Summary: Donald's mischief is back on the prowl (literally) as the duck wizard decides to put his magic to use... for sheer, vengeful entertainment on Sora, of course! Goofy and Riku decide to step in, however, and make the most of Sora's "hairy" predicament...SoraxKairi

A/N: Wow, my own Fan-fiction! I wasn't sure whether or not to make it a One-shot, but, I wanted to taunt you all by spreading it into two chapters that I affectionately would like to call a Double-shot. XD LOL, I'm such a dorkwad.

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Part I: Ruffling the Wrong Feathers

Laying back in the dark leathers of his favorite cushioned armchair (and of course, the softest out of all the chairs in the study) Donald Duck let a grateful sigh ease out as he sank in. Tipping his official Court Wizard hat so its wide rim shadowed his eyes, Donald welcomed sleep to invade his senses for a nap.

However, one certain boy had other plans for his feathered friend.

Spending a weekend's vacation to visit the grand castle of Disney with his two best friends; the hero of the Keyblade crept into the library after immediately spotting his comrade. Already, the duck was snoring loudly, his extravagant hat bobbing to every loud breath that blew out of his beak.

Sora grinned as he stepped over the piles of books stacked and spilling off the shelves and desks, all exposing their magical secrets and insightful wisdom. Freezing like a statue whenever Donald shifted around, it wasn't long until he was behind the armchair. Rubbing his hands together eagerly, Sora bent down and picked up one of the white feathers that had once belonged to the wizard.

Looking around at the messy study, then back at the feather, Sora's eyes lit up devilishly as an epiphany struck a cord in his mind. And just like in every other situation where Sora became inspired, he grinned.

Donald's large, bluish eyes rolled around in his head, taunting him to wake up. Completely ignoring the notion, he flopped onto his stomach, burying his face into the cushion. His sweet, enticing dreams seemed to stop for a small instant, much to his annoyance, as a faint muffled noise, that closely resembled the sound of laughter, interrupted.

Falling back into his dream, although its course seemed to shift off focus into another illusion, as a giant and very ticklish leaf lashed out at him, caressing the tip of his beak. Donald sniffed, putting aside the thought of sneezing.

Throughout the wizard's dream, the same annoying leaf sprang in at the most inappropriate moments to tease him by grazing its soft tips to his nostrils. And each time, he became both more annoyed and more tempted to stop the stockpile of itchiness building up.

Just as Donald thought he would be left in peace, he sensed the presence of his pest, and a sneeze suddenly rocketed out.

His eyes were immediately open, and all he could hear were the loud guffaws coming from behind his chair.

"What's the big idea...?" He fumed, rolling up his sleeves and hopping off the cushions to confront the rude prankster.

Donald didn't notice the cleverly stacked books that sloped down like steps from his seat, nor the layer of Blizzaga ice on top of them. Slipping down on his behind, Donald's warbling shriek could be heard throughout the castle as he zoomed across the study, out of the room, into the hallway, and shooting off the nearby balcony.

Still screaming helplessly, the duck was now soaring in the air, only to have gravity gradually reclaim its victim as he closed in one of Dinsey Castle's large, and decorative water fountains. And as Donald was about to soon discover, it still being early before noon, the water still contained the chill of the previous night.

Spitting out one of the fountain's coy fish, Donald glared murderously as the sound of laughter seemed to echo throughout the courtyard. His eyes only needed to look up as he saw a blur with rather conspicuous spiky, brown hair race out of Donald's magical spell range.

All of Donald's pent up frustrations, pet peeves, and irritations over the past week combined with his current rage and loathing towards young, confident, sapphire eyed, brunette Keyblade Masters. All exploding in a terrible roar that frightened every human, animal and bird within ten miles.


Goofy watched his rather angry friend as he wore a trail in the tiled floor, pacing back and forth. Obviously contemplating revenge.

