell party that Ash's mother, Delia, had thrown for him. Brock, May, and Max were there of course. So were Misty, Tracey, and Richie; his other friends. Even the Professor came to join the festivities.

"We wish you and your friends the best of luck sweetie!" said Delia.

"Wow! Thanks mom for doing all this for us!" Ash said with a smile.

"I'm sure that you'll win that competition for sure!" Misty told him.

"Heh, I'm sure I will too Misty!" Ash agreed.

"And I'm also sure that you'll learn a lot of valuable information about the pokemon down in the Aspen Region." Professor Oak said.

"The Professor sure is right about that Ash." implied Richie.

"I keep tellin' ya Rich. You should come with us. You could compete in the finals too." Ash responded.

"Heh, thanks for the offer, but Sparky and I really wanted to check out that Battle Frontier that you were talking about. It sounds really exciting."

"Pika-Pika!" said Sparky, who was Richie's pikachu.

"Well, I can tell you that a lot of interesting things happened while we were there that's for sure. I'm sure you'll do great!"

"Thanks Ash." said a smiling Richie.

"Hey, you wanna see some of the Frontier Badges I have?"

"Sure! That'd be awesome."

"There up in my room. Come on!"


"Pikachu!" said both of there pikachu at the same time as they followed their trainers.

Up in Ash's room, Ash pulled out a small book that he kept all the badges he once since he started his Pokemon journey 4 years ago. On the last page was where he kept the symbols he won at the Battle Frontier.

"Wow Ash, you've accomplished a lot over the years." Richie said sounding impress. "These are way more badges than I have."

"Yeah, but I'd like to win more trophies. They only time I've ever one a competition was when I competed in the Orange League."

"Eh, trophies aren't everything."

The two boys noticed that their Pikachu walked out of the room. They both sat down on Ash's bed. Richie was still looking at the little book of badges.

"So things didn't work out with you and Misty?"

"Yeah…we decided it was best that we remained friends. I guess we just weren't meant to be like we thought.

"You're not mad that she's dating Tracey now?"

"Naw…I'm really happy for them. It's good to know that Misty's happy."

"Are you happy?"

"Well…I guess I am. I just haven't found the right one yet."

"Ever think you might have been looking in the wrong place?"

"What do you mean?"

Richie got up and shut the door to Ash's room.

"I mean, have you ever really had a sexual feeling for Misty or any other girl?"

"Um…no not yet."

"What about another boy?"

Ash kind of remained silent for a moment.

"Excuse me…? Are you asking me if I'm gay? Cause I don't think…"

"Well are you positive that your not. Just think about it for a moment. It's just between you and me."

Ash paused for a moment. He started to blush a little on the subject and was a little embarrassed to talk about it.

"Well…..don't tell anyone but I always thought Gary was kinda cute…"

Richie giggled a little bit.

"Why are you laughing! Man, I knew I shouldn't have said anything."

"No no. I'm not trying to make fun of you. I just thought you looked really cute when you said that."

"Are you…gay?"

"Well what do you think?" he said as he looked at Ash with a big smile on his face.

"Uhh…." Ash said as his cheeks were turning really red.

"What are you thinking about right now?"

"Heh I really don't know…"

Richie laid his head on Ash's lap and starting to rub his thigh with his hand. Ash really didn't know what to say. He never felt this way before. His heart was pounding. It pounded harder than it did in some of his most exciting battles. Could this have been…love? Without even really thinking about it Ash started to stroke Richie's hair.

"So you think I'm cute?" Ash asked Richie

"Very…" Richie responded. "I've thought that ever since the day I met you."

Richie sat up once again and looked at Ash with a passionate look on his face. Ash couldn't help but gaze into Richie's big blue eyes.

"Ever wanted to kiss another boy before?" Richie asked.

"Maybe, but I guess I'm willing to try now if you are." Ash said.

"Just be ready for me."

Ash and Richie's faces began to move closer and closer to each other until their lips finally met. The kissing went on for about 10 minutes. While they were kissing, they started to take each others clothes off until they were practically naked. And then it happened. They made love to each other that night. It was one of the most incredible things that Ash had felt he had done in his entire life. However, he and Richie felt as if they had to keep to themselves.

Meanwhile, the others finally reached the small building that they were searching for. To their surprise and luck, it was a doctor's office.

"Wow what luck!" May said. "There's a doctor right here."

"Let's see…" Brock said as he looked at the sign. "'Independent Medical Office of the Lawson Family.'" the sign read. "'Pokemon Trainers get a free appointment from Dr. Ivan Lawson.' Well that's good. We're real low on money."

I little bell rang when they entered the office to let the doctor know that someone had entered.

"Hello?" said Brock, seeing if anyone would respond. There was no answer.

"Maybe they went out to lunch or something." Max implied. "We should probably wait till they get back."

Brock headed over to the couch that was in the waiting room. He lied Ash down on it and gently shook him awake.

"Hey Ash." Brock said quietly.

"Hhmmmm…?" Ash mumbled as he started to wake. "Where are we?" he asked.

"We're at a doctor's office. He's not in right now but we're waiting for him to come back. How are you feeling?"

"A little better." he said. "I still feel a little queasy though."

"Well you rest then. Hopefully the doctor will return soon."

Just then the bell on the front door rang again. Someone else had came in. It was a short old man. He was wearing a white doctor's coat with some brown shorts and some sandals. As he shuffled into the room he immediately noticed everyone in the waiting room.

"May I help you with something?" he asked nicely.

"Uh yes!" Brock exclaimed. "We came here see Dr. Ivan Lawson. Do you know where he is?"

"We'll you're looking at him lad." he said. "Dr. I. Lawson is the name."

"You?" asked May. "But you're so…."

"Old?" countered Lawson as he chuckled. "Yeah, I get that a lot. I haven't felt the need to retire. I love my job too much. My life would be way too boring without it." He turned around and noticed Ash lying on the couch. "I take it he's the patient. So what's the young lad's name?"

"His name's Ash Ketchum." Brock informed.

"And what seems to be wrong with Mr. Ketchum today?"

"Well, he's been vomiting a lot lately. He complains of nausea and stomach pains. He also has had some dizzy spells and cravings for unusual foods." Brock explained.

"Oh I see." Dr Lawson said as he wrote on a tiny pad of paper. "Is this all true Ash?"

"Yes Doctor. Every word."

"Can you tell me how long you've been feeling this way."

"About a few weeks now. It went away for about four days but came back yesterday."

"I see…" he said as he continued writing.

"We thought it was his diet. He's been eating nothing but junk food lately but I made him some normal food last night. But he said he felt worse than ever this morning." Brock explained again.

"I see… Why don't we all go in my office now. I'd like to run a few tests."

"Sure." everyone agreed.

"Pika." agreed Pikachu also.

Everyone headed over to a small room that was down a hallway to the left. Dr. Lawson had Ash sit up on the inspection bed. First he took what looked to Ash like a giant popsicle stick and placed it at the back of Ash's tongue and asked him to say "Ah". His throat appeared to be a bit red but that was to be expected from someone who had been throwing up lately. Dr. Lawson then wanted to check his temperature. He placed a disposable thermometer under Ash's tongue. A few minutes later he removed it but his temperature read out as normal. Then he wanted to listen to Ash's heart beat. He took some breaths on his stethoscope to get it warm. He then lifted up Ash's shirt, placed it on his chest, and told him to take long deep breaths. There wasn't anything abnormal about his heart or his breathing. A very good sign. Dr. Lawson then checked his eyes and his ears with a flashlight and every thing seemed alright.

"Well Ash, I've done all the basics and I haven't found anything wrong with you so far. Your throats a little red but that's from your vomiting. Other than that every thing seems fine."

"So then what's wrong with me?"

"I'm not sure yet. I would like to have a blood sample of yours to see if that might have the answer."

"B…b…blood sample?" asked Ash nervously. He watched the doctor pull out a large syringe from a drawer. As soon as Ash saw that he was ready to run out of the room. "I don't wanna do this anymore!" he screamed.

"Ash! You can't leave!" Brock said he held Ash down. "You wanna find out what's wrong with you don't you?"


"Then you gotta let him do this. Don't worry. I'll be right here next to you. It'll be alright."

"Okay…" Ash said with hesitation.

"Alright then." said Dr. Lawson he was using his finger to find a vein in Ash's arm do draw blood from. "You may feel a little prick Ash but don't be nervous. Just look away from the needle."

"Alright, sure." he responded with sweat dripping down his face.

When Ash felt the needle go in he quickly grabbed hold of Brock's arm and held on for dear life. Brock used his other hand to hold onto Ash's. It was all over in a few seconds. Dr. Lawson pulled the needle out of Ash's arm and put a band-aid where it was.

"There that wasn't so bad now was it?" the doctor asked. "This may take 45 minutes or so to find out anything. So why don't you all visit the diner in the back and get something to eat?"

"Hey that sounds like a good idea!" said May.

"Yeah I'm starving!" said Max.

"You guys can go ahead." said Ash. "I'm not really that hungry. I'll probably just barf it up anyway."

"But Ash, you haven't eaten all day." Brock said. "You slept through breakfast remember?"

"I know but I don't have much of an appetite anymore."

"Ash without an appetite?" May questioned. "Maybe this really could be serious."

"You and Max head down to the diner May." said Brock "I'll stay here with Ash. I had a lot of breakfast this morning anyway."

"Oh…okay." said May.

"Hey Pikachu, aren't you going with them?" Ash asked when he didn't see his pokemon scurry off with May and Max.

"Piiika." he said while shaking his head in disagreement. "Pika-pi" he said as he patted Ash's knee. Translation being 'I'm staying here with you'.

"Thanks Buddy…" he said as he grabbed and hugged the Pikachu.

Ash, Pikachu, and Brock were in the waiting room eager to hear the results of the blood test. Ash was visibly nervous. His leg was fidgeting really fast and had a very worried look on his face.

"Are you alright?" Brock asked.

"I'm not sure. There's a part of me that wants him to find something so that I know what's wrong with me. On the other hand, I don't want him to find anything because I'm scared of what it might be."

"It'll be okay Ash." he reassured. "What ever happens I'm sure the doctor will find a solution for it."

Time past by in what seemed like an eternity and Dr. Lawson finally returned with the results.

"So what did you find Doctor?" Ash asked.

"Well the good news is that your blood work came out fine. Everything is normal."

"But you still haven't found what type of illness I have?"

"Well…I might have an idea but I really need to talk to you privately about that. Would that be okay."

"Uhh…sure." he said as he turned to Brock.

"Go on. It'll be fine."

Ash then walked back to the examination room with Dr. Lawson.

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