"C'mon now, Donald." Goofy finally said, after wincing at the duck's deadly crusty for disturbing his thoughts. "Sora was just havin' a little fun, that's all."

"Fun?" Donald squawked. "FUN! How is waking up someone by putting them on a roller-coaster supposed to be fun!"

"Aw, now don't be silly Donald." Goofy chuckled. "There are no roller coaster in the castle! But there's one just down the-"

"GOOFY!" Donald bellowed as he kicked his chin, causing him to let out a yelp. "That's-" He stopped short, holding his readied kick, after noticing someone in the corner of his eye pass the room. Scampering over toward the door, Donald peered his head out to catch more the conversation.

"...I don't know, Sora." Riku said, leaning against the pillar. "He seemed pretty mad."

"Aw, it's just Donald." Sora said, waving a hand in the air. "He'll forget about it tomorrow. It's no big deal. Goofy and I used to do things like this all the time."

"Yeah, but wasn't that to lighten the mood?" Riku stated, looking down at the gardeners as they carefully trimmed the hedges. "Then, we were all fighting Heartless and Nobodies left and right. Any chance you could get to laugh was worth it. But now, nothing's up. Everything is just fine-"

"So," Sora broke in. "All the better! Just like you said, Riku, we've got nothing hanging over us. At least, not now. So, we should enjoy it for all its worth while it lasts!"

Riku sighed, rolling his eyes as well, seeing there was no way of convincing his friend otherwise. "Whatever, man." He said, getting up and walking away. "Don't come crying to me if you suddenly get fried in the middle of nowhere with that Thundaga spell of his." He waved goodbye to his best friend, whom simply laughed lightly and shook his head.

Goofy nudged Donald, who nearly jumped out of his feathers, forgetting he was there. "See?" He whispered hoarsely. "He meant nothing to 'ya!"

Donald let the comment pass through his hearing as he mentally shot daggers into Sora's back. All the wizard duck could think about was how to reap his sweet revenge on the Keyblade Master (even though he mildly considered how futile that thought was, based off of their previous adventures together). But still, where to begin...?


Turning around, Donald's eyes narrowed as he saw the teenager straighten up, and wave down below at someone. Sora then bolted off into a direction that would lead him to the garden. Compelled, Donald watched as Sora reappeared, now in the garden, but standing next to his close friend Kairi.

Donald huffed, crossing his arms like a pouting child and wandered off.

Goofy went to trot after his friend, but saw Sora and Kairi together, which immediately had his attention. Goofy smiled as he watched his good friend, Sora, talking to his friend. The longer their conversation carried, the more timid the two of them got as they steadily began teasing each other, before one of them had started a chase with the other around the garden.

Kairi had poked Sora in the stomach, then giggled at something before darting out of his reach. Yelling after her, Sora grinned and broke into a run. Looking back at him to see how close he was catching up, she missed the pile of garden tools she was about to stumble over. As she lost her balance, Sora's facial expression widened, and his speed doubled. In a flashy dive and rolling maneuver, to close more distance, he clumsily reached out and grabbed her, pulling her towards him.

Goofy chuckled as he watch the two tumble down, Sora in a more uncomfortable position as he flopped on his stomach, his face burying in a bed of bright yellow petunias. Not to mention that Kairi had fallen hard the side of his ribs to only increase his discomfort.

Registering what had happened, Kairi instantly got off of him, and started to shake him, worry taking over her better judgments. When she finally pushed him onto his back, he was looking at her with a wide grin that broke into a fit of heavy laughter.

Slapping his shoulders, Sora didn't stop laughing as he yanked her down, the two starting to playfully wrestle like typical children, both trying to pin the other. Of course, there was no real contest against a Keyblade Master and a Princess of Hearts. Sora was about to close the contest, until Kairi did something in a desperate attempt to turn the odds.

Lifting her head, she leaned her head to the side, Sora suddenly shocked by the fact how close their faces were. Although her aim was off, the outcome was perfect. She had briefly kissed him, an innocent peck on the corner of his mouth (she was aiming for his cheek, but his startled reaction caused the misplaced kiss).

Completely frozen, Sora's eyes were wide with confusion and his face going redder then the elegant rose bushes that were just a few feet away. Kairi immediately took advantage of the opening and pushed him off, then pinning him hard to the ground, as the winner.

Still sitting on his stomach, she leaned down to his ear and whispered something. Goofy, as well as a dozen other servants who were watching the young couple intently with much adoration, managed to read her lips.

"I win." Kairi had said.

Finally, Sora's mouth curved up to a blissful, slap-happy smile as he affectionately picked out of the petunia blossoms tangled in her hair. "So did I."

Completely forgetting about Donald's dark plotting, Goofy, whom was soon met up by Riku, followed several other royal guards to sneak some snacks from the kitchens before dinner arrived.

Dodging pots of boiling water, rows of hanging kitchen tools, and protective cooks, the group stealthy moved their way through.

Maids clustered in corners by the food barrels, gossiping, as usual. Todays topic was undoubtedly about the Princess of Hearts and the Keyblade Master's playful match in the courtyard's garden.

"Howdy, fellas!" Goofy called after sneaking an caramel-filled apple, then sitting next to his comrades. Riku seemed to morph out of the shadows, no one had noticed his presence. Holding a handful of pastries, after generously handing out several, Riku then sat next to Goofy.

The maids let out a romantic sigh as one retold the scene between Sora and Kairi, only much more exaggerated and descriptive then the previous twelve versions. Riku chuckled a laugh, then scarfing down an eclair after overhearing the kiss, which had now developed into something much more intimate now. Goofy suddenly felt some sympathy towards Riku, after hearing his two best friends-

"It's not like that." Riku said, as if reading his exact thoughts. Goofy looked up at the young man, whom was downing his third pastry already. Riku's piercing eyes glanced over at the knight, a rare smile on his face. "I'm surprised anything happened, come to think of it. Of course it'd been Kairi. Sora's a little slow with these sort of things..."

"A-hyuck!" Goofy laughed aloud, Riku looked at him, a bit startled. Goofy then gave him a friendly poke in the arm. " sounds like your actually rootin' for the two 'em!"

Riku snorted, the faint smile still glued to his face as he got up. "Maybe."

Forcing the remainder of his pastries into Goofy's hands, he walked out of the bustling kitchens with his natural, smooth stride. Just as Riku passed through the swinging doors, in came an agitated wizard, none other than Court Wizard Donald Duck.

Just as Goofy raised the pastry to his mouth, Donald swiped it from his hands and wolfed it down, leaving Goofy to chomp on the air of his empty hand. Plopping down beside him, Donald chewed miserably, refusing to let his grudge go. Goofy sighed, and offered him his last pastry. Eyeing it, Donald was ready to slap it out of his hand.

"...oh, well I think they're sweet." The maids went on. "They're much too young, I agree. But that Kairi is such a dear! She even offered to help me in my rounds after those hooligans from town knocked over my cart..."

"Master Sora is certainly not how I imagined him, though." Another maid added. "The King made him out as some sort of champion, but he's still a child!" Some of the maids seemed to ignore the comment.

"I see what you mean," An old maid said with a shrug. "But just by looking at him, I can tell that boy has the heart of a lion..."

"THAT'S IT!" Donald suddenly exploded, knocking Goofy's pastry out of his hand and into the face of a cook passing by. Laughing maniacally, Donald skipped out of the kitchen, leaving a room full of very confused and frightened faces.

Throughout dinner, Donald was being exceptionally cheerful. Only to the point where it was disturbing, after seeing him so upset the entire day. Only Goofy seemed aware of what was going on, though, especially since he kept shooting evil smirks towards Sora.

As people began wandering from table to table, Donald eagerly made his way towards Sora. Riku, always hovering protectively nearby his two best friends, had noticed Donald's exceptionally odd behavior, and had drifted over by Goofy for some hopeful answers.

"What's up with him?" Riku said, actually tall enough to have to lean down to whisper to Goofy.

"Gawrsh," Goofy mumbled, scratching his nose. "Not sure. But, I'm thinkin' he may have overdone it, whatever it was."

"So, he was mad." Riku stated, narrowing his eyes, instantly linking Donald's behavior to Sora's prank. "Well, no one would be that happy if their plan hadn't already succeeded..." The friends looked between the soon-to-be-victim Sora and their feathery friend, Donald, silently debating.

"I think Sora might need some help on this one." Riku said softly. Goofy nodded in agreement, since he had never had sided with Donald over the whole issue in the first place.

"Ya, I think we ought to muddle-"

"Muddle?" Riku repeated.

"Eh," Goofy stopped. "What was that word..."

"...meddle?" Riku offered.

"That's the one!"

Riku was tempted to take a large step away from the absent-minded knight, and was now seriously questioning his capabilities to help Sora.

"I'm betting 'ol Donald resorted to some of that there magic of his." Goofy suggested insightfully. "Being a wizard and all." Riku nodded thoughtfully.

"I'm not too big on magic, so..." Riku said quietly, then looked towards Goofy. "Any ideas?"

Goofy furrowed his brow hard, almost to where it looked painful for him to think. "Let's go talk to Daisy." Riku raised an eyebrow. "Donald's sweetheart." Riku's eyes widened. "Now, don't worry, she won't like what Donald's up to, so, she'll help us for sure! And she knows just as much magic as Donald does!"

Trusting him, Riku followed Goofy as he tumbled his way through the filled dining room to look for Daisy.

Stretching out his arms, Sora dragged his feet towards his room, yawning sleepily. Desert was probably being served out in the courtyard now, but he was simply too tired to force himself to go. He would have to apologize to King Mickey in the morning, since he had gone through so much trouble to make their visit enjoyable.

He had to admit, he did feel a little guilty after playing such a trick on Donald, especially after Riku had brought it up. But, he wasn't there to greet his, Riku and Kairi's arrival, especially to find him napping instead! At the time, it had seemed like a fair reason for Sora to tease the wizard.

Licking his teeth, Sora flinched for a second as his tongue pricked some pointed teeth. Fingering the particularly sharp teeth, he shrugged if off, still too weary to consider anything.

"At least Donald seemed okay," Sora said aloud, remembering how excited Donald was to see him. Donald had even gone through the trouble of delivering a special drink, saying how the cooks had brewed up for him as a thank you gift on behalf of the staff for protecting Queen Minnie and the Cornerstone of Light.

Pushing open the door to his and Riku's room, Sora crawled over to his bed, not bothering to wonder why he was on the ground in the first place. Sora's thoughts, again, drifted back to to the afternoon in the garden. He could still smell the petunias, and even the faint taste of strawberries when Kairi had kissed him.

Even though it wasn't a direct kiss, that he admitted envisioning from time to time, he was still grinning happily like an idiot. He started to wonder if she would really show up at the fountain that night, since they had planned to sneak out after everyone had gone to sleep.

Looking over at Riku's half of the room, and wondering if he should be invited as well, Sora pulled himself up on the bed. Rolling his neck, his prized crown necklace was, curiously, irritating the back of his neck. He let out another yawn and gave a long stretch, his claws extending and digging into the bed sheets-

Sora froze. Claws?

He licked his teeth again, becoming more nervous. He was certain his tongue was not normally that flat. But...Fangs?Sure enough, they were sharper then he last checked.

Jumping down on the bed, Sora clambered up the dresser, using the knobs to help his footing. Sora looked slowly in the mirror. Instantly, he wanted to scream in horror at his sudden appearance.

However, his scream was soon replaced with a loud roar of a lion